Cory Herter is someone who, by having a car accident 20 years ago, had regularly out of body experiences. In those experiences he met many incredible spiritually advanced beings who teach him amazing things like sacred geometry.

In this particular web seminar he talks about many amazing this like:

-       The accident that started his spiritual journey

-       Ayahuasca & alternate realities

-       What 2012 really is.

-       That we already made “the shift” this may 20th 2010

-       Sacred geometry.

-       Illuminati & demigod (their true motivations)

-       Pineal gland & hypothalamus

-       DMT

-       HAARP

-       Microchips

It’s a long video and that’s a good thing because it’s worth every second of it. Learn and enjoy the ride:

Thanks EagleEyes, interesting stuff here....

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