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This Is The Time Of The Season, The Season Of Change, The Season Of Birth

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Jesus – April-05-2017

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Celebrating Genocide – The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Irwin Ozborne, ContributorThanksgiving: Celebrating all that we have, and the genocide it took to get it.Thanksgiving is one of the most paradoxical times of the year. We gather together with friends and family in celebration of all that we are thankful for and express our gratitude, at the same time we are encouraged to eat in excess. But the irony really starts the next day on Black Friday. On Thursday we appreciate all the simple things in life, such as having a meal, a roof over [...]

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New data on Easter Island’s mysterious past is a game-changer

Excerpt from sciencerecorder.com

A study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that harsh environmental conditions were the main source of population decline for the native Polynesians of Easter Island, potentially ending a long-standing debate over the exact cause.

Researchers of the study, led by Dr. Thegn Ladefoged of the University of Auckland in New Zealand, analyzed obsidian artifacts recovered from a number of habitation sites on the island to assess the regional land-use of the local inhabitants, known as the Rapa Nui.

The team found a shift in human uses of different parts of the island, suggesting an attempt to adapt to changing natural environmental conditions. Because of this, the researchers believe that natural barriers and climate extremes may have negatively impacted the islanders enough to lead to population declines.

“The results of our research were really quite surprising to me,” said Ladefoged, according to The Huffington Post. “In short, our research does not support the suggestion that societal collapse occurred prior to European contact due to physical erosion and productivity decline, but it does indicate that use of less optimal environmental regions changed prior to European contact.”

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Did Easter Islanders Travel to South America in 1300-1500?

Excerpt from sci-news.com

Evidence for contact between the ancient Rapanui people (inhabitants of Easter Island) and the indigenous peoples of South America sometime between approximately AD 1300 and AD 1500 has been found in the genomes of 27 living Rapanui, according to a new genetic study published in the journal Current Biology.
Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is located in the easternmost corner of the Polynesian Triangle. It is one of the most isolated locations on Earth inhabited by humans.

Archaeological and genetic evidence suggests that the island was first colonized by Polynesians around AD 1200. After settling on the island, they famously built giant stone platforms and over 900 moais.

The first known European visitor to the island was the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who arrived in 1722.

While it may have taken weeks for Rapanui to reach even the closest nearby islands, there are hints of their early contact with South Americans.

For example, there is evidence for the presence of plants native to the Americas on Easter Island, including sweet potato and bottle gourd, long before the European discovery of the island.

Now a genome-wide analysis of 27 native Rapanui confirms that the island people made contact with Native South Americans 19 to 23 generations ago, sometime between AD 1280 and 1495.

The lead author of the study, Dr Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas of the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, suggests one of two scenarios: either South Americans sailed to the island or Rapanui travelers sailed to the continent and back.

“It seems more likely that the Rapanui successfully made the trip back and forth, given simulations presented in previous studies showing that all sailing voyages heading intentionally east from the island would always reach South America, with a trip lasting from two weeks to approximately two months,” Dr Malaspinas said.

“On the other hand, the trip from the continent to Easter Island is much more challenging, which would have made it likely to fail or miss the island completely.”

Native South Americans in Brazil by Giulio Ferrario, 1823-1838.

Native South Americans in Brazil by Giulio Ferrario, 1823-1838.

J. Víctor Moreno-Mayar et al. Genome-wide Ancestry Patterns in Rapanui Suggest Pre-European Admixture with Native Americans. Current Biology, published online October 23, 2014; doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2014.09.057
Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas et al. Two ancient human genomes reveal Polynesian ancestry among the indigenous Botocudos of Brazil. Current Biology, published online October 23, 2014; doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2014.09.078

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Easter Flash Mob Celebrates The Resurrection


Ok, it's not Easter... But I don't want to wait that long before I can post this video.

I don't know whether Jesus died and rose. In spiritual matters, I think the interpretation of a statement is more important than t...

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AA Gabriel: Your Role of Guide


Channeled April 8, 2012

Channeller: Shelley Young (trinityesoterics)

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. We honour you on this high holy holiday that celebrates the Christed...

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation April 10th 2012


7 Cimi, 19 Mac, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Events continue to move forward. In the post-Easter world, much is in the offing. In Asia, conferences have recently been held to determine the prerequisites for the new reality that is...

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Poofness 4-8-12…”It’s Over #2″…”It’s time to kick this puppy into high gear”


Greetings and Salutations:

We are done, no doubt about it. People were working 24/7 this week on the ‘chance’ there would be door knocks all over the planet. There were some changes, from the original back to the origi...

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Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group April 8th 2012


APRIL 8, 2012

We come today to wish you a very happy holiday--that is holy-day, for Easter represents the journey each soul must take as they move into enlightenment and out of the lessons of the third dimension.

This journey ...

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7 April 2012

Channeler: Maureen Quinn

From Maureen: Greetings, my very dear friends, on this energetically potent day between the first Full Moon of Spring and Easter! Much has been stirring in my own personal world since I sh...

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Jesus: The Resurrection signifies humanity’s awakening from the illusion


April 8, 2012 by John Smallman

Easter is an excellent day on which to bring to mind God’s Love for all His children. It is a reminder of His Intent that all of them return to Reality – eternal life with Him in the heav...

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Easter : Surrender, Death and Transformation

Reincarnation in the same life time.

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