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LIVING IN ONENESS! Wake up Call: Nancy May 05 2017

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SaLuSa & Higher Self 10 November 2015 Galactic Federation of Light

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Heaven Letters June-03-2013

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~PEACE~   DHARMA  TEN   There is a “feeling” of peace that passes All understanding..  It comes from the “knowingness” that all is well.. That all is in divine order…   Please notice w...

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Spiritual Vanity: What It Is, What It Does.

A Saint-Germain Channel
By Alexandra Mahlimay & Dan Bennack
April 4, 2010
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The following question answered by Saint-Germain comes from our monthly channeling broadcast.

Viewer (paraphrased): I feel that true freedom comes when I can choose anything that I might want to create or experience in life. When I can do whatever I want. But doesn't too much freedom lead to difficulties, too? What about vanity, for one? What are your thoughts about freedom, choice, and vanity?

Saint-Germain: An interesting question. You are asking about freedom of choice here, and here is my short reply, "With freedom comes choice, and in choice you will find your freedom." Yes, there is something very wonderful about freedom of choice. But there is also something very seductive about it, especially if you are unprepared for the experience of being able to do whatever you want. And you have rightly named one of these difficulties. It is called, vanity.

What Is Spiritual Vanity?

Let's talk about a particular kind of vanity now. Let's talk about spiritual vanity. Have you ever met anyone who is spiritually vain? I'm willing to bet that you know one or two of them.

A person is spiritually vain when they take excessive pride in their spiritual accomplishments, and then use this to impress or manipulate others around them. It has “tarnished the halo” of many human angels who would lead others on the Earth today.

Spiritual vanity has consequences, too. Just consider how difficult it is for the spiritually vain person to disentangle himself or herself from this folly. It is a monumental task. It is a stumbling block for many who are on the spiritual path, as they journey back toward remembering their Divinity.

The Folly of Spiritual Vanity

Vanity is a trap, indeed, and here's the reason why:

People on a spiritual path often find themselves moving into higher states of awareness, as they progress along the way. The problem of spiritual vanity arises, however, whenever there is a fascination or fixation on these experiences. It is tempting for some people to believe that just because they had this marvelous experience, that they are somehow better or more enlightened than others. This, of course, is absurd.

What is really happening here is that their egos, which are not yet fully reintegrated into the experience of Divine Remembrance, are playing tricks on them.

Let me give you a silly example to illustrate this point.

Let's pretend that the ego is your local school teacher, and that you are a naive student who is willing to believe just about anything that you are told. Your teacher encourages you to write the following incomplete sentence on the blackboard: “My spiritual experience is...,” and then complete it with the following statement: “...better than your experience, any day of the week, so why not let me tell you about it?

Then your teacher sends you home to repeat this ridiculous statement to your family, friends, and neighbors, until they are either convinced that you know exactly what you are talking about and should lead them to the Holy Land, or that you are certifiably insane. And so, the false prophet is born.

Know this, my friend: The ego will take hold of anything that is yours, and twist it to its own purposes. It loves to make sure that you, and those around you, stay in ignorance of your Divinity.

Why does the ego believe that it deserves to be recognized by, or to be better than everyone else around it? Because it is secretly uncertain of its place and importance in the world. This makes the ego particularly vulnerable to the experience of inflated pride. And the spiritual variety of this is particularly troublesome.

The ego can never take legitimate pride in anything that is really important about you, – such as the Truth of your Divinity, because the ego was born out of your ignorance of this fact.

And This Brings Us Back to Vanity.

Spiritual vanity is nothing more than an ego-sanctioned “recognition” of your Divinity. But it is a false recognition. It's just another way to keep you from truly remembering your Divinity by telling you, and those around you, that you've already done it, when you really haven't. The ego encourages you to accept this fiction, by telling you that if you can just persuade enough people to believe that it is so, then it must certainly be true. And this is the trap of spiritual vanity. It is as much a problem for those who would lead others on a spiritual path, as it is for those who would allow themselves to be lead.

So, to make things perfectly clear, I will repeat myself: “With freedom comes choice, and in choice you will find your freedom.”

Know this, dear friend, that when you are truly free, you will choose your experiences wisely, just as your Soul does, and that spiritual vanity will not enter into the picture at all.

Instead, your decisions about what to do with your life, your relationships, and anything else of importance to you, – will be in harmony with your Soul's Choices about how best to embody its Divinity as the human you on Earth.

And in this harmonious alignment between what is human about you, and what is Divine, you are going to realize the true meaning of freedom. The true meaning of freedom for you as a human being, is liberating yourself from forgetfulness about Who You Really Are... liberating yourself from ego-driven acts of self-sabotage that keep you in the dark about your Divinity.

Know that as you re-integrate the ego's distorted perceptions about who you are, into a conscious appreciation of your Divinity, that you will find freedom and purpose in everything that you do.

And, more importantly, you will understand that your growing spiritual awareness has nothing to do with being better than others, or more highly-evolved. Instead, it places you on equal footing with all humans, and asks you to practice humility daily.

This kind of humility asks you to lead and teach by example, and not by showiness or showmanship; demonstrating to others that living a human life, and acting with Divine Awareness, is possible for them, too.

Remember that humility doesn't ask you to deny the grandeur of your Divinity, or to live timidly. Your Divinity IS grand; and so are you, when you feel inspired by it. Humility simply asks you to live your life without false pride. Without ego.

A Need for Discernment

When you can free yourself from the ego's vanity, then you will no longer feel that you are spiritually superior to others, or more enlightened; or that you need to force your higher perspective on them, for their own good. Nor will you be seduced by the competing messages of those who try to tell, or sell you this kind of packaged vanity. There is much need for discernment about this today.

Instead you will be aware of everyone's need to find their way back to remembering their Divinity, and you will be eager to help them in respectful and appropriate ways, whenever they call upon you.

Thank you, my friend, for asking this question on behalf of all those who are present now, and who may be reading this later.

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2010 © Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack. All rights reserved.

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Channeler: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well. Typically I don't write mid-month newsletters, however after witnessing in tangible ways this week, the shift in action, new energies being downloaded into many, the obvious resurgence of the Divine Feminine, and the ‘seemingly' impossible made possible, I couldn't help myself. (Plus I wanted to extend the invitation you will find below.)

There was an amazing opportunity this past week for millions to witness that anything is possible, when the 2010 Academy Award for best director and best movie (The Hurt Locker), went to a woman for the very first time, for a movie whose theme was no more war!

Most expected (as humanity tends to), that the one with the most money, the most power, the most influence and the most popularity would receive these awards of recognition. No he didn't. She did. She, Kathryn Bigelow, was the portrait of a humble fully conscious feminine goddess accepting a powerful and meaningful award. I wish I had a picture of the looks of shock and awe on hundreds of faces as it happened. I wish I could have captured the split second moment when I noticed an energy that was overlaying the audience, that I know shifted perception in a fraction of a second.

The moment it occurred I had chills throughout my whole body and I heard, "anything is possible, and don't you forget it!"

Adding to that, one of my dear friends, really a sister, was in a ferocious car accident with an eighteen-wheel truck. She was in her little Honda when the driver of the huge truck changed lanes without looking, clipping her car so hard that it spun and crashed against the rig repeatedly until it rested inches from the massive grill, glass shattered all over her.

Remaining calm the entire time, she and her Guardian Angel stepped out of her demolished car, and she was taken to the hospital and several hours later released with a few scratches. It was the wide-eyed trauma nurse that drove her home. No kidding. This was the kind of collision that could have easily killed anyone, or at the very least put them in a coma with a litany of broken bones.

Kris shared with me that she clearly heard Spirit tell her to prepare for the new energies that had been deposited inside of her. Her entire internal grid had been replaced. Her life, she was told, would never be the same. Anything is possible.

For two weeks, my meditations have frequently held the same theme, that anything is possible. There are no limitations, no former contracts that bind, no karmic debts. Everything is possible when created at soul level, not personality level. Everything and anything that we so desire, that we hold the unwavering intention of love and appreciation toward and are in full alignment with, is possible, now, in the new dimensions we are living in.

During one meditation earlier this week I was asked, “Are you ready to go beyond your own limitations and your former logic that hypnotized you into attracting experiences that you truly did not desire? Are you really ready to step into a new dimension of experience that has no relationship to your third dimensional logic? Are you ready to fully connect with who you really are, all ego aside?” “Of course I am, I replied, “I've already been doing that. (Apparently there was more to do, or deeper to go, or I wouldn't have been asked the question.) Spontaneously I then stated, with conviction, the following:

I Am no longer bound to logic, born of third dimensional consciousness.
I unplug right now from all former logic.
I will not succumb to the power of suggestion that comes from my mind.
I call forth my Higher Self to be in charge at all times.
I have no limits. No limits!
Anything and everything is possible and I let it be so.
I Am God in form. I know who I Am and will act and Be in accordance to that Truth.
I commit to being a clear and connected channel daily.
I consciously accept these Truths and I ask for activation now.

I sat for minutes breathing those words into my heart, basking in their power knowing they would necessitate my full devotion and unwavering commitment.

At that point energy started pouring into my crown chakra. I felt as though I was being lifted up, and I was. I was told that my former energetic configuration was being re-directed to return me to a state of right order and flow, however it would be my choices and actions that would anchor this configuration in. Clarity, via my higher heart, was my key. I simply sat and bathed in the energies claiming and re-claiming my deep appreciation and commitment.

Beloveds, it is so clear that we are truly engaged in a new realm of consciousness that is fully supported by higher energies. This is a blessing for each of us, a blessing that asks for our co-operation in order for it to be able to expand evermore, leading us into higher frequencies, home frequencies that at long last feel right.

In this realm of consciousness we are still responsible for continuing to deprogram the lower consciousness whenever it appears. We do this sacred act out of pure Love for Who We Really Are. My friend Jim Self continues to say "we must release all of who we are not, in order to be all of who we are." It is so.

The veils of deception, limitation and separation have dropped. Your reach is vast, your capabilities epic in both scope and purpose, though you must consciously confine the mind and ego along with beliefs and assumptions that keep you plugged into third dimensional constrictions. No need to live beneath yourself anymore!

The 12th dimensional energies that house Original Thought, along with the 11th dimensional energies that house Original Feeling are open to us now to tap into and play with. In perfect symmetry thought plus feeling equals manifestation. In perfect symmetry anything is possible, so why play small? Let's play together in a big way.
Let's be big Gods in form. It's time to have fun and go far beyond every single limitation we have ever believed in.

The energies are on our side and beings of magnificent Light are waiting to serve us once we sync up with them. They know anything is possible, now we must come to know it in our hearts and experience it in our realities. And so be it!

Copyright Maureen Moss, 2010. I welcome your passing this forward while keeping my name and websites in tact as this is part of a larger body of work.

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Synchronicity: How We Relate To This Mystical Law

As most of you can tell by now, I love a good conversation. To me, dinner with people who know how to discuss delicious topics is one of the great pleasures of life. I don’t even have to include dinner – I just threw that in. A great conversation can take place anywhere, anytime. What makes a conversation “great”, as it were, at least for me – is that my imagination is animated, or I am inspired to think about something in a way that I had not considered it before, or I learn new facts, or I discover a whole new field of information, or I encounter someone who thinks in a way that is so unique that I just want to listen and observe his or her mind in action. So the other day I had the opportunity to have one of those great and delicious conversations with someone who had imagination and depth and wisdom, and so off we went into a discussion of the nature of mystical laws. The conversation didn’t start out exactly on that topic. It began with this question that he asked me, “Are you more fascinated by what you can see or by what you cannot see?”

Now how many people would think to ask you that?

As soon as I heard the question, I almost swayed into another dimension: Am I more fascinated by what I can see or by what I cannot see? I replied that I was more drawn to the dimension of the unseen. He asked for an example and that’s when I submitted as article number one: The Mystical Law of Synchronicity. I said that I was fascinated by that law and how its alchemy comes together within each of our lives. As a visual, imagine this law as an alchemical dynamic comprised of several chemicals that may or may not create a spark overhead. Conditions have to be perfect – but what exactly are those conditions? Imagine, then, that you want to interact with those conditions – you want to become an active variable in the creative dynamic of the law of synchronicity. Is that even possible and if so, what would you have to know and become – not do – but become in order to interact with the law? How intriguing is this? (Said another way, how could such a question not intrigue someone?)

Carl Jung brought the mystical law of synchronicity into common parlance and then it made its way into mainstream awareness. Commonly understood, it refers to a coming together of events that happen to coordinate or parallel with something that you are experiencing at that same time. Sometimes a synchronistic event is localized, meaning that the psychic event and the physical event occur in the same place at the same time. Jung called that the first category of synchronistic events. Thinking of someone and then seeing that person one minute later or receiving a phone call from them five seconds after you thought of his or her name are examples of what he would call the second category of synchronistic events; that is, two people having mutual thoughts of each other separated by distance.

We have all experienced synchronistic events – some on a small scale, some on a grand scale. They happen all the time. Can a person influence the Law of Synchronicity? How fascinating is that question? What makes a synchronistic event or moment come together? And are some people more receptive to synchronistic events than others? All of those questions are worthy of an afternoon’s lecture (which is why I’m doing a workshop on the Mystical Laws in April), but I’ll address each one in brief. (Other Mystical Laws include the laws that govern Fate and Destiny, the Mystical Laws of Healing and the Mystical Law of Transformation).

Why is knowledge such as this so important? Because you interact with these laws with every breath you take. Nothing about your life is casual or happenstance. On the other hand, literature abounds about how you can “create your own reality” just by thinking “positive thoughts”. How many positive thoughts? One? Two? Is creating your whole reality really that simple? What about all your negative unconscious thoughts – what happens to them? The tendency in this contemporary spiritual society is to take these extraordinary Mystical Laws and reduce them to a user’s guide to happiness - not that there is anything wrong with happiness. But you miss the whole galaxy by focusing on only one planet, if you see what I mean. These laws govern the invisible universe and suggest that an ideal harmony (not happiness but harmonious balance) coexists between the soul realm and the physical. That same relationship in the macro realm is what each person contains in the micro as an individual and thus these laws operate as a mini-universe within each human being.

We are born knowing this truth, though not in the intellectual detail with which I am now communicating it. Rather, we are born with an inherent awareness of these Mystical Laws. We are born with a type of yearning to experience awe and to be blown away by greater-than-ordinary events. And if they do not happen naturally or supernaturally (as in Divinely inspired), then we create them just to get our adrenalin going at max speed because that part of us longs to break through the barrier of “earth speed” in order to touch mystical weightlessness. Ask anyone who pushes the envelope why they risk their lives doing the most outrageous sports, for example, and their responses hint at a longing for a mystical experience. Many speak of “losing themselves in the moment” or “feeling weightlessness” just for a second, as if time stands still. That’s a description of a mystical experience, not a physical one. It’s the best a person can achieve on his or her own without the addition of maximum “grace speed”, but it’s most certainly a taste of the thrill of “mystical weightlessness”. No wonder athletes get addicted to the “high” of those experiences. They literally and symbolically are “highs”.

The Law of Synchronicity, then, is one of many Mystical Laws that govern the invisible world. These Mystical Laws work in partnership with the laws of the physical realm, such as motion, speed, gravity, etc. The Mystical Laws work in subtle ways, but they are as intimate as our breath. When are we not “thinking” or “emotionally reacting” or stressed or unstressed or creating or angry or not angry or in love or broken hearted? We are, in other words, always “in psychic motion” and our energy is at least a part of the substance these laws use to function within our lives.

Just like the athletes experiencing a weightless high during a peak experience, it’s possible to sample that same sensation when you become aware that you are in the midst of a synchronistic event. Immediately your senses become more alert as you shift from just glancing over the environment you are in to scanning in for miniscule details, each one on reserve for potential symbolic significance. Instantly you begin to wonder about the “meaning” of that particular moment over the other ordinary moments of that day when nothing synchronistic occurred. Such questions lift your thinking above the ground. Where? To mystical heights – a synchronistic event ultimately makes you wonder about purpose, meaning, significance, fate, and destiny. Granted, your wonderment will not always be overwhelming with each synchronistic event but because these are, in essence, mystical sparks – a merger of the psychic and physical realms coming together – you are experiencing a mystical law in motion acting directly through the corridor of your life. And that is awesome.

As I briefly describe my own observations about the Law of Synchronicity, I want you to think of yourself as an active variable. You are the X-factor in your own life, an active ingredient that can initiate a synchronistic event or dispel the energy of one. You are the object, then, that needs to be understood in addition to the Law of Synchronicity.

  1. Can a person influence acts of synchronicity; that is, are some people more likely to experience synchronistic events, and if so, why? We can and do influence all the Mystical Laws, including the Law of Synchronicity. This particular law seems to be far more animated around a person who lacks a heavy emotional/mental/psychic history. Said another way, a person who lives primarily in “present time” is living in harmony with the natural energetics of this law.
  2. Adaptability and respond-ability are two qualities that seem to magnetize synchronicity. A person’s willingness to adapt to the opportunity that a synchronistic event presents with minimum hesitation jumps right into the magic of the moment. That person has “respond-ability”. This is a big deal as most people hesitate out of over-caution and fear of the consequences of their actions. As a result, most people continually look to their past for inspiration as to what to choose next, and many times they end up stuck. The ability to recognize an opportunity as a synchronistic “Divine set up” and then respond to that moment in a way that grounds that opportunity ensures a person of a “follow-up” synchronistic experience, if not a series of them. This is a person who is now living in the flow of a mystical law.
  3. A person cannot make a certain type of synchronistic event happen. We have no control over the types of events or the timing of them.
  4. Why and when synchronistic events happen seems to be connected to greater or lesser choice points in a person’s life. The significance of these choice points varies but the common thread is that a synchronistic moment or experience is a choice point.
  5. You as the active variable should take time to reflect upon whether you are a psychic anchor in your own life or someone who is capable of an immediate and dynamic response. That is a question worthy of hours and hours of reflection and not just as regards the Law of Synchronicity, but all the other Mystical Laws as well. Specifically, someone who fights change, who fears the unknown and new ideas and suggestions weakens or depletes the energy field required for synchronistic events.

Continuing on with my conversation:

My friend and I chatted for quite some time about the Law of Synchronicity and my observation about how being in present time increases the likelihood of synchronistic events. How can that not happen? It’s so energetically logical. Of course, our conversation had to include this question: Can and do people know when they are sabotaging a synchronistic event? Fascinating question. I’ll have to ponder that one and save the answer for my upcoming workshop on the Mystical Laws.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with this insight: When a synchronistic event/moment occurs, it does so because certain elements of the psychic realm and the physical realm match. I always take that as a signal that I am standing at a crossroads, a choice point. That choice may not be huge – or it may be. But I always ask myself during a synchronistic moment, “What choice occurs to me?” and then I act on it.

This Universe is a mystical wonderland, to say the least. So I will leave you with the question that started my conversation with a dear friend, “Are you more fascinated by what you can see or by what you cannot see?” Reflect upon that, now imagining that there is no such thing as empty space.

Love, Caroline

© 2009 Myss.com - Caroline Myss is a New York Times best-selling author whose books include Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contacts, and Entering the Castle. Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason, will be published by Hay House in October 2009.
Listen to Caroline every week on www.HayHouseRadio.com

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The Ancient Whale Says: You Matter

Dear Friends,

This morning we have a message from a power animal that I know well.  I first met him years ago when I was doing power animal retrievals, then again more recently in my Power Animal Adventures.  He is an enormous sperm whale known as The Ancient One; it is always so wonderful to hear from him.  And is now our way, Quado has added a few words at the end of his message.

The Ancient Whale Says, You Matter

I have been here since time began, since the earth first went through her birthing pains and before.  I am as old as time itself and hold within me all of the wisdom of the ages, every tick of every clock, every movement of the spheres.

I live beneath the sea and hold court here, an ancient king surveying my kingdom.  And today, I wish to impart a bit of wisdom to you.

Life matters.  Everything that you do with this moment on earth matters.  You are vitally important and have come here with purpose, with intention.  It may feel as if a veil separates you from that purpose, but it is known in your heart.  You need only go deep, as deep as I am, down here where it is completely still and you cannot hear the clamor of society or the noise of fear, come down here in every moment and see yourself mirrored in my eyes, feel yourself in the ripples of the ocean that pass through you as you gaze at me.

You have chosen to come here on this earth at this time, to enter my realm in order to do something.  It may be as simple as bringing to earth a touch of the heavenly rays that shine, to be a channel for God’s grace, to bring uplifting energy through your smile and the twinkle in your eyes.  Or it may be as challenging as lifting the energy of those around you, or healing their bodies, or opening their eyes.  But if you are reading these words, you have been led to me and to this knowledge that you have a purpose and that it matters deeply.

You know yourself.  You know why you are here.  Come deep, down deep to me.  Spend time deep until you understand it fully.  Spend time here expanding and growing into yourself.  Do what you feel you should do.  Try this and try that, always checking in with your intuition.  And in this way, following your own guidance moment by moment, you will be led to an ever-deepening knowledge of who you are and why you are here on earth at this moment, right now.

Every moment matters.  Every action.  Every dip into your courage to take the action that your heart speaks to you.  You are vitally important.  Know it and treat yourself and your life accordingly.

Quado, do you have anything to add?

Ah, such wisdom from our great friend, the Ancient One.  I would add only this:  take yourself seriously even as you live with abandon and joy.  For nothing is as seriously important as loving yourself and this life every moment of every day, embracing it, dipping into it, playing with being who you are as you enjoy the wondrous and vitally important journey of awakening fully to yourself.

This message Copyright © 2005-8 by Systematíque, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.carriehart.com

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Loving kindness is a state of being

Channeler: John Smallman

Good Morning Saul My Dear Friend. Thank you for your last message. My pen awaits your guidance.

Good Morning John.

When you sit down to write I can help you relax to receive our communications, as you well know. It’s important that you do not try to intuit or guess where the message is heading, as it interferes with our channel. I know you know this, but you still need to be reminded because you tend to get anxious and feel inappropriately responsible for the substance of what you write. So remember we are both only links in the divine chain of communication ― I am the messenger and you are the scribe. Just allow, and the flow will be quick and effortless.

Loving kindness is a state of being

Life is eternal because it was given by the Father to His Son and nothing that He creates will ever end or die. God is Love, infinite, unconditional, and eternal, and that is what you are because everything that He creates is like unto Himself. The perfection that is God completely envelops and suffuses His Creation, because He is His Creation, All That Is.

Consequently, every sentient being is perfect unconditional love. However, in the illusion — the dream state in which humanity has chosen to hide itself — this is not apparent. Occasionally, loving acts occur which inspire those who become aware of them to do their own loving acts. But what needs to happen is for humanity to move out of the illusion, to awaken from the dream, so that their lives may become once more lives of continuous loving kindness.

Loving kindness is a state of being. It is not doing good deeds, offering help, treating others with respect. Those are activities that flow naturally from that state, but they are also frequently undertaken for the benefit or honor that the person undertaking them hopes to receive.

It is a state in which what you think, what you say, and what you do is directed by the energy of unconditional love that flows through every sentient being who allows it. You are all unconditionally loved by our divine Father, but in the illusory reality in which you appear to have your existence it is very difficult for you to accept that infinite abundance of love. If you accept it, it flows through you without interruption and with tremendous vitality, washing away all grudges, resentment, judgment, unacceptability, and suffering, replacing them with peace, joy, and the inner knowing — not a belief — a true knowing that you are one with all sentient beings and with God.

Knowing this, it is no longer possible to live in anything other than a constant state of love, acceptance, and peace because you have become aware of the oneness of all. Any state other than this is obviously insane, because any form of judgment or attack would be judgment and attack on yourself — if that were possible, which it is not. It is the state into which you are to awaken when you become fully conscious, and its brilliance, its vitality, its enthusiasm, and its joy will fill you with infinite delight. It is your destiny — the divine destination at which you cannot fail to arrive.

So relax, allow the abundance of God’s unconditional love to flow through the conduit that you are, as you and He have always intended. When you do so, miraculous things happen, just as they should. The power that suffuses your entire being and flows through you as you live in complete acceptance of and harmony with the divine Will is astounding. There is nothing to which it can be meaningfully compared as it is far more efficient, effective, and finely focused than anything your most brilliant scientists could possibly imagine.

You are truly powerhouses of infinite potential through which your Father can create universes. Yet while you hide in your tiny illusory reality, doubting God’s power and existence, you effectively limit the flow of energy through you to little more than the drip of a leaking tap or faucet. Turn to your Father, to the inextinguishable divine flame within you, and allow the warmth of His love to flow through you freely and without restriction once more, as He and you have always intended. Then watch with joy as miracles occur!

With so very much love, Saul.


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My Past 2 Months…Literally!

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Mission 1017 Goals!

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AWESOME BOOK! – Beginners Luke – Download Free NOW!

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Let’s Celebrate

Dimensional Bliss's AnniversaryJuly 11, 2017
In July 2006 dimensionalbliss.com was created to facilitate sharing of seeds of awareness on our life's journeys. InJoY and much gratitude to all. ~sethd8 and the Galactics.


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