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The Angels – October-22-2016 – Galactic Federation of Light

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Pushing my Buttons?

Like nothing else, aren't you, Nicky?

But I'll bite, just as soon as I made myself some coffee! 

A balance remains the ashamed lemon in the reminder eh? Reminds me of my colleague Remco, who is often wearing this T-shirt:

Maybe you are hinting at that? Having made those two obviously related lightbox entries as both sss and Guest clicked into place that many entities I deemed separate may very well be one and the same, whom I'd never in a million years would have figured to be a fan of me....  Thanks for the mindfuck guy, I needed that 2x4!

As for the bananas overload, you can relax now. I used to be scared of bananas (more of a melon man myself) but not anymore. Weird though, that even though terrified of the symbolic bananas, they are my favorite fruit.... 

Engineering the grammar has been my pet project, my mad scientist kind a 'thang'. Always wanting to make things better, I realised at an early age that communication was needed, true communication between man and machine. Been working on it, only to be constantly vexed by failures, making me feel like I wasn't supposd to be doing this. With unASLEEP's thought-provoking vid you gave me, I figure we will do it, just in time as the Cosmos seems to operate. 

So the blackmail of pushing me into figuring out the ultimate challenge cracked, simply because there never was a blackmail: I'd LOVE to figure it out, and I WILL, well before the 2042 deadline I mentioned in Make It Real. All is not set but that which we make! And make it we WILL!

unASLEEP's soft symmetry is not the only one driving me, there are untold others, even the nameless lady in the supermarket yesterday drove it home like nothing else. So chill dude, and put on something from your endless DVD collection. Angel-A for instance, if you dig Angels with balls.....

So I, the tiresome (or was it tireless?) parrot will chill out too, and  get into my dishwasher pattern. God knows this place could do with such a creature!

Finally, yes, the guard marches under the leader, but as we're currently on a bridge they'll have to stay out of step to not upset the rivets, plunging them into the river. On the other hand, some whitewater rafting doesn't feel all bad. Go with the flow!

See you monday at work!



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Let’s Celebrate

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In July 2006 dimensionalbliss.com was created to facilitate sharing of seeds of awareness on our life's journeys. InJoY and much gratitude to all. ~sethd8 and the Galactics.


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