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Paying Attention

Channeler: courtland

Brightest Blessings All Souls ~


sharing what I have received ... this in the last day (there is no calculation of time where these messages come), I am being asked to share and relay to those that understand vibrational values and  inner activations.  This "message" began prior to Soul Circle yesterday, as I was beckoned by source to share Blessings, which was very, very powerful indeed, to the point of something was stirring and it was being made manifest, unknowingly at that moment, what I was shared, a while later, is what I share with you now!

~*~Pay Attention!  this is the message of right now, for what you are readying, your long awaited mission for ~ is right in front of you!  Many will feel drawn to leave their current spaces, many will feel compelled to share their wisdoms with others that have yet to awaken, some are being downloaded with technologies to use ~ do not shun these ideas, dreams and thoughts that you are having (even if you might think something odd or different)  ~ EVERY thought, nudging, notion, dream is a TOOL, there for your use ~ all facets will fall into place perfectly!


In the dreamstate, I was shown star systems, a galaxy ~ where several "bright light explosions" ~ (to give you a visual ) happening instantaneously, simultaneously and very powerfully with immediate knowledge of this being THE energy waves have been released and travelling towards us!!  I awakened quickly and still saw this LIGHT ENERGY moving in waves towards us, whilst being shared ~ this is THE Energy that IS and will be with us during the transitioning shift!  There will be many more packets of these "lightwave explosions" ~ increasing in strengths ~ we will all be noticing an even more nonexistence of "time" as we knew it or know it.  This is a "quickening", a prelude to our Shift, Powerfully present!   There will be noticeable changes and effects on ALL levels!


ALL souls are in preparation and becoming activated during these moments,  awakened souls, KNOW this within.  You are feeling an increase in your Body Temples, like you have never felt before ~  your dreams are vividly alive and lucid,  you are recognizing the energy impulses magnified, your missions, your intentions, your feelings, your visualizations, have become very strongly intensified!


as Souls that have awoken to this mission, we will now KNOW, without ANY Doubts that the "curtain call has been Received" ~ we now move into the next phase of this Journey we have come to create and assist with.  We are going to notice that LIGHT is now intertwining and interfacing with many parts of mainstream and will continue ~ there is absolutely NO separation of LIGHT ... from ANY Part of Earth and ALL of her children ~ each value is based on frequency!!


Up until this time, it was more of a "wait and see" what is going to happen ~ we share it is Happening NOW ~ there is no more waiting to see.  What comes before you, what lies within you, what is shared in your dreamstate and meditations ~ are your Tools of your Journey!


importantly, ALL will notice and become cognizant of a "feeling" of Light energy, in that, we share that your downloads and activations have been "stepped up a notch".  Where your vibration is right now, you will notice an increase and this will be very noticeable within the Body Temples.  You most definitely will and or are feeling LIGHTER, right now!  The beckoning will become very, very captivating ~ for some overwhelming, as many realize  a very distinctive ~ "here we go"!  An exhilaration will be felt for many!!  Some might feel a pang of fear, they share there is no need for fear and that comes from 'not understanding' the magnitude of what we are Creating, their messages are again ~ Pay Attention to what WE are sharing with each of you!  This Light Energy is golden ~ pure ... it is the SAME ENERGY that shares the HEART CHAKRA!


mindful that every one of your gestures, your thoughts, your encounters and endeavors ~ now take on new, much more intense energetical value.  You are becoming more and more "powerful" by each moment, staying in your Heart Chakra, is paramount to your travels!


noting ~  "disasters and destructions",  happening as meant to be, with the understanding that the souls  'affected' by these happenings, agreed to these contractual agreements.  Compassion is the key energy that is being created from these happenings, there is NO suffering of any Souls!  Those that have chosen to leave the earth plane by their choosing, divinely and unselfishly KNEW, their Journeys had Great Purpose ~ as do ALL Souls, Journeys!


There will be more mass exodus' as Mother Earth continues preparations for her rebirth, as well.   We ready the Universe for this most amazing and magnificent display of Celebration ~ understanding the VALUE each happening as it applies to the area ~ those being spaces that are highly toxic and are being cleared.

as each "area" is released and transmuted, that clearing, as when you do within your own Body Temple, that space is filled with NEW, with LIGHT Energy.  and HONOUR ... realizing that we are ALL CONNECTED by these CHORDS of LIGHT ... we are ONENESS ... HONOURing ALL SOULS as we HONOUR Ourself brings our Inner Peace!  ALL is DIVINE!  


I am so very grateful for the many beloved blessings I receive from so many Brothers and Sisters … the Oneness Energy is so much more magnified  as we share our Journeys!  All of us will be much more cognizant of MESSAGES ... as we are ALL in a "receiving mode"!


From My Heart

Shared with

Your Heart



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Where is Your Nirvana?

Posted: 08 Apr 2010 12:44 PM PDT

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Creations.com

Dear Ones,

Let us look at an issue you have tried to ignore. Many of you feel as if you have done all that is required of you and yet you have not achieved nirvana. What is wrong? Or more to the point of this piece – what have you done wrong?

Absolutely nothing. Most historical shifts were not brought about instantaneously but as a process. And even those most involved, questioned their direction and their intent. So it is with you.

You expected your life to shift instantaneously from pain to joy. And so it has. But not in the sense that you anticipated.

You are composed of numerous layers, if you will. And each layer is adapting to the recent energy shifts in their own fashion. Let us be a bit more descriptive. Perhaps you try to put out the flames in a burning building with your hands. Your adrenaline will most likely prevent you from feeling pain, even though your mind might register that putting your hands into the fire is not the best idea. So your mind is thinking one thing, your inner being is encouraging you to do another and your physical being has not yet registered the damage and thereby the pain to your body. All of the aforementioned parts of you are instrumental in your daily activities, yet not all have a similar “computer chip” if you will.

It is quite possible for your mind to think one thing and your body to do another. Or for your inner being to calmly direct you to a specific activity which your mind overrides. You have all experienced similar actions and reactions throughout your life on earth. Yet, you have not yet acknowledged that such might be the case for your movement into joy.

Your physical being is not as strong or stable in terms of energy impulses as is your inner being, your soul. Directional shifts are therefore most frequently registered and implemented from a soul/inner being level before they are activated by your physical being.

Perhaps such thoughts sound  like “hooey” but we wish to address it in a fashion that you may not have yet acknowledged to yourself.

What if your newfound joy life had happened overnight? Does that last thought not sound absolutely delightful? Yet, if such would have occurred, your life would have shifted as dramatically as is true of a time traveler traveling hundreds of years into the future. Let us explain.

We have told you that the new energies, the New Age would happen rapidly and such is the case. But it is not happening so rapidly that you feel like a “stranger in a strange land.” Your inner being, your soul is fully aware that even though the process seems slow by your standards, it is much more rapid than you can now comprehend. You are indeed moving at warp speed, but at a speed that is not beyond what your physical body can maintain.

We have told you that movement into  joy would shift many of your relationships. We have also told you that you will be able to create in joy whenever and wherever you wish. Both statements are true. It is just that your physical body could not make the changes as rapidly as is true for your inner being. Your inner being has shifted. But your physical being needs a bit of time to catch up.

It is not possible for you physically to move from pain to joy and all that entails in a second, a day or even a month. But it is possible in a few months. Let us give you two examples of inner being shifts that indicate that your world is moving rapidly into the New Age and all that it entails. The United States elected a Black president and that president was instrumental in passing a healthcare platform that has long been discussed but not possible before now.

Neither President Obama nor the healthcare bill are perfect. But both indicate a paradigm shift that could only be discussed in whispers a few years ago. Of course, some people view both President Obama and the healthcare bill as a step backwards. That is neither here nor there. We are not proposing specific legislation or a particular candidate. We merely wish to point out that both new directions indicate your inner beings are working in unison for solutions that were only dreamed of a few short months ago.

This shift is not about good and evil. It is instead about a cohesive movement into joy that starts with your inner being, which in turn joins with other inner beings of a mutual interest, and moves into your physical life when your physical body is capable of undertaking the trauma of such a shift.

Many of you are stating quite clearly that you are strong, brave and true so “bring it on.” Such thoughts are delightful – but the reality is that your physical body needs more adjustment time than any other layer of your total being. Allow yourself to move into joy at a pace that is correct for you. If that means you decide to move to an island in the Pacific Ocean tomorrow, that is fine and good. And if that means that you wish to remain connected to all of those you hold dear in your heart no matter whether they are living in pain or joy, that is also fine.

There are no rules now. More specifically, it is time for you to let go of rules of how fast and how far you should move into the New Age. You are trying diligently to clear yourself of beliefs and patterns that have held you captive for eons. Why would you wish to exchange those rules for new ones? Allow yourself to flow. Allow your inner voice to direct you. And you will move at a pace that is correct for you.

There are no time frames that you must accept. You are not a terrible person if you do not find the need to sell all of your possessions and leave your community. And you are not a terrible person if you decide to stay in your community, holding a job you only tolerate. Listen to your inner being and it will help you move at a pace that is correct for you.

Such has been the case for every major shift. The writers of the United States Constitution did not all wake up one day knowing that they were going to be instrumental in a revolution with international implications.

And so it is for you. Listen to your inner voice and you will move at a pace and in the direction that is correct for you. There are no other guidelines. There are no rules. So be it. Amen.

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