It is the soul pouring itself out into the world,
like a fisherman casting a net to gather in the fish he seeks;

with each cast properly made,
we will bring what we need to us,

but first, we must hurl ourselves into the depths
without knowing just what lies beneath us."

~David Spangler

This was posted on, and feels very appropriate to me at this time. For frankly, I have no idea at all what writing this novel will bring me. While writing it, I come up with all these 'predictions' about the time between the life of my more advanced incarnation of myself in 4444AD, and my current self in 2010. The events surface effortlessly, but am I predicting, describing from that future viewpoint what already happened, or manifesting what will eventually happen?

That is in fact the whole central theme of it all: does this help bring me my much coveted dream future, or will it make me the dreaded messenger that drowned half his land of birth? Who knows, but then that is the hurling mentioned in the above: it feels like something I want to do, regardless of the consequences.

Love your Light, 


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