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March Equinox ~ Compassion Acknowledgment Oscillating Recycling & Intensity ~ Meline Portia Lafont

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Galactic Federation of Light SaLuSa May 23 2014

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Galactic Federation of Light Montague Keen April-28-2013

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Cosmic Awareness Newsletter 2012-01


7 March 2012

Channeler: Will Berlinghof

Well...Anasazi1 just made me realize that there was no Cosmic Awareness message posted here recently,so here's the most recent one avaiable right one,as the CAC newsletter is for mem...

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Life As You Know It Is Changing


3 November 2011

Channeler: Hansabubbles

There is occurring a great upheaval in the status quo. It will be the beginning of what is to be known as the great depression however, it is misconstrued as there is massive movement...

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SaLuSa to me: The Power of Love Has No Limit – 1 Sept 2011


  Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. Here is our question today:

“Why cannot SaLuSa contact me any more directly? What is the difficulty?  What shall/should I do??”

SaLuSa: We are around y...

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Points of View


Channeler: Mark Kimmel

August 19, 2011


Greetings from the star ship Athabantian. In this message we present information from beings with different points of view. We believe that this will enlighten and...

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Message From The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa, 8-8-11


8 August 2011


-Channeled By Wes Annac-

The hold that has been on humanity for so long is now to be breached. Ready yourselves for the things to come, and know that we have entered ...

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SaLuSa 15-July-2011


We would suggest you pay extra attention to your Press and other news outlets, as within their daily outpourings there is a change of approach taking place, and the real truth is beginning to emerge. You will need to use your discreti...

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SaLuSa 9-May-2011


The changes on many different levels are becoming powerful, and suddenly many aspects of normal daily life are not as comfortable as they used to be. There is a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty, unless you are the ones who see th...

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Energy Update: New Earth Essentials Revealed


a message from Meredith Murphy

Thursday, 3 February, 2011  (posted 7 February, 2011)

February calls us forward into the manifestation of essence and the experience of life as energy.  We’re drawn to bring cons...

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Ela – 13 August 2008

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