There is something about the Waltz that is so pure and graceful.  The frame is the first indication, tall and expansive posture, allowing a freedom of movement for both partners.  The rise and fall is a constant motion throughout the Waltz as well as its progressive nature.  The movement is divine, as two partners appear to effortlessly float across the floor in harmony with the rhythm.

Rhythm is a word that is coming up a lot for me lately. A quick search revealing a latin relation to “to flow”. That makes sense, as that is what it feels like to me.  The rhythm that I am sensing is pulsing in the energy surrounding me.  It is very distinct and often I feel a slight tug, or perhaps a push, in the direction of the flow.  I feel it in my heart center and it is from there that the lead in any dance must come.

I remember what it is like for the mind to try and interpret these intuitions, very clearly as it still happens today.  However, I am much better prepared now to discern all the information that I am receiving on a daily basis.  My heart space is open and the guidance received is a blessing.  Those times that the mind tries to take back the power it once had over me are quickly identified and resolved in the moment.  I have found there is little room for error in this regard and am ever diligent to correct it when it arises.

The mind is a very useful tool and once I learned to use it more adeptly, my life got much smoother.  It used to run away with me, carrying me along with it on its misguided adventures.  Often there was little opportunity to feel any experience when I was operating solely from the mind.  It is the home of the ego and all its tricks and as I became mindful of that I could see just how I needed to shift. I knew about meditation, was even doing yoga, but even so my mind was still in control.

Now, I meditate several hours a day.  Not all of it is sitting cross-legged on the floor,  but rather I don’t allow my mind to run rampant.  I try to limit its focus to what is before me and limit the multi-tasking.  I want peace in my life and I have come to see that my mindwas the bringer of war.  It was the one who tried to engage me in the office politics or neighborhood gossip, and would keep me up at night replaying over and over again some silly situation that was far better forgiven and released than anything else.  But, now there is calm and the work’s dividends are surfacing.

In dance class yesterday I felt the energy of the Waltz coming through.  It is something, I haven’t spent enough time with it yet, but there is something to be sure.  I felt at peace and very serene as our teacher guided us through the lesson.  Even as challenging as it was learning the routine, there was a calm about the room.  Perhaps it is the perfect flow or movement, synchronous to the pulse emanating from Mother Earth and on into the Heavens and back; the rhythmic cycle of divine universal energy, a perfect match for the graceful and elegant Waltz.

Does the dance become the meditation or the meditation the dance?  And therein lies the conundrum,  where do we start?  At the heart…  I had to find Love first, before all else came.  Sure, I was meditating, doing yoga and even dancing, but truly the Love that I AM was buried underneath all the trauma my Soul has experienced.  Again, a quick look reveals the origin of trauma is greek and means literally to wound.  Had I been wounded in this lifetime?  Indeed.  Past lifetimes?  Yes, I have come to see… These experiences affected my Soul and I have had to heal from that, but now I can see!  And I feel wholer in my essence than ever before remembered.

And the Love shines now.  It radiates from my heart and fills my being with the Light of Creator.  I am that, Love and Kindness, and it moves me deep from within towards the Truth.  And not the Truth about what goes on in the world around me, even though that isimportant, but rather the Truth about myself.  Love, the core vibration of the Universe, radiates naturally through me.  Anything other than this I can be sure is other than my Authentic energy and must be cleared so the Love can expand unimpeded.

In the grace that is the Waltz, it was easy to see when my mind tried to take over and I am thankful that my practice has prepared me to address this.  But, in presence, the dance flowed and the mind was still… leaving only my heart, open wide and emanating far the golden white light of Creation.  So, now when I ponder the question where to start, I realize all that matters is that we begin.  Love was all around, and within, but hidden from view and obscured by the fog of my own unconscious creations until I chose to see the Truth.

Now I can see that the heavenly realms are right here before me and as I dance this life they are more accessible and a wonderful experience unfolds before my eyes every day…

Love and Kindness,


the Buffalo Diaries

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