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Andrea Rossi’s Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat): Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Energy Catalyzer?

It is a "Cold Fusion" device developed by Italian engineer and inventor Andrea Rossi. It produces heat by placing nickel powder of very small particle size (nano-meters to micro-meters) in ...

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Find the changes….

I've only been away a week or two, if I rationalize it, but it feels like ages! And starting my second update after the break, I suddenly feel like I've outgrown the stuff I used to post. There is soo much more out there that is worthy of our attentio...

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I don’t get it….. yet!

We were talking about not going after Love but just being it instead, but I never knew you have to take this so literally! I've already told you I help people out with computer problems, because it's easy for me and often a problem for them. And my ...

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Another Dead-on Numerical sync….

Just finished the previous article, flipped the netbook closed, and looked at the desktop screen displaying Spotmau's unformat progress. Since it's remaining time display is an approximation, it kinda jumps up and down a bit as it progresses. Doesn'...

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Heart @ Work – October 6th, 2010

This morning, a single comment from Mari had me thinking about adding a new column to Moorelife:

"I feel so much gratitude that you are sharing all that with us, thanks pal! You know – it is important how felt today at work, it is ...

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Do I suck?

Yeah, sure I do! But maybe not in the way you think..... 

A few weeks ago,  my cell phone had finally had it: the battery that served me well for about two years could no longer sustain the unit for the entire day, and around four o'...

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Am I dead, or just relaxed to the Max?

I don't know what it is about today, but if I can have them all like this from now on, I'm game! Woke up this morning with only a little time to spare, like always: just enough to shave, wash, dress, check mail and Moorelife, and put on my shoes. Fi...

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Leveraging what you Know

Just sat here talking to Tinus, a friend of my girls. He is a very curious guy, and we were talking about thoughts and feelings. And then, in the middle of our conversation, it occurred to me: the perfect method to get rid of your doubts: just leverag...

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Shades of (In)Difference

art found here....

(S)He handed it to me on a silver platter called our Lightbox, and quite possibly that was his/her idea, but inspiration had me pondering the word 'Indifference'. It'll take me a while to exhaust that energy, so as an app...

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Do we want or do we need?

I notice it in others, full well knowing I do it myself just as well: confusing the issues around wanting and needing. Like the USB stick issue: I habitually carry one around, just to be able to transfer files from one computer or network to the oth...

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Marillion – Clutching at Straws

I figure anyone with the least bit of feeling for music should at least have heard it once in his or her life:

Marillion's album called "Clutching at Straws" breathes an atmosphere that is truly melancholic, but carries a load of ...

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Nassim Haramein in Australia

Dear Supporters,

Nassim Haramein is coming to Australia! He will be speaking at the upcoming Nexus conference as well as several other events and workshops in July and August. Please see the following information for dates and locations...

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