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Happy New Year Earthlings! (exo)Politics Anyone?

New Year’s Resolutions – Timid or Transformational? Wasn’t the ending of 2017 an amazing experience, with all the disclosure inferences and shenanigans? Happy New Year, Earthlings… (exo)Politics anyone? We all know that disclosu...

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Engaging Life in a New Living Awareness as ONE Together

Engaging Life Together I’m breaking from the normal posts for a moment. This last fall a very magical event occurred not necessarily related to Ufology, yet the overtones certainly have their foundation in common with the quest for getting to kno...

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Conjectures about Inter-Reality Contacts

Conjectures about Inter-Reality Contacts Incipiently Applicable to Paranormal Phenomena and to Physically Detectable Extraterrestrial “Close Encounter” Events: Toward an Integrative Scientific and World Philosophy Giorgio Piacenza FREE Boar...

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Joseph Burkes MD 2017 Mechanisms of Contact – Virtual Experiences of the Second Kind Cases in the literature that support the Virtual Experience Theory, Part Two of Two Parts. A Virtual Experience of the Second Kind (VE-2) is a real time full sen...

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First Contact Imminent

First Contact Imminent It was February 13, 2001 sometime around midnight in Phoenix, Arizona. I’d just gotten horizontal after an evening of chatting with folks on SpiritWeb about the Ashtar Command and what the ‘contactee’ experience was like for me. It had been going on for decades, since childhood, with no sense of malevolence whatsoever. I […]

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