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Ascended Twin Flame André for Archangel Michael – November-10-2016

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A Message From Merlin The Reawakening of Lemuria

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Mind Over Genes – Dr. Bruce Lipton


Dr. Bruce Lipton

Earlier in my career as a research scientist and medical school professor, I actively supported the perspective that the human body was a "biochemical machine ‘programmed’ by its genes. We scie...

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Cosmic Awareness Newsletter 2012-01


7 March 2012

Channeler: Will Berlinghof

Well...Anasazi1 just made me realize that there was no Cosmic Awareness message posted here recently,so here's the most recent one avaiable right one,as the CAC newsletter is for mem...

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Great Works are the Byproduct of a Unified Mind and Soul


17 February 2012

Channeler: DL Zeta

As we move further into expanded energies, we see new creative geniuses coming forth to share their gifts with the world. Moving forward, we will see new masters in every conceivable field e...

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Open to the Possibilities


2 November 2011

Channeler: Chris Maurus

Teacher Ophelius:

Today's message is an important one. You may have heard about what it takes to build a dam, or how difficult it is to obtain all the land needed to build a new ...

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The Restoration

a message from Lisa Renee

Monday, 8 November, 2010  (posted 23 November, 2010)

As the very famous and socially impactful Libran Indigo known as John Lennon once sang decades ago - "Nobody Told Me there would be ...

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a message from Hillis Pugh

Thursday, 16 September, 2010 

Be thankful this day for guidance.

From the time of our spiritual conception from the Creator through the many incarnations, we are guided. We are guided thr...

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