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NESARA Sovereign & Opportunity Sheldan Nidle 11-08-16 Galactic Federation Of Light

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2012 Predictions


Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman

Sunday, 1 January, 2012 (posted 3 January, 2012)

As I have done for the past several years, I have released the predictions for 2012. Although I don't like to make predictions, I know that by gi...

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Possible Radiation Contamination?


I AM Karen LaRue Moye and I AM My Greater Presence today and everyday.  Today I AM also the channel for the Lemurian Council of 12.

“Dear Ones, this one, Karen, is sitting in a hotel room near the Portland, O...

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Kryon – The End of History


a message from Kryon

channeled by Lee Carroll

Monday, 20 December, 2010

at Seattle, Washington  (posted 27 December, 2010)

At the top of every channeling page is a statement that it is a transcription of a live c...

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Sheldan Nidle Update 12/21/10

Somehow this message didn't reach me before, but I got this from another source:


22 December 2010 - 6:04pm


Sheldan Nidle

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiri...

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And now for something completely different

by John Smallman

Good morning, dear Saul. I was getting very irritated yesterday as I was retyping book material: so much “joy,” “delight,” “bliss”. . . and “SOON”! And the illusion seems to roll on — essentially, seemingly unchanged. How can I go on putting your continuously upbeat forecasts about humanity’s imminent move into full consciousness and the New Age into the public domain? You (and others) have been saying “soon” for at least ten years, yet conflicts, wars, and environmental destruction continue apace. Comments on the blog that question the use of the word “soon” and that remark that this kind of message is not new and that nothing changes, all seem quite valid to me.

So how do I overcome my doubts and my lack of faith that all is as it should be and help our readers to do the same? I am ready for your words of advice and encouragement. Please help me to relax and allow, and then guide my pen.

Good morning John, your doubts and anxieties are understandable. God has promised joy, and He always delivers, but you have to. . . accept.

Very many of you continue to argue and fight among yourselves about which channeled messages — if any — are valid. They all have validity, but their messages vary because those receiving them are different, have different hopes and prejudices, and have different basic vocabularies through which the messages are filtered.

To change the world you have to change yourselves, which means being forgiving, loving, accepting, and cooperative. When you are at war with yourselves, you see God, the Holy Spirit, Angels, guides, and channeled entities preaching Love and Light. And you look and see where it hasn’t got you! Humanity’s outlook is still: What’s the point, It’s a dog-eat-dog world, You’ve got to protect yourself. . . no one else will. You are not extending and sharing the energy of God’s infinite Love for you, instead you continue to create and send out mistrust, doubt, and fear, which feeds and strengthens the illusory reality instead of helping to dissolve it.

Jesus was loving kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance. Yes, in the short term, He was crucified, but He set the foundations for a new way to live, and many of you have followed His example and found peace in your lives. For the world to change you all have to offer peace and love and acceptance in every moment. So long as you wait for others or your governments to do it, so long will you continue to wait.

You know non-violence works, it has been demonstrated — Gandhi in the first half of the twentieth century, young people in the USA in the 60s and 70s, and young people in Eastern Europe in the 80s and 90s — but when the cause is won people tend to go back to their old ways, complaining and seeing themselves as victims (of some other form of injustice), and they close themselves off again from one another in fear.

The way forward is to love your way through your fear by dropping your defenses, and responding to perceived attacks with kindness, compassion, and a desire to understand the other’s pain. Then accept yourselves and others with compassion — always. Responding to perceived attack in any other way maintains and strengthens the state of conflict. You have to open your arms in love in every situation, releasing your fears and your doubts. It most definitely does work, but you cannot know this until you do it.

When you start to respond with love and acceptance instead of fear and anger, your whole life experience will change. More people than ever before are doing this, and it is having an enormous effect. The balance is shifting rapidly toward non-violence, while confrontation and attack are becoming most unfashionable and will soon be unacceptable. So do your bit; respond always with loving kindness, and watch peacefully and joyously as weapons are laid down forever, and the attitudes that encourage and support them melt.

It will happen — one person at a time. Except that the moment is fast approaching when all the rest will do it at the same instant, to bring in the promised and long-awaited new Golden Age. God has promised it, and as you all know deep in your heart, He always delivers. Embrace love once more, and this time maintain that state, knowing that you are divinely supported and that you cannot fail.

With so very much love, Saul.


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March 2010 – Finding Your Peace Within Chaos

The theme for the month of March is Chaos.

March is a month of seeming contradiction. You are perhaps familiar with the adage that March “comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”? This is a reference to weather but could also be applied to the winds of change permeating your very existence. In other words, what appears calm on the surface is seething and roiling underneath, and what appears chaotic is in actuality forming a new, more stable foundation.

Let us examine our theme of Chaos. When defined, one finds that chaos is in actuality quite structured.  In other words, it is unpredictability within a highly defined and perhaps rigid set of rules. Would you not say that this is your world, in part? In your universe there are certain rules within which, at times, there is certain unpredictability. Even the very appearance of individuals within the human race is subject to this: there is a general set of ‘rules’ (DNA structure, for example) within which there are endless – and seemingly unpredictable – variations. Chromosomal abnormalities. Cancer markers that are never triggered into actual cancer. Endless variations in size, color, personality and other peculiarities of the human manifestation that don’t seem subject to any rules. This is the hallmark of your world – this seeming contradiction – yet many of you have endless difficulty with the fluidity of choices available to you at any given time.

This seeming contradiction is part of what is going to be becoming stronger and more apparent as time goes by. How will this manifest in ways easily perceivable?

Physical manifestation of energetic chaos

1. Increased weather “events”. We have talked before about climate changes and extreme weather, have we not? You may expect, subject to region, further such extreme events over many areas, some widespread.  Drought is beginning this month across parts of India, Africa, and the southwestern part of the US. At the same time, extra precipitation is expected across much of western and southern Europe, the South Pacific, the central and Eastern US, the Caribbean, and much of South America. This precipitation could arise in the form of hurricane-like weather. Or other extreme events.

2. Earthquakes and volcanic activity. As above, so below. Look for increased visibility and awareness of Pacific Rim (especially the South Pacific, also possibly Alaska) activity this month as well as isolated earthquakes in areas not generally known for them (central US, eastern Europe). It is likely that a fairly devastating quake takes place in a populated area within the next 60-90 days.

3. Discoveries of genetic aberrations or new species are likely to be found in the animal kingdom. Animals and plants are, of course, subject to this chaotic energy as are people and the earth as a whole. While it is true that the animals, plant, and mineral kingdoms respond to such change with greater apparent aplomb, change affects all. What will be likely, then, are overt and tangible effects to the energetic shifts, resulting the “new” species, flocks of “deformed” species found regionally, or other similar discoveries.

Intrapersonal manifestation of energetic chaos

1. People “snapping.” This can be on a low level (increased arguments between spouses and children) or on a wider level (employees ‘going postal’, random attacks, mob situations, etc). It can be helpful to remember that this is occurring worldwide, not just in your neighborhood, and that the statistical likelihood of being a part of such an occurrence is relatively low. If this is a fear for you, please try the following:

Standing near a table or waist high horizontal surface, stand with feet hip width apart while your hands rest on this surface.

Take a moment to breathe and remember your particular fears surrounding this potential occurrence. Imagine while you do so that the charkas in your hands and feet are opening fully to embrace the energy of your planet: your home, the Earth. 

Feel the enormous loving energy pouring in to you now through your hands and feet. Your hands may feel warm and tingling. Feel the pulsating aliveness of your planet, the place you call home and that you, along with billions of others, are creating. Feel the love inherent in this energy of your creation. Feel the safety inherent in this energy of your creation.

Draw this energy, along with the live connected to it, up through your hands, feet, arms, and legs. Allow the energy to meet and mix in your root chakra. Feel your center of consciousness drop a few inches as you do so. Feel any tightness on your heart area now dissipate. Feel the immense sense of perpetual, eternal safety wrap your being in a soft, warm blanket. Feel how this sense of safety was created by you, along with billions of others, in the creation of your world as you know it to be. Remember that you carry with you a bubble that includes this sense of safety and protection.

Feel it now and rest in your ability to re-create this sense any time you wish.

2. Relationship hurdles. This is a huge month of growth for people involved in all sorts of relationships.  Long-held patterns may be released this month. Expect things to re-surface so they can be released.

Welcome these issues rather than attempting to submerge them again.

Those who are less self-aware will have greater difficulties relationship-wise this month, but if it is your practice to be aware of these patterns, then you should have little difficulty allowing them to simply drift away into the winds of change that surround you. Understanding, too, that any seeming surface disruption is for many a sign of healing underneath that is long-lasting and permanent in nature. This relates to all sorts pf relationships, from intimate connections to family dynamics to work relationships, as well as the relationship to Self that each of you possesses. Again, look for outward conflict as a sign of inner healing and change.

3. Spiritual depth. For those of you seeking greater self awareness, this is a month in which you can easily accelerate your growth. We would caution against becoming stuck in linear terms to describe such growth (‘evolving’, ‘moving forward’, ‘ascension’, etc), but at the same time there are exponential possibilities this month that will allow you great enhancement of whatever path you are presently choosing and such terms can be useful in this manner.

Practices to assist in flowing with, not against, the energy of Chaos

You can, of course, enhance your sensation of flow in relation to the energy that is around you at this time. This is not, of course, to allow you to “control” your experience or outcome, but is more designed to help you feel movement in a pleasurable way.

1. Practice an energy movement exercise. This could be tai chi, qigung, or some forms of yoga or meditation – anything where energy is consciously and deliberately moved through the body. This is very much a month in which to let go of conscious thought and allow your other wisdom (of the body, of the soul) to surface. Even if you have mental resistance against such exercises – and we would suggest daily use to enhance the effects – this is a case where “just doing it” is the most helpful approach. A side benefit, of course, is that after 30 days of such practice is becomes a habit, which in our perception would only continue to be beneficial.

2. Drink water. More than ever, this is an important practice. Pure, filtered water, preferably from a source local to you, is best. A liter per 50 pounds of body weight.

3. Breathe. Again, this is such a basic practice that is welcome at any time. Try simply breathing as fully as possible when you first awaken. Not only are you more relaxed at this time, making it easier to actually “get” a full, deep breath, but it will help create the tone for the day and energize and fully awaken your body. Spending 3-4 minutes in contemplative, deep breathing upon awakening will greatly enhance your abilities to flow with this month’s energy.

In addition to these practices, we suggest going within to seek answers to long-held questions. We are, of course, available to those who seek our advice and will continue to make our presence known to an ever-increasing number, but we also support your abilities to seek the inner guidance that is always inside you.

May you rest in the seeming contradictions.

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Observe the Perfection of Change!

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