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The Class-Domination Theory of Power

by G. William DomhoffNOTE: WhoRulesAmerica.net is largely based on my book,Who Rules America?, first published in 1967 and now in its7th edition. This on-line document is presented as a summary of some of the main ideas in that book.Who has predominant power in the United States? The short answer, from 1776 to the present, is: Those who have the money -- or more specifically, who own income-producing land and businesses -- have the power. George Washington was one of the biggest landowner [...]

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40 Day Vigil for the Divine Masculine II

March 8, 2010

So much has happened since I started my vigil for the Divine Masculine that it is hard even to know where to start. There has been such an overwhelming response to my note that  affirmed what is happening for me that I am feeling compelled to call people together during this time to talk and process what is happening individually and in the collective. I am calling a gathering of those who have been guided to be part of this vigil. I will put out a note later as to when we will gather.

I am also being called to offer a class for men that will include Sacred Body Postures, Divine Decree work and Divine BluePrint Restoration work.(More info to come about this). This class will support the reawakening of and re-memberance of the Masculine Consciousness of this Planet .  Also during this time I will offer a class for the women to help them re-member their own Divine Masculine.

A lot of people have responded with notes about their dreams confirming the struggle going on in the collective within the Masculine as well how the Feminine is responding to this struggle. Other people have written about their calling to cleanse or fast. There has been great conversations about the vigil at the store have spurred more questions than answers.

Some questions for you to ponder:

*Where did the command “Big Boys don’t cry” come from and how damaging has that been to the Masculine and to the Feminine?  How have Mothers contributed to this belief and why. How have fathers contributed to this belief and why.  How can we give the men in our lives permission to cry, to feel deeply?

*How have women gotten stuck in the anger that started the Feminist movement and how has that further harmed the Masculine? If women are still stuck in anger, what is the anger about and how can we use the energy of Anger to move forward. Are you ready to let go of your beliefs that you are a victim of the Masculine and are you ready to let go of any beliefs you have that the Feminine is better than the Masculine or that the Masculine is better than the Feminine? Are you ready to fully embody both and to see the value in both.

*How has “Stoic Masculine” abused the” Heart-Centered Masculine” (See Broke Back Mountain) within you and in the world and in the collective?

In my own personal journey, I have had many epiphanies about my relationship to the Masculine. I realized that I have held anger, love, fear, awe, protectiveness, grief and contempt for the Masculine all at the same time. There was a defining moment when I was a child in which my father’s impatience and rage froze me in fear, anger and powerlessness. I became split about my feelings for my father. He nurtured me in a way my Mother never was able to, but I became afraid of his feelings and then realized, that my gift of empathy would tell me how I needed to behave, so I wouldn’t trigger his rage. For over 40 years, the fear and anger at the Masculine overshadowed my love for the men in my life. In order to be “safe” I used my empathy to stay safe. I began to change who I was.   By freeing myself from that moment and coming into a place of compassion for my father, I retrieve my magical little girl and empowered myself so that my relationship with my husband is shifting. I realized that that the wounds I carried triggered reactions that triggered the wounds that he carried. I see his sensitive little boy that is just as afraid of the critical rage of the Feminine as I was of the Masculine critical rage.

 I was talking to my best friend from growing up and she, being a devout Christian, asked me if I knew that lent was going on right now and that it was related to Jesus’ 40 days in the desert. I did note Ash Wednesday this year, but I really know nothing about the story. My vigil for the masculine didn’t start on Ash Wednesday. Not sure what the significance is, but if I remember correctly Easter is the first Sunday after the Full Moon in Libra and I started my fast while the moon was in Libra and will end it on the first day of the new moon in Aries. When I think about Libra I think about the Scales or Balance.  What I see coming for the Divine Masculine is that even though the Masculine energy is struggling between the part of itself that is self-centered and that part of itself that is here to be of service, the end result on the new Moon in Aries will be a Divine Child that will be in touch with himself, mentally emotionally and physically. This Divine Child will be able to feel deeply, laugh loudly live large, and love deeply. He will be able to take care of himself(Ariesian energy)  so that he will be able to be of service to the world(Libran energy). He will be able to know and feel his connection to this planet as well as his connection to the Heavens. This is an archetype that is returning to the planet at this time. It is my understanding that while Christ was in the desert, He saw his shadow side, (or battled his brother) accepted the darkness, saw the gifts that the shadow (his twin) brought and then became whole. It was this descendant experience that he went through that gave him the strength, courage and knowing to be able to fulfill his destiny. In doing so, he lay down a template for humanity that should we choose to tap into it, this template will allow us to fulfill our destinies at this time.

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Dimensional Bliss's AnniversaryJuly 11, 2017
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