Where did this notion come from, that old is somehow less valuable than new? Surely if All is One, everything is just as valuable as the the next thing...

It was only when playing with my second novel, in the dual timeframe, that actually reverted both to delta-time that I noticed that anything just hinges on one thing: the appreciation of the individual. No suppression of the ego, but a rightful appreciation of what it is, regardless of the timeframe it came in. Because believe it or not, I've always been me, even though my temper used to be more violent. It just showed different aspects of itself:

Over time, I've used and abused various nicknames both before and on the Web, which were all employed because they felt well:

Acesoft - Used to be my 'brand' during the Commodore 64 days. The axxompanying logo bore an ace of spades, inspired by Motörhead's Ace of Spades, coupled with the fact I was a big softy by then. 

SelfAware - or at least becoming so right that very moment. My site than was called Selfaware's Special Spots, and was basically just a compilation of what I liked and loved. 

Paid2Think - focus on work, and being in a profession where I realised I was being paid to do just that....

Deviant - Feeling myself to be the odd one out, at the time writing my very first (Dutch) novel

Moorelife - One of the longer periods, but then you've experienced most of this live right here!

Nothere  - a very brief one last year, but very significant in what it evolved in

Make It Real - Title of my second novel, but also very much the central theme of my life right now.....

Do you see a pattern emerging here? But is any of it more important than the other aspects? I feel like no, All of it defines All of Me Now! But it also feels like it's come full circle, like the next time round, it'll be for real.....


Yesterday, the rest of the Make It Real cycle came into existence. I'll not spill the beans just uet, but the theme's for book two and three of the Make It Real cycle have been outlined Together, they in turn seem to outline  reality to me, which is way beyond my wildest dreams. And the weird thing is that it now looks like Analysis complete, ready for Design and Implementation. And of course after that, Test, Deployment and the Enjoy,emt of Use!\

Love your Infinite Light, 


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