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9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – October 22 2017

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Wake up Call: Baldor May 26 2017 Galactic Federation of Light

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Pleiadian High Council of Seven – Attention is Creative – October-14-2016

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Pleiadian High Council of Seven – Life Circumstances – October-13-2016

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Location. Location. Location


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The following is an excerpt from Paradise: The Prime Real Estate of Consciousness. 

The prime real estate of consciousness is paradise. Unlike the financial arrangements on the physical pla...

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"Accept or Decline"

Jennifer Hoffman Every circumstance in our reality exists because we chose to accept or decline a gift. Now the word ‘gift’ has to be considered in the right context because in this instance, it means learning, growth and healing experiences, whi...

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Kris Won, June 9, 2011


Kris Won, June 9, 2011

 A D A M A

I was a King of Atlantis. In that time, the inhabitants of the Earth were much more familiarized with their subtle bodies, from which much kindness and comprehension emanated about the...

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Vibrational Understanding

Fellow Lightworkers! Such amazing energies about at this time as we continue to discover rafts of information strewn about a sea of turbulence where our connection to Source provides the calm within to find our information... the stuff unique to ...

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Change your idea about "change"

a message from Neale Donald Walsch

Saturday, 25 September, 2010 

I was re-reading When Everything Changes, Change Everything the other day and I was deeply impressed again (as I was the first time around)...

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Breakdown Precedes the Breakthrough

a message from Kelly M. Beard

Saturday, 4 September, 2010 

The world is not to be put in order; the world IS Order incarnate. It is for us to harmonize with this order!

This month we get sever...

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heart of my heart....
your consciousness is liken to the ocean
vast.....unlimited....all encompassing...
in truth...it is your god given divinity
with each choice for love
you add to the ocean of love
bringing forth waves of light
that land upon the shores of time...
you see dear one..
love waits on "your" welcome...!!!!!!
you are the "movers" of love....!!!!!!
see yourself this day as the very bottle above
whose purpose is to add to the totality
of the ocean by  pouring your thoughts of love
unimpeded.............just allow them to flow freely
through your divine mind so that their effects
can add to the ocean of love itself....
(the ocean of love a symbol of
the one mind that all swim within)
you do this by allowing your thoughts of love
to "flow freely" undisturbed by any and all
thus...love itself..life itself
becomes your responsibility as you continue
to "pass the wine" into all of creation
by your non resistance to loves presence...
each loving thought adds to the momentum
of the flow of love
within and without all of creation...
see yourself as the angels of creation that you
truly are...
angels of love simply expand loves presence
by being of service to the unexplainable mystery
that abba...love is...
they simply "move with the wind"
not knowing where they are going
not having any agenda
other than being the extension of love
right where they find themselves to be..
this day....precious..precious one
allow your waters of love to touch and heal
all things
simply by your choice to keep your
waters within a     ~free flow~...
one thought of judgment stops the ~ flow~...
one thought of separation from me
stops the ~ flow~...
yet every thought of love..
every remembrance of our union
every choice to embrace all
allows the waters to flow..touch and lift
all of creation....
this momentum of loves remembrance
will take on such a "spin "
that in the twinkling of an eye
all minds will wake up and remember
their union with me...
this is how important retraining the mind
is to the "whole of creation"
would you choose to "be that one""
who willingly and humbly takes on
the responsibility of "lifting the whole"
by remembering your loving thoughts...???    
the waters of grace will fill you
and you will ~know once again~
that love itself is your      ~ beloved~.... 
be at peace this day
and know you are deeply loved....
~the voice of love~
feel free to pass these along................please do keep the email address for others...
if you would like to be added to this list simply send me an email...
touch a heart with your loving thoughts this day...............each day........
remember that love waits on "our" welcome..................we are the "movers" of love itself....

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St. Germain: Emotional Freedom Leads to Unconditional Love

Channeler: Peter Phalam

Unconditional Love, Dear Ones, Such a large word, for such a simple, pure gem. I share with you what it truly is, for masters have for ages been trying to bring its essence to you. It is a departure from everything you've known and felt because all of those feelings you have placed in that realm have been surrounded by circumstance. You have created them through desire and moods, yet have overlooked the simple moments when you have taken a breath because that is involuntary by nature.

You have chosen to live in a world where the masses cannot believe or are very skeptical about its existence. You have believed in a God that giveth and taketh away. You have invoked a belief in sin and forgiveness and feared what you cannot understand. Yet the breath continues and in its simple existence is the presence of unconditional love. For it is involuntary and goes beyond ones ability to shape it or define its boundaries.

As we are drawn involuntarily to where it exists, we can barely see it for self chooses to discern its existence and grade this treasure next to what we have known. Yet in your search you have forgotten the Universe of Love and that it is only attracted to its own vibration. So if you prepare for love you will receive love in preparation. If you grade the potential for love, you find graded love and if you discern the visibility of love, you will love only discernment. So you cannot detract from love one sense, not seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting or touching, and understand love. It is all or none as is the breath when it occurs. And as it occurs all the rules that denied its existence vanish, all the inhibitions around how it can occur fall into surrender. It seeks only the smile of contentment and the purring of the soul. It sets sail in an endless wind with an endless thirst.

It knows neither time nor space yet knows within every moment it can expand, for in all of us it wishes to grow. Love is not needy, yet never desires not to be. So as a source of love moves away even for a short time, love immediately grows impatient for touch, for taste, for smell. You see, Dear Ones, it is the most primal instinct we possess and that instinct is realized through emotional freedom.

Love most likely exists in the midst of the sum of all your fears, the place you'd least expect to fill you up, for why else is it not completely you. Emotional freedom is the willingness to become a student of love with a very short memory. All the paths to love have been seemingly chapters of love gained and love lost but I tell you it is better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all. It’s just that you cannot write the last chapter, for the inner child knows the sun is not seen in a cloud, and the rain cannot feed us under a roof. Unconditional Love is a fully exposed, untethered privilege of grace and selflessness. As we create random acts of kindness in our search, we understand unconditional love. We cannot retrieve love once it truly starts as we cannot stop breathing. Once we decide to be unconditional, we print on the window pane of the Universe that it is at long last free within us. And through that window patiently waits souls who have gone before. Though they are few in number, they are absolute in purpose. Understand the feelings that inhibit this level of surrender are the reasons you cannot be loved. They are the same reasons you have failed to love yourself. Namaste

Excerpt from Peter's Book of Channelings
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org

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The 11:11 Gateways

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