To paraphase Gigolo Joe, the lover robot from Steven Spielberg's AI: Artificial Intelligence: "Let's combine ... Chemistry with ... Affections". Some would call them afflictions, but that is just their limited self speaking. Nope, Chemistry class today, actually Chemistry 101: States of Life. And to jive things up, I'll even throw in some classy free music to go with it, totally off charge!

From our days in highschool, we all remember the states of matter:

These are straight from Wikipedia, which mentions a host of other more specialized states, but let's keep it simple for now. We will just restrict ourselves to Gaseous, Liquid and Solid, with a brief outing into plasma.  My main theory is this, that states of matter are not restricted to chemistry alone, and that we could very well recognize States of Life, or States of Manifestation. Looking at the above diagram, and Knowing what I Know Now, I claim that:

  1. Lust is the Solid state of Life
  2. Love is the Liquid State of Life
  3. Knowing is the Gaseous state of Life
  4. Oneness is the Plasma state of Life

How's that for starters? Perhaps that is why the most spoken language across the world refers to both the science of Chemistry and the Attraction between people as Chemistry? Was it this realization that made Iggy Pop explode into creativity with his hit called Lust for Life?

Lust is (like a solid) usually a case of fixed relationships, even though actual reactions may still create alternate connections. Point is, people hardly ever make life changes because of just lust. Because the moment they do, their heart start melting, and Lust turns into Love! Conversely, when Love turns sour but the need for relationships pulls again, we tend to freeze right out of Love, back into Lust. 

Now Love can be hot, but only upto a certain point. After that, it becomes so volatile that relationships no longer work. Yes, you got it right. You may have thought of swingers as a lesser breed, but actually they have transcended the need for more or less stable relationships.  That does not mean their Love is any weaker than yours!

To illustrate the state of Mind that goes with this state, called liquid, just listen to Robbie Valentine's Megaman, from the incredible album called the Magic Infinity:

As we go up in the world of states, freedom for the individual particles becomes ever greater. One may fall back from Knowing or Love to Lust, but the attraction remains. How many of us wished they had what it takes to be a free agent, interacting in this field as if nothing could hurt them? Now I'm not talking conspiracy here, because no man or group of men has been intentionally plotting to keep us from ascending. Basically, it is just essential Set Theory: us all being 'limited' subsets of anything, it stands to reason we are unique and hence not the same. Thus the common part of us is BY DEFINITION smaller than most of us individually. And interactions tend to keep us fixed. Solids need no container to contain themselves, but liquids do, just like gases. The same goes for Lusters, Lovers and Knowers.

For the third state, the gaseous one, I've chosen Donna Summer's the State of Independence. Just turn her on (if you dare) while I wrap up this little number....

And then there's the fourth state, the Plasma state. Call it Oneness, Spirituality, or anything you like. This is the state where Chemistry becomes moot, because as you remember that is where the molecules split into their atoms, thus becoming available again for the dance of manifestation, back into Chemistry, just for the Rush of it! And that is the final musical finale of today: I knew it was going to be a Rush song, but never in a million years figured it would be a song called Subdivisions, which I'd never even heard.....

One last thing: you may have noticed that there are no state transitions from either solid or liquid straight to plasma. In hindsight, that make perfect sense: since free will is the prime directive in this cosmos, you having expressed relationships as your wishes will not be wrenched free from them. Only when you consciously decide that your love is unconditional, and thus given while expecting nothing whatsoever in return, will you become hot enough to reach the gaseous, and through it, the plasma state. Now don't you run off to get a divorce, because that is not the way to go. That is not unconditional Love, but withdrawal of Love, and that will get you nowhere fast! Just keep sending the love, and pretty soon you'll notice you won't fall in love any more unless it is with the All. But just like two gas molecules may choose to travel in the same direction for a while or longer, their relationship is openended. Love sets free, does not try to bind or contain.

Love your Lust for Chemistry,


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