greetings unto you beloved....wholly friends...
i come this day with good news for each and every
beloved heart upon this planet earth...
for all who reside upon the shores and lands
of your beautiful mother...
today may seem like any other day...
it may look just like yesterday....
but i say unto you...
"today is a new day"
for you see dear one
your golden age is blooming...
it is ripening as does the fruit that sits
on your little trees of plenty...
do you notice dear one
as you gaze upon the bushes of flowers
that when a new bud appears more often than not
there is also another bloom that is getting ready
to "dissolve into love"
there is only one bush....
yet within that one bush there is new life
and also what would appear to be "death"...
yet all of it is "life"
this is where you find yourselves this day...
your "old world" is simply falling away
as the new world is gently gaining momentum
and hearts everywhere are "opening"
to the truth
that only love is real...
they may not be aware that this is what is
transpiring for them...but that belief is gaining momentum...
momentum gathers energy until it reaches a "point"
a turning point....
i will use the tern "zero point"
when one lives in the  ~knowing ~
that only love is real
you live from the center of your "isness"
you become the center point....the center
of your own universe...
you become the creator of your "experience"
in each new now...
each now
is fresh and new...
let me state that again beloved...
each now
is fresh and new...
the good news i am speaking of
is that the past is simply that
it is "past"
it will only exists for you
if you choose to bring it into your now... a co creator with love itself
have the power within you
to see each new arising
within the "singular eye"
this eye of love
is where all of the power of love itself
you literally change your experience of this reality
within each choice to see all moments
within "the eye of love"
know that this is the truth of your reality
in this precious...precious moment...
the old is falling away
it is a process...yet while you still find yourself
in moments to be in time
i will say to you that when you are
 "in love"
when you are simply "being" the presence of love
that simply allows all arisings to be as they are...
you are no longer in time...
you are what i have spoken of often...
~you are in the world but not of it~
you are an ambassador of love..
an earth angel simply to be in service to love
be "being the presence of love itself"
what is love itself...??
love allows all things...
love embraces all things...
love transcends all things...
when you are "in love" there can
be nothing that you would allow to be
"outside of your love"...
~nothing compels you in any direction
nothing is judged..~
all is "allowed" by you
this is not a passive state...
allowance does not mean you simply sit and wait
for the universe to manifest wonderful things for you...
allowance is an action taken by you
to turn within and ask in each moment
"what would love have me do"?????
the world of form in truth
becomes "last"
and what was always "first"
your journey with Self
is made "first again"
as it was in the beginning and forever
shall be...
the world of form simply becomes recognized
for what it truly is...
....the world of form becomes neutral...
liken it to a grand blank canvas
in which you the co creator of love
desire only to experience the presence of love
even within the dream of time
by recognizing the presence of love
that is within and behind all form...
the form itself is the illusion...
the "love" is the only reality!!!!!!!
and have the power to experience
that mystery with each choice made for it...
 by allowing Self to live thru you
the presence of love..
 even in the illusion is known again...
its mystery....its all encompassing presence
becomes known again "by you"
as you experience the delight of its mystery...
the movement of love is birthing great changes
upon your beloved earth..
it is allowing that which is "true"
to replace all that is false...
you are simply now watching the dance..
in truth...your shift  has happened...
love is    ~ driving the bus~...
all of creation is now within the
"center of love itself"
thusly....everything that love "is not"
is flushing up to be "seen"
so that it too can be loved and embraced
by you
and brought home again to its true state...
thus...the world is made new again...!!!!!!!
the good news is that you have the "power"
in each of your nows
to create anew...
for you see
the power of love itself
when recognized and extended
will bring each and every now
into perfect alignment with your deepest desire...
that desire being your "union" once again
with the power of love
that abides within you always...
that love that breathes you
that sustains you
that is "you"
is longing to be extended into the dream...
into all of creation...
yet its perfect extension requires
a  vehicle that is free of attachment
to outcome...
it simply trusts love...listens to love
and moves with love... ~remembers~
its perfect union with that which alone is real..
come this day and allow me
to have a "heart to heart" with you..
come feel the presence of the "peace"
that is available within each of you now
if you would so choose to experience it...
allow all of the changes to
"simply be as they are"
for love is the grand architect of this
perfect moment that is birthing
heaven on earth...
the good news dear one
is that heaven is here now
in such a way that all you need do
is "choose for it"
i would ask of you this day
that you love your self so grandly
that your only desire is to experience
this truth for yourself...
so...begin by knowing the past is "past"
right now...right where you find yourself to be
you are innocent and free...
your freedom is your "choice"
to experience love by allowing it
to reveal its presence within each now...
i know that in this world it appears that
there is this or that..
good or bad...right or wrong
that has been the illusion that has kept you
"in a world of time"
to move into that state of "heaven"
is to know that there is in truth
~only god~
you are simply in the process
of removing all of the "barriers"
to its presence...
be at peace....know you are deeply...
deeply loved...
of that ....i am certain
it has only been "you" that has believed
all of your pain and suffering has been a direct effect
of that belief...
yet...there is nowhere you can find yourself
to be
that you are not "surrounded by the presence
of love"
jeshua ben joseph
feel free to pass these along wherever you so choose or feel guided to do so...
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