It is obvious that we must heal our planet, and the waters of our world are our life.  What is not quite as obvious is that we are not separate from our planet. Our bodies are composed of 2/3 water, and 1/3 matter; exactly in the same proportion as the 2/3 water and 1/3 land mass that compose this planet. We are currently using 1/3 the capacity of our brains, and approximately 1/3 of the codons of our DNA. What happened to the other 2/3 of everything? Awakening the waters may give us that answer.

For all that can participate in any way, wherever you are in this world, please Bless and Thank the waters of life that sustain you.

Thank you, Diana Luppi

This global ceremony was organized by Marshall Jack. Marshall is a member of the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada.  He is affiliated with the Southern Paiute and Central Miwok Tribes.

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