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Lord Sananda – February 2017

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A Message from Ascended Master, Paul the Venetian


Channeled by: Julie Miller November 04, 2011

Throughout your busy and hectic lives sometimes you found you have stumbled along your path that has led you to questioning your very own wisdom, your knowledge, and/or who YOU are. ...

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The Love presently enveloping Planet Earth is the key to your awakening


04/10/2011 by John Smallman

You are all following your divine path, the one you chose, with divine guidance and approval, before you incarnated as humans.  You are doing what you chose to do to learn the lessons that life in ...

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SaLuSa 24-November-2010

Day to day events all around the world are showing that changes are necessary, as the old paradigm plays out its last attempt to direct the course of peoples lives. However the new energies are creating a new way that is being birthed in spite...

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Work and Promotions in the North Puget Sound

When I left the camp the next morning, the Sun was shining brilliantly! It was a gorgeous day, a deep azure sky, cloudless and vibrant promising warmth and vitality to my day. I soaked it in as a passed from shaded road to sun through the twisties of ...

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Day 7 – Musing and Writing in Sandpoint, ID

Sandpoint, ID Motelled up tonight; it’s raining hard and windy. Feels like winter is coming, but I am prepared. It was the muses that brought me indoors. The little voice speaking volumes today. So here I am getting a flow of conscious...

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