I remember when it happened and have come again to see why it is so important for me to work so diligently on my spiritual growth. For me it came as a complete sense of imbalance, that everything was all upside down. And that makes sense now, as I was going against creation with most all of my unconscious way of being. But during it all there was something that was guiding me and when I finally listened to it the way opened up for me. As the shift began, I had the sense that this was my last chance to get it… Something told me that I had “gotten it” before and if I could just remember all would be better.


Yes, it shook up my life, to be sure… However, I was swimming upstream, had been for most all my life and was getting nowhere but tired. Exhausted, more like it and all that went with it… poor health, stress, fear, schedules, expectations, obligations, all things to keep me away from my Authentic Self. But I realize now just how skewed my view of reality really was.

I know better now. I take much better care of myself these days in the spiritual sense, it is my top priority. I understand what is happening now as the vibrations increase all around us; as all Creation goes through an energetic vibrational increase in frequency. It is affecting me, you and everything whether we know it or not. I chose to know and through direct experience came to understand what is happening to me and why. It makes sense now, as I look back on the Journey so far. Things are speeding up and yet we must remain calm, peaceful and in complete presence to be able to see what is really happening around us.

I have come to see the importance of sharing Love and Kindness at this time and know the effect the work that I do has on the Universe. There are so many reasons out there to do the work and nourish your Authentic Self; to feel your connection to all Creation and know that Love is the vibration of the Universe. Find your reason to come to it and begin. Do your research, ask what is happening right now on the frontiers of science, spirituality and consciousness. Choose to know and embark on your Journey. Ask for your Higher Consciousness to show you the way… Mine brought me to ballroom dancing.

I was watching Dancing with the Stars the other day and I was really moved by something that Chad Ochocinco said that got me thinking. He was reflective and said something like… This is really hard. He made a reference to football and again back to how hard it was to learn to dance. That scene stayed with me for quite a while and I came to see the question. Why is it so hard for the physical bodies, particularly for men, to move with the specificity and rhythm of ballroom dance?

This question opened some things up and combined with exploration of fractals and dance, having seen a Gregg Braden video on the Mandelbrot Set, I began to see the music and the dance as metaphor for the dance we do every day of our life. Learning to ballroom dance, I have experienced many physical and mental blocks that needed to be overcome before progressing in some of the steps, as well as the need to develop an “ear” for the rhythm, or beat.

This is so like the Hero’s Journey towards spiritual development these days. I wanted to learn to dance, or develop spiritually, but at first I couldn’t feel the beat. There was much to clear and release before my “receiver” started to work again. And therein lies the metaphor, what is happening on the dance floor as I learn to ballroom dance is directly related to the current events in time and space. I can see how it is all changing around me and I know how I can help. As I dance, the movements perfectly developed to match the beat of the music, the posture perfectly aligned to the physical body and the relationship to a partner all combine to flow naturally with the music across the dance floor. Now picture the energy medium through which we glide while we dance and see us flowing through it, creating ripples and eddies of energy that billow out from these two perfectly united, sovereign Loving beings…

Now, I acknowledge that I have a ways to go, but I can see where it is that I am headed. I know from my experience so far that for me to progress in the dance I must retrain my body, mind and spirit. It is near impossible to really embrace the dance if I am not completely clear, present and conscious. If I am in my mind, my body doesn’t function as well and tightness or constriction in my body often signals something to release emotionally… It is all related I am coming to see.

So, it is hard… And Chad was right, he is at home on the football field and his teacher would likely be as challenged there as he is on the dance floor. Likely, he has trained his entire life to be a football player and he is really good at it, but ballroom dance? Not so much… He is experiencing now a lifetime of training and programming that he must break free from to become a ballroom dancer. No different from the spiritual quest and I think much can be learned from the dance if one has the will to explore it.

I saw much societal conditioning and beliefs that were preventing me from fully accessing the dancer within and as I progressed, I became aware of deeper traumatic experiences that I needed to heal and recover my soul pieces from. There were times during lessons or practice where the teacher or my partner would say or do something and I would completely shut down. At first this was frustrating, but as I began to see what the dance was bringing up to be released I gave in to the process more.

Now, a couple of months into it I am really seeing the progress. There have been physical changes, as well as emotional and my Soul rejoices when it all comes together. I have actually seen dark energy spin off of me, released back to source I am no longer burdened and the dance gets more graceful. Life is more graceful as well.

I see the similarities and am about to deepen my practice with them. When I am aligned with Creation and flowing with the Universe my life is a graceful dance. Without any thought, per se, but a direct connection to Creator and solid footing on Mother Earth I move through the journey in perfect alignment, knowing what moves to make and when to make them as signaled by the timing in the rhythm of the Universe and heard by my Soul. It wasn’t always this way for me, being loaded with programs and conditioning, I am now better able to do this because of the spiritual work I do, especially soul recovery with it’s emphasis on forgiveness and release. It is a daily practice, the reclamation of one’s Soul Essence, and when combined with ballroom dance, evermore effective.

When I watch Dancing with the Stars, I can see the inner turmoil that impedes progress in rehearsal and the relief when it releases and a move is integrated. And there is the anguish when it comes up again, often during the performance. But, I have noticed that every one of those new dancers so far have had a spiritual awakening at some point in the season and I think that is awesome!

Ballroom dance brings about radical shifts in consciousness and spiritual growth. It is a metaphor for life and in the next weeks and months I intend to explore my experience with it even deeper. So here goes… The Buffalo Diaries continues and I am going to practice…

Love and Kindness,

the Buffalo Diaries

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