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Vacuum Metastability Event

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.

The head is positioned within the plasma anomaly accretion vortex close to the surface of planet Earth with its outer edge about 3 Earth radii from the planetary center, as it is described here in detail:

Mainstream science has „discovered“ that outer edge a few years ago:

Now NASA has openly admitted that man-made low frequency radio waves are forming that outer edge, efficiently creating the outermost barrier of the Veil:

If you change „VLF transmitters for submarine communication“ in the above article to „ELF transmitters of the HAARP and similar programs“ you will get a clear picture how the outermost barrier of the Veil is generated.

Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the black stone, a top quark-antiquark condensate. Black stone is a big hadron made of top/antitop quarks that were created by the Chimera millions of years ago in huge particle accelerators (Dyson rings) that were able to produce temperatures above the critical temperature of 2 trillion Kelvin, needed for black stone creation.

For about 7 million years, the black stone was located on a planet orbiting Rigel star system (which was the center of the cosmic anomaly during that time) and was then brought to Earth from Rigel through the Taurus cloud plasma filament in 1996:

It is now located in the Chimera underground facility near RHIC collider on Long Island.

Interaction of anomalous plasma with the back stone creates a huge negative plasma vortex about 500 miles in diameter with its center on Long Island:

This vortex is the purification station for remaining primary anomaly on the surface of the planet. Top members of the Cabal and many members of the Chimera are using the anomaly of this vortex as a shield against the Light and this is why the East Coast has the highest concentration of the Cabal on the planet.

Positioning Cintamani stones in a flower of life pattern inside this vortex will serve as a vectoring grid for the energies of Sirius and will accelerate the transmutation of this anomaly. It is also beneficial to flood that vortex with the Violet flame:

It is interesting to note there are Atlantean underwater pyramids built by the Pleiadians located not far away from Long Island:

These pyramids serve as the positive anchor point that counteracts the negative effects of the Long Island plasma vortex.

The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan.

The removal of the black stone will tip the cosmic equilibrium and the current metastable state of false vacuum will cease to exist:

False vacuum we are currently experiencing is a metastable sector of the universe where the interaction between the Source and the primary anomaly creates conditions that are pro-entropy and anti-life and are the underlying reason why quarantine Earth status and the existence of evil is even possible.

Removal of the black stone will create the vacuum metastability event that will allow the penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet and will effectively trigger the Event. The Event is the moment of instating true quantum vacuum conditions inside the Veil and thus the removal of the part of the primary anomaly that is directly responsible for the existence of evil. The underlying force that was allowing the existence of the Cabal and suffering will cease to exist.

Meanwhile, Operation PrisonBreak continues with soft Disclosure about extraterrestrial life:

And with public space program initiatives that will put humanity beyond the Veil:

Victory of the Light!

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Dolphin Wisdom. The Crystal Pod Speaks About Ascension, The Aquamarine Ray And The Rise of The Atlantean Energies


❤ Dolphin Wisdom. The Crystal Pod Speaks About Ascension, The Aquamarine Ray And The Rise of The Atlantean Energies. By, AuroRa Le. May 14, 2012.

* The ‘Crystal Pod’ is an actual pod of living Atlantic Bottlenose Dol...

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Benjamin Fulford Interview by Sean David Morton, October 13, 2011


An excerpt from Divine Cosmos

Transcript by David Wilcock: 


Link to Fulford / Morton Interview



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Transcript of an Interview with Adama: Is Your Emergence Immanent?


by conversationswithadama

Full Transcript of Session with Larry Frank & Erin Mackley, as Channel for Adama.

Listen to mp3 recording here, as well as information from additional channels.

My name is Larry Frank and what...

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All of Nature works in Cooperation


a message from Ann Albers

Saturday, 3 September, 2011  (posted 12 September, 2011)

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

All of nature works in cooperation, dear ones, and so too the human race was designed to ...

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The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Like you, We are Teachers and Students” (9-9-11)


Sep 9

-Channeled by Wes Annac-

As collective and individual aspects of one enormously powerful and infinite ascended being, you all currently find yourselves in a false reality that makes little sense to any. Compared to what ...

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Changing of the Guard: failing systems of the old paradigm


31 August 2011

Channeler: Lauren C. Gorgo

"You are currently witnessing a complete turn around in the earth's dynamic…an edifice of human thought that is no longer in alignment with the old paradigm of separati...

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Washing Away ALL Our Old Bridges to Create the NEW!


Channeler: Lisa Gawlas  

There is so much I am excited about, so much I want to share outward with you. So please bear with me if this is an unusually long sharing.

The communication during August has been breathtaking ...

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VirtualLight #1 Steve and Austin ~ Sept 2011


Barbara is sick today and won't be in attendance. We'll be talking about "spirit response" today. Steve led us in an energetic visualization, to help in diminishing the effects that the hurricane is having on the e...

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Have the Weather Rangers been keeping hurricanes away?


David Wells' weather modification researchers apparently have been quietly using their inexpensive, homemade devices to steer and diminish hurricanes. Alberto Feliciano in Puerto Rico appears to have the best position for facilita...

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We are not changing… WE HAVE CHANGED!!


26 August 2011

Channeler: Lisa Gawlas

What an amazing month August has been. Wait, what an amazing year 2011 has been so far. It is so filled with the vastness of change. Change in our bodies, change in our lives, change on an...

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Virgo New Moon: August 28, 2011 by B. Hand Clow


25 August 2011

Channeler: Barbara Hand Clow

virgo new moon chart for august 28,2011 at 11:03 PM EDT, Washington, DC www.handclow2012.com/newmoon.htm

The New Moon in Virgo is here, the time to address practical issues. Th...

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