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Kryon via Nancy Tate ~ Sunset Messages Galactic Federation of Light

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Sunset Message: Saint Germain April 17 2017 Galactic Federation of Light

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Snatam Kaur – Ong Namo – live concert

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Message from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene – December-28-2016

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Speaking through the Heart’s Knowing on Spiritual Activism ~ Shivrael Luminance River 9-25-2016

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Snatam Kaur – Manish Vyas – Shivoham Live in Concert

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Message from Greg Giles ~ ‘Channeled Messages’ & their Link to Mind Control Programs

Hello everyone. I will be taking down this blog shortly in the days ahead as I do not want to see anyone else entrapped in the horrible U.S. government PSYOPS (psychological operations) program that had lured me into it's trap some years ago and has re...

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Cover Up – Mainstream Reporting on Fukushima a Joke

Terence Newton, Staff WriterIt has been over four years since the 9.0 magnitude Tōhoku earthquake and ensuing catastrophic tsunami leveled the Pacific coast of Japan, setting off a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daichi power plant. Radiation has been pouring into the ocean, into the earth below, and into the air for over 1500 days now and there is still zero sense of urgency on the part of the government and world leaders to seriously address this blooming catastrop [...]

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Scientists Admit There Is a Second, Secret DNA Code Which Controls Genes

Contributed by Michael ForresterThe fascinating and recent discovery of a new, second DNA code further lends credence to what metaphysical scientists have been saying for millennia -- the body speaks two different languages.Since the genetic code was deciphered in the 1960s, researchers have assumed that it was used exclusively to write information about proteins.But biologists have suspected for years that some kind of epigenetic inheritance occurs at the cellular level. The different [...]

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Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle August-27-2013

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Gaia – how things are going


25 April 2012

Hello my wonderful lightworkers! How have you all been doing? I have been doing utterly fantastic, thank you. For the first time in eons, I can actually carry myself as one entity in the higher vibrations. Before, fo...

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A Saint-Germain Channeling: Action Birthed in Stillness”


Alexandra Mahlimay & Dan Bennack www.joyandclarity.com

This channeling is part of a personal reading with Saint-Germain.

It's reprinted here with our client's permission."Dear Saint-Germain, I'm ofte...

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2012: Of the People, By the People, For the People


a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates

Tuesday, 22 November, 2011

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply wi...

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