APRIL 2, 2010

Greetings beloved brothers and sisters.  Today, Good Friday, starts a sacred time  for the Christian community.  We wish you to concentrate on the love, and not the pain of this sacred remembrance.

Jesus the Christ was a master while on earth and is still a master on this side.  One who came out of love to teach all  the truth about themselves.  He did not come nor wish  to be adored and proclaimed to be the only son of God.You are all sons of God, and is is most appropriate that you use this day to celebrate the truth of his mission, not the death of the messenger.   He was trying to tell the people that they too are one with Source, but they were not ready and they took his words to mean that He alone was Divine.  The words; I am the way., the truth, and the Light"  were meant to reveal that  this I  is not the personal sense of I, but that the I of every man is Source and resides within his heart center.  All must  realize this eventually in order to move out of duality and separation.. I is a very sacred word.   Many mystics would not say this word in a personal sense.

The people of that time did not understand the message,  much as many today interpret his words of truth in a very material, three dimensional  way.  Please allow your inner guidance to help you understand teachings and guide you away when they are false. You are getting close to where you do not need the teachings and journeys of others to tell you how to be spiritual.  Now is the  time for  taking back your power beloved ones, those of you who have given it to the power hungry and who only see with physical eyes; many of whom proclaim to be speaking the true word of God.

The message of Easter is simple,  the crucifixion of  old material sense  and the resurrection into the truth and reality of man and God.  Try to enjoy this Easter time, but with a sense of what it really means, dear ones.  The master Jesus never meant for the world to worship him as the only son of God, his whole message was one of bringing mankind into a realization of One. He stated it clearly when he said;  "The kingdom of God is within you."

The original  teachings of Jesus  have been corrupted by  churches  and self proclaimed "leaders"  who preach hate and prejudice  in the name of Christianity.  This has never been his way, is not His way now , nor will it ever be.

Embrace your Divinity and the Divinity within all living things  in the name of the master Jesus who came, and suffered out of love in order to help you understand your own Divine Sonship.  He loved and still loves all, not as your God, but as your teacher and brother in the Christ Light which all living things  have within.

With love on the Easter 2010  Arcturian Group            4/2/2010

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