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Subliminals 101: Do they Suck or do they Rock?

Well, actually, they primarily Blend! Yes, in the very same way an iPad blends:

Why do they call a Blender a Blender? Any Idea? Well, because the product of a Blender blends....

If you take the remains of that iPad , take a trip to Dune a...

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2B Long or not 2B Long…

Of course I Be Long! At 6'8" that can not be easily disputed. But in every other aspect of Life, I belonged to Oneness: the ever gnawing feeling that the parties are out there, while I was in here! It began one very cold winter night in 1963, w...

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Between a Rock and a Soft Spot

Writing as inspired

(this was in regard to my question for inspiration earlier on):

As for me –

What was your relationship like with your Mother/Mother Figure/Primary Caregiver? Did you feel unconditionally loved, supported and saf...

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Gaia-Cosmic Disclosure S1E1 LB728x90

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