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Cobra: Fall of the Archons


I had some doubts about posting this intel as it may be shocking to some people, but I was nevertheless instructed to do so. Events of the last few days have further convinced me that now is the time to release this. I am not posting ...

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The second Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ Transmission from the Elders


Mp3 download www.pleiadianlight.net/dl.htm

Welcome, my sweet friends, this is Anrita Melchizedek, and I am going to connect shortly to The Elders, Ancient Celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchi...

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11.11 11 Message from the Pleiadian Council of Light


Suggestions for 11.11.11 Ceremonies

Pleiadian Council of Light comes now with a directive for the 11.11.11 time window on your Earth plane. We speak to all of you who have stepped out of zombie-land now.

We speak to all of you...

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Metatron – Roslyn – The Sun Disc and Star Gate


Metatron Channel 

"Greetings, I am Metatron Lord of Light, and you are Beloved ! 

The energies of the areas within England and Scotland are among the most potent and active on the planet. ...

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Tiajuanaco – The Lost Pyramid City of OG

a message from Metatron channeled by Tyberonn

Friday, 30 July, 2010  (posted 8 August, 2010)

That the infamous Butch Cassidy would choose the mystical Altiplano of Bolivia to hide is less...

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999 | A Gift of Cosmic Consciousness

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