Dropping out of Work, and back into Warp. That always happens when it's a Wrap. It's in the other court now, so it'll be lightyears before I ever expect it back. Whoosh!!! Oops, that was quick! That nasty Enemy Mine (great flic by the way) must have found a wormhole to bounce it off a great attractor, which of course threw the babel fish for a loop, and made it break the Thought Barrier. I'm not sure, but this game of Q-Ball suddenly seems to have become a lot less relaxed....

Still, there is idle time left over on my TerraQuad 420, and that automatically gets rerouted to Community Services: trying to crack the DNA codes in a single drop of Premium BP Crude, to see if this killed the bird lying on the mayor's doorstep this morning. Not the kind of stuff I'd really like to do, but he IS a member of the community, and I do have what it takes to help him out.

I'm mostly a lefty as far as manual dexterity is concerned, but since my virtual and cerebral dexterity balance it right out, I fully dig the Model / View / Controller architecture of my mind. No need to push anything to the limit, as this time I see the fish achieving point of entry near the Rigellian border, upsetting a bunch of Romulans in the process. Just passing through, guys!

On the other hand, I've had enough: withdrawing my attention from the fish, the @#$%=> Ultra-reality interrupt: My colleague back on Earth comes in with the temporal solution for our joint computer problem. He fixed the server and now wants me to testdrive the client again, to see if it holds up in communication. No cigar, so back to our respective pre-idle conditions.

Actually, there once was a time when people's minds needed to be stretched because of the lagging of cosmic expansion. The hacker's test in Swordfish was one of the main tools to achieve that aim: pile a hefty reward, a huge challenge, a perceived limitation and a bloody hot distraction into the mix, and you never know how a cow catches a hare, as they say in Holland. Well, somehow he bloody well did, and he did bloody well too! But to take it even further: Why did the cow want to catch the hare?

Love your Conundrums,


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