Intro: This letter goes to the Children of the Sun who are on a spiritual path of Self Mastery in the light of inner truth. If this sharing induces a fear response, this is a signal that more personal work needs to be done. This is a time for everyone to come as one tribe in sincere spiritual maturity and astute awareness of the mission that we are here to accomplish together with the assisting star nations and ascended beings of light. The following information is presented in order to emphasize the importance of our greater unity and the deepening preparations now necessary . Please read the message between the words and that which speaks to your Soul.


There is a lot to contemplate taking into consideration all that is swiftly unfolding in the Great Shift of the Ages upon our sacred planet. Impressions from the field of consciousness, astrological configurations, scientific findings and Divine Inspiration... solidly confirm that the next couple years will be a very intense period for all life upon this transitioning planet.

Many of us are prompted through internal soul guidance to prioritize focus upon individual preparations on all levels of our human and spiritual make-up, without delay. This includes a much deeper evaluation of our lightworker roles, where we live physically and how we are to prepare for these coming times of escalated event scenarios. For example, some people are guided to remain in the thick of things, available to assist and inspire the masses into the light. Others will continue to inform and spread the needed messages of light through travel and diplomacy. Still others are relocating to more sustainable situations in which to carry out planetary work with non interference from external energy.

Most importantly, it is a time of propelling into action the pristine clarity of knowing in who we are as spiritual masters, our abilities as energy alchemists and the light roles we are to play in this next phase, both individually and within our group collaborations.In this current time-acceleration cycle, our entire make-up is receiving much greater divine attunement in order to appropriately respond to what's ahead. This includes resulting situations from continued dissolve of the planetary magnetics and an unprecedented intensity of solar radiation which stresses all aspects of world systems and biological life. The increasing velocity of winds and sheer enormity of earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, land movements, system breakdowns, natural disasters and human transitions have very high potential to be a continuous flow of transitional movement.

In balancing all of this with our own personal metamorphysis, we are required to continually keep up with the increasing planetary frequencies on the many levels of our ascending consciousness. There is no other choice right now than to be absolutely fearless, accepting of all occurrence and ready to fully embrace each open door with leap into unknown space. Our time is here to truly walk our talk as the humanitarians of light.


Combining with these natural cyclic changes are the gross manipulations being carried out by global elite control patterns which are in failing last attempts to maintain hierarchal stance. These energies are capitalizing on the drama of 2012 and have intelligently engineered great levels of toxicity in all that we consume, through mind control techniques and through high tech psychic and energy weaponry.

One example of severe manipulation is the current biological warfare from the air, affecting every single human that breathes. Chemtrail spraying from unmarked planes is heavily saturating the world; contaminating our air, water, plants, wildlife and being especially harmful to our human bodies. These chemtrails contain varying mixtures of pathogens including fungus, yeast, parasites, heavy metals and high tech "nano" engineered particles.

The airborne nanotechnology is a ploy to covertly microchip humanity by creating internal body antennas that self assemble into a programmable fiber matrix, all part of an idea for an electronically based mind controlled society. We know, of course, that this too will fail, yet, these invading pathogens are causing much havoc on bodily systems and causing great mental disorientation in a lot of people.

Sacred sites and places of new emergence are also being heavily sprayed with purposed chemicals. Numerous groups who travel to sacred sites come back sickened with respiratory conditions. Research across the internet reveals a plethora of articles, images from around the world and outrage from untold numbers of people who report serious deterioration of their health as a result of these false cloud formations raining down upon us all.

Chemtrails are an issue that, up to now, has not been openly discussed yet is one of, if not THE most destructive silent plagues happening in this timeline. We are experiencing a form of slow mass genocide right before our eyes that is being cleverly masked as our attention is swayed towards the oil cataclysm and more blatant external news. This planetary chemtrail situation could be far worse than anything we have ever experienced to date.

We also now see into the real reason for the Codex situation in the USA and the attempt to block public access to herbs and natural supplements which immensely helps to clean and remove these airborne particles from our system. There is great prayer that we all begin to take a closer look and address, on mass scale, this outrageous crime against Humanity.
(For those affected by chemtrails, consider body detox and cleanses, body oxygenation, immunity building, ionic foot baths and the neutralizing properties of salt. Please conduct further research.)


Gushing oil and chemical sprays are two examples of what will continue to outplay for our human race through this very necessary "6th Night Galactic Underworld Cycle", as described by the Mayan calendar. So much is transmuting and transforming on a cosmic level and Earth, as a plane still with dual natures, experiences the trickle down in a physical cause-and -effect karmic reality.

To endure this short lived cycle while remaining in heightened awareness to unhealthy energy bombardment, both intuitive and practical sensing must be utilized. This will help us to quickly make necessary adjustments from an illumined and grounded center of being.

VIBRATION IS KEY in all that we say, think and do. It is so important to remain above the increasing toxicity and not get distracted or delayed in the nets of emotion and material plane attachments. Gaia is ready to birth big and we must keep accelerating our vibrational frequencies in exact pace with her movements and quickening pulse. The alchemy of her love within us is to embrace everything that each moment presents. In this way, the inner debris is neutralized, body rhythms are calmed and transformation happens.

We have voluntarily come to this Earth plane to assist, as ground crew, in Gaia's plight and to evolve the human race into a brand new blueprint of unification. Many of us are driven by a sense of divine purpose and a non stop internal drive to keep our single pointed focus upon ASCENSION versus "survival". Our task is to transcend completely from this polarized density of the material world. We are discovering that this requires not only an open, loving heart but also an intelligent and discerning mind in which to make transition into total Self Mastery while overcoming all physical plane limitation.


The coming days will present many new situations for everyone, as swift and abrupt changes occur on all life dimension to make way for the glorious new dawn of Divine Dispensation.

One of the greatest acts of preparation is to remain centered in the core of life which is our inner flame. Abiding in this flame as our greatest security, we can peacefully embrace these changes in the name of our Creator and Supreme Self of the Light.

As we stand together within this inner Sun, we can gracefully shine our unified flame through every cause, core, effect, record and memory of all negative condition. This transmutes the frequencies disconnected from Source so that all may be requalified and reunited into the sacred fires of Divine Love.

May we know ourselves as a ONE LIVING FLAME of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power!


A Powerful Energy Month Ahead!

June 12: New Moon

June 26: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

June 12: Solstice

July 11: New Moon Solar Eclipse

By consciously aligning with and connecting to the Crystalline Grid on a regular basis, we strengthen our ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies... as one synergistic beam of Love and transforming energy. Serving as a GRID OF STABILIZATION, this is a massive support system during this period of increased intensity in the Earth's restructuring process. One of the main uses of this highly advanced crystalline structure is to bring balance to our and the Earth's processes by providing a pure means from which to access and remain connected to a higher dimensional energy source.

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