It already found it's way into the lightbox, but some stuff warrants repeating:

At the risk of repeating some of what was said earlier in the lightbox, I too sometimes have a hard time trying to figure out what is the purpose of it all. But still, this spill is a far cry from being too casual to have any effect. Surely, lots of animals would rather have lived on in Nature, without being suffocated by crude (any idea why they call it CRUDE, by the way?) But I guess it is a matter of choosing the best above the rest: If I could end famine by simply giving up life, I would, and I'm sure many of you would find similar causes to make a difference.

No worries mateys, these animals know far better than we do, that Life never ever ends! Sure, this spill might very well be the death penalty to the oil industry, or it might not. But things always get ever better, even if there seem to be a very strong oscillation of good and bad superimposed on it. This will means whatever it means, and we all will be better off in the end. 

But if you still have a working free energy initiative lying around here, now's your chance. One I recently heard of, was a restaurant that had a bunch of home trainers with generators installed. Half an hour of cycling would get you a free meal.....  Think you can top that?

Love your Free Energy


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