Ashtar Events Update Mar 11/10
Thursday, 11 March 2010 07:47


"Well, Good Evening, everyone! It is so jolly to be here in Family. If you aren't feeling it, you can just about catch it anywhere now, this change, this excitement, this wondrous revealing of truth, upon truth, upon truth. It's just not gonna stop, because it's coming out everywhere just as in the sequential order of events as we have discussed many times in the most recent past as you measure it. There are events unfolding within the events. It is complicated. If you try to read, for instance, the financial analysts, you will find out they're in a real tizzy. They really don't know exactly what's going on but they know that from their perspective, it looks like things are somewhat of a mess worldwide. But you, Beloved Ones, know better. And you can say these calming soothing words, perhaps we shall in a future event direct the peace messages there, but you can say some calming words, and you can calm your family, your friends, your neighbors. If they say 'Oh, it looks as though we are broke, we are bankrupt, the country is bankrupt,' and so on, you can say, 'The greatest treasures are yet to come. Hang on, stay the course, calm, stay calm, stay in peace,' because of all that has been planned for, all that has been spoken of, all that has been awaited.

"We know, we know, we know you humans are somewhat impatient about this, and this is perfectly fine and dandy. We wouldn't have it any other way, you are human. And, coupled with this anticipation, has to come some excitement. When you figure, or when you envision all that is coming, it's on its way. And so it is perfectly OK to be anxious to have it come, but welcome it. Just welcome it, and be joyful and happy.

And if you get a bit down-in-the-dumpies because of delays and so on, well sing a song, or play with your puppy dog, or do something. Yes, watch a comedy. There you have it. Take yourselves away from the frustration of bills to pay, and try to get yourself into a high vibe and then see it all as done. You know that's what they tell you to do in 'The Secret,' and that's what Abraham and a lot of the other teachers are saying. And it's very good advice. If you are down, if you are feeling low, if you are feeling upset, or frustrated, take care of yourself first. Then you can take care of your bank account or the world, or whatever seems to be calling for your attention. This is a time more than ever, and every moment that goes by it is more the time as you measure it, to be in charge of every aspect of you, to be reuniting with the totality, the beauty and the Love You Are. And to empower yourselves with that Love, to create your visions, to bring them forth, to raise yourselves up into a higher level of vibration so as to make it possible.

"When you are down-in-the-dumpies you are in a pretty low-vibe 3D box. And happy, happy, joy, joy, just doesn't really want to descend. So you gotta lift yourselves up, Family! You gotta fly a little bit. You gotta do a meditation, or play some music that you really, really love. Get yourselves into flying mode. Then fasten your seat belt because you are going to call forth everything that it is, that you think you've been waiting for all these years. It's been there somewhere in your fields all this time. Kind of like the hidden treasures, you know? And while we are at it, we want to repeat another gem of advice, if we do say so, and that is, while you are looking at paths to clear, while you are doing your 'ho'ponopono's, you might extend out to Future. Because some of you still have some pretty low-vibe events, experiences, people and so on, that you have for one reason or another in your fields, in your Future fields. So we would suggest that you take a look at that, and you don't have to be intimately acquainted with it, just say 'Whatever there is that is of low vibration or based in fear, or whatever, I am clearing that too while I am at it, because I don't need it, and I don't need to create it any more in my being, because I am on my way.' And you know where we are all going, Beloved Ones, it's a most blissful place. And yes, everybody's scheduled to make the big shift. But you've gotta be shifting right along with it.

"You know, if you have a sports car, let's take a sports car, the Voice loves sports cars. Let's take a sports car and let's say you are at a stop. And so you put your little gear shift into first gear. Well, what are you going to do, go from first gear into number five or six right away? Probably your little sports car wouldn't like it too much. And let's say right now your bodies wouldn't like that kind of approach either. You can get yourself sort of out there, and maybe not have a way to get back, so let's not do that, shall we? Let's take it one gear at a time, one shift at a time. Do it slowly but surely, or we should say smoothly, because let's look at your calendars again. Oops, slow doesn't really work too much any more, we gotta go at warp speed, but that's OK, just do it smoothly. Make sure you are in touch with yourself, don't try to skip over something that is right there, you know, in your path.

"If there is something that is, oh making its presence known to you in some manner, maybe it's a big headache every time you say hello to your neighbor, or maybe it's an allergy. Allergies are wondrous, aren't they? Did you know you can be allergic to people and situations, as much as you can to things? So it is that you can pay attention to whatever signals, whatever signs, whatever dreams you have and remember, to resolve whatever is there. Bring resolution, bring harmony, bring balance into whatever you've got, relationships, or lack in some manner, illness, whatever. Now we are not underplaying the importance of your illnesses, diseasements, imbalances, messed up relationships as you might call it, financial woes and all of those kinds of things. We are telling you they are there for you to resolve them, to go beyond them, to fly over them if need be, but it's really better if, while you are flying, you might just transmit some Violet Ray, Violet Flame, 'cause you don't want to land and then have the same kind of situation pop up in front of you again. For some of you, you feel as though you have been repeating patterns all your life. Well, the truth of that matter is you've been repeating them for many lifetimes. So of course they are there in your face, so to speak, because this is it. It's what you call Zero Hour. Get it done!

"Now you've got all kinds of help, guidance, tools, and don't forget your wonderful team. Call upon them, get in touch. If you haven't done so, now is the time. When we say Zero Hour we are not kidding. Let me tell you, this March of yours is marching on. March, march, march and it's doing triple warp speed. And by the time you get to the end of this month, a whole bunch of kitty-cats are going to be out of the bag, and the world is going to have a much different perspective on things than it has right now. Because right now there are plenty of people who are still asleep, but we've got a lot of bag-openers getting on, of all things, television, and not just buried somewhere on some little quiet community channel. They are getting out there and they're saying what they have to say. They are letting all kinds of kitty-cats out of the bag, in fact the world is going to be overrun with kitty-cats. And Sekhmet says, 'Remember we are here'. So we are just wanting to let you know that that's right, we are here. And it's happening!

"Now if you feel inspired to participate in helping to bring change, shall we say, to the wonderful worlds of finance, politics, and then there is this health care - what a mess - we will talk about that momentarily. If you are inclined to do anything at all, just send a little e-mail to Obama, or find his phone number and call him up. You probably won't talk to him directly, but you will talk to somebody who will let him know you called. You can let your Congress people and Senators know too, if you happen to have one who is honest. That doesn't happen too often, the majority of them have been corrupted. And as for the Supreme Court - well you saw what they did. So let's just go right to the top, shall we? And by the way, you don't have to typey-type on your machines or dial with your fingers, you can do telepathic messaging, how about that? Let's start a wave, shall we, and send it around the world. Send a little simple email to your friends, tell them to telepathically connect with Obama, and you can ask them to telepathically connect with KOS (King of Swords) too because he's a great guy. Multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-located, oh yeah, and a lot more. So you can thank him and thank Obama for what they are doing in their leadership roles, and you can tell them you are ready. And it's OK if you think you are not ready, because the announcements and the Disclosure announcements are only going to help you along your path.

"We emphasize cleaning and cleansing everything you possibly can, but let's face it, that will be ongoing, and there will be even higher levels of clearing and cleansing that you can do once we are, shall we say, integrated - that's a great word isn't it? - integrated into your societies. It's like, we will be there. We have massive, massive technicalities, technical capabilities we should say. We have massive, massive information, and we will be everywhere on Planet Earth, well we're here now but that is not a very well kept secret. Ha ha ha, so we just gonna go from there, shall we? Oh yeah, oh yeah, Disclosure is BIG, and it's on the horizon. So we would also ask that when you are sending telepathic greetings to Obama and to KOS, and to anyone that you know to be of high integrity who has any clout at all, stop and give us a little wave or a hug shall you, shall we, well yes we are all one so, it matters not how I address it, we're just saying we are here, and we'd love to wave back at you. We sort of blink and we kind of appear, and then we hang a couple of 45 degree turns and we are gone. But, we are signaling in our own way. You see, we are trusting that you get it. And we are trusting that you might tell somebody else 'Well yes, I saw starships in the sky last night, why don't you come on out tonight and see what you see'.

"You know, those kinds of little communications that go between friends, family and neighbors, and so on, are most helpful and once Disclosure is announced, or whatever they want to call it, you know we have gone from First Contact, ha, cause that is really over, long over, so now we are calling it Disclosure, and that's perfect, that's lovely, and once that gets done, if you will just simply stand up and say, don't say, 'I told you so' because you know that never goes over very well with those people who are in denial anyway. But you could say 'Yes, I know that to be true because I, myself, have seen them. Come on out and take a look.' Or turn on your television and take a look because we are going to be all over the tube. Believe me, we've got a lot of fun and a lot of serious business that we'll be addressing.

So stay tuned, we are so fond of saying stay tuned because we know you are Beloved Ones, we know. And we feel your presence and we love you, and we send you our love even as we receive yours, and that's family, isn't it? That's family relations, totally balanced, totally high vibe, and totally truthful. And that reminds us, when you're in touch, in contact, in connection, particularly with your guidance team, if there is something that you don't quite understand, you can certainly ask for clarification. And if you feel the need to do a little bit of debating, well go ahead, because you have free will. We don't ask that you blindly accept everything, we just ask you to open your hearts and see what resonates with you, and use your discernment. We keep reminding this group here, these Ascension-centre manifestors, I guess we can call you at this moment, creators, co-creators, to use discernment because you are getting a tremendous amount of information, and you are already making connections of the dots, and you are starting to access information, and you are starting to see what resonates and what does not. And that is, in itself, a grand activity.

"And so we ask that you, instead of just accepting everything that you hear in the marketplace or that you hear on your television or whatever, that you take some time with it. Let it run by your heart, see how it feels to you, and if you get some tummy-scrunching, you'd better check into it even more closely. Some of you are feeling as though there is so much change going on and you are just sitting still. Well that is not the case at all. You are holding a place, a place of light. You are beaming in a place that needs you to beam there. If you are not motivated to go someplace else for a day or a year or the rest of your life, or whatever, (that is the rest of your life before Ascension actually takes place, because then you are going someplace else anyway), you are actually being called to stay right where you are, and hold the light, and do your cleansing and your clearing and what you do will affect where you are. It radiates everywhere but it will have the greatest impact on your energy fields and then on the fields of those in proximity to you. So if you don't have a clear idea about going someplace else, be calm about it. Be in joy about it and know that you are called to be right where you are now.

"The reason I am bringing this up is that there are a tremendous amount of, shall we say, unsettling energies coming in, they are shifting, they are shaking everything up. Well things will subside, things will settle into all new patterns, and you may get a call tomorrow as you measure time, or next week, or next month, and that is all fabulous. And you can ask your guides 'Well here I am, is there some place better for me to be?' or something like that, if you want to, but if you are not getting any information, because I am often asked when I have discussions with beautiful, wondrous people who are on their paths and call upon me to discuss that with them, if they are not called to be someplace else, it's because they are called to be where they are, just like the group here, sitting in this room of joy. Ah yes, we are here, we are with you, we are everywhere in between.

"So we want you to be at ease. And we are counseling you to stay the course. Be steady. Stay calm. We know it's pretty windy out there. We know it's pretty rough in the waters. And that's because the winds of change are blowing. And we know that there are things going on that are creating a lot of confusion, but confusion does not have to mean being unsettled, it does not have to mean getting off course, it certainly does not have to mean giving up your power to anybody, or any institution, or corporation, or government, or bank. And most certainly not to any insurance companies. Did you know that the insurance business is the most profitable one in the United States of America? Well it is. But now you are starting to get an inkling of why.

"So let's talk about this health care, shall we? Universal health care of the highest vibe is just around the corner anyway. Everybody's going to get it for free. There may be a little interim where you will pay for services, but everybody is going to have money to do that with. Everybody can enjoy being self-insured when the abundance is delivered. Between now and then this whole exercise is an exercise in Obama being able to get something done, and for Congress to show the truth of who each and every member of Congress and the Senate are. And you are getting that, aren't you? You are getting individuals speaking up with various shades of opinions. Let the obstructionists stand forth clearly in your minds. Why are they obstructing? It is because they are on the payroll. The lobbyists have gotten to them. The insurance companies and what you call, we love this name, Big Pharma, what a name, what a name! Just kind of implies a power situation doesn't it? A power and control situation.

"Now there are those who are seeing the next step. Beloved Dennis is one of those. He is willing to cast himself in the role of a guy who wants to bring things to a halt in order to keep your minds and your hearts open. You need to be aware that if this Senate Bill is passed, it's not going to do everything that the health care reform needs to do, because it is not going to make it free. And only when health care is free for all, will it truly be a good and rightful situation. Now remember, we are bringing new technologies and the whole health care industry is being turned on its nose anyway. There are so many people now who know that there are what you call alternatives, and different ways to achieving optimum health and balance and well-being. What the health care bill will do is loosen the grip a bit of the insurance companies and ultimately Big Pharma, and it will open more doors for the alternatives to shine forth. But that only is needed for a moment or two in time, because as you discern and as you decide and as health care, and especially the kinds of technologies we bring, and especially as you use your own empowerment to create your own health anyway, and take charge and so on and so on, these things will be just a little bit of a memory. It's very short-lived, this struggle for health care reform.

"So just let Obama and KOS know that you are ready in some way, if you feel so inclined, and if you have a Representative or a Senator that you believe to be of high integrity, with all of your discernment operating, fully operational, then by all means let them know that you are ready. And that you want good health care for everyone. They'll get the message. Dennis is speaking now because the next step will be health care for everyone. And he is out in front of the crowd as always so that once they pass whatever they pass, they will not just simply stop. They will not rest on their laurels and give themselves a big pat on the behind, and say 'Ah, we did a great job, now let's get on with something else. How many trips are we going to take this year courtesy of the taxpayers', and you know, things like that. So be on your toes, and know that there is better to come, and just relax and be calm, and let someone know if you want to but just telepathic messaging. It's time for everybody to get into that mode anyway, is it not? So let's start practicing, shall we? It helps if you get down into a deep alpha brainwave state, but even that's not real necessary once you get going on it. Be in touch with yourself, your guides, and the world, and the universe beyond. Think BIG. Think expansion. Even while you sit in meditation in your sacred space, think about joining in the sacred space of the universe and the One We All Are, and let that be your choice, your gift-opening, and use it. Because that is very important. Whatever other gifts you have, work on those too. Practice, practice, practice. It makes it perfect. And it will enhance and enliven and bring your world and the All That You Are, into an unlimited Joy and Bliss.

"So, alrighty, well we have done quite a pep talk. So we want to give just a little bit of an overview of what we are going to be doing tonight. We have serious but high joy work to do, mission let's call it, shall we? It's serious and you know why. You have seen a series of earthquakes take place, adjustments necessary for Mother Gaia. You have seen shiftings of locations, cities, places. You have seen preparation in some instances and in some instances, no warning. We want to assure you that on all of the instances, the movements took place which were needed. Even in places where the tsunami did not hit with the big waves, there was movement, tremendous force, tremendous power in the waters of the ocean. There was a lot that was accomplished by all of this. And for those of you who may not be familiar with this, we want to assure you that all of those who gave their lives, or who were injured, or in any way impacted negatively by these events, did so in contract. And so we shall be wanting to honor them in our mission at this time in our togetherness. They are now in positions of observation. They know that their sacrifices are greatly appreciated, and wherever possible, we have taken survivors up onto the ships to help them with their healing processes, not just their physicalities, but they have been emotionally traumatized. And they have new perspectives on life. They have been to the very door, they would call it death's door, we call it laying down the body door, and come back, with reason and purpose.

"And so it is with all who have had any kind of experience which has been disruptive or harmful, the animals, the plants, and even the mineral kingdoms. But the animals and the plants and the mineral kingdoms know, and they have a feeling within them, that this is part of Mother Gaia's plan to cleanse and clear. And it is not in any way intended to be vengeful or any more destructive than it absolutely needs to be. And for those of you who have not heard this before, we want to assure you that we are mitigating in every instance. We have done so, we shall continue. Will there be more shiftings? Yes. Is half of the planet going to fall into the oceans? No. This is not going to be the sinking again. This is not going to be the nuclear blow up. This is simply, just as your bodies are adjusting and becoming crystalline, this is simply Mother Gaia's way of achieving her own crystalline body. And so there will be more events. You will know where you're to be. Remember, we said get in touch and if you are not called to be someplace else, then just stay where you are. And it's all good and wonderful. There isn't any part of Planet Earth that is not sacred, even though it may be overcome with rubble, even though it may be still in a state of war. The Planet is coming into an empowerment of Peace and Love and Joy. And these few last, literally last moment situations, are a part of the shifting and the changing.

"Now March is going to settle down. There will be great energies coming during the Equinox. There are energies even now in preparation. The shift that will take place on the day you call the Equinox will be unparalleled for Planet Earth. Look forward to it. And as the Voice said, if there is a group you can join with, or if you want to just be in your sacred place, rejoice. Let it be a day of Joy. Connect. The Kingdom to the Elementals was opened last year on the Equinox, and you, Beloveds, took part in that. This year, the Elementals will be easier to connect with because of the work you have done and the light which you've held during this one year time period on your calendars. So take advantage of it. Go outdoors if you possibly can on the day of the Equinox and connect and commune. And some of you will see little ones that you've never seen before, and some of you will feel their energies and their Love, and whatever it is, know that Mother Gaia's messengers are all around you. And they are just waiting to hug you and be a part of your world to whatever extent you are willing to be part of theirs. Hug your animals, your doggies, your kitty-cats. Greet the birds with joy and all the animals of Mother Gaia will salute you in kind. Love the plants, the trees, the flowers. Send messages of appreciation to them and they will sing to you, and to the mineral kingdoms, it will amplify even more when they receive your Love. So we are now ready.

"With that in mind we shall be saying farewell for this part of our Ashtar on the Road Family gathering. I, Ashtar, and the entire company with me, salute you and thank you for being with us, and we shall now make way for Beloved Sananda to come and lead the exercise of sending Love and Peace to Mother Gaia herself. It is powerful and empowering. So while we make this transition, just relax and breathe and feel the Love. And so it is. Salut."

Many thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this timely transcription.

© Susan Leland 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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