Dear Lady Marianne,

Being the one intimately connected inhabitant of the Hague castle, I hereby pledge you my undying support. It was a brilliant streak of insight, that amidst the peasants and pro-noblemen of the Netherlands, you came and saw the Bigger Picture. No doubt triggered by the recent BP Oil Spill in the Gulf, although it now seems you knew all along.

You must have paid real attention in class, when the teacher laid it all down. When he said humans were animals too, you immediately realized it wasn't just the men. Probably you, being an ultrasensitive creature, had a real hard time coming to terms with the fact you also weren't just a lifeless object, but a human inbred who was hell-bent on destroying the planet. Or were you? Well lovely, whatever it was, something or someone has given you a heart worthy of my undying praise and admiration.

So come tomorrow, my voice will be on the animal party, which ought to be large enough to throw the other political hunting parties and their blood hounds like Geert Wilders off your magnificent scent. I just love your feromones....

Eternally Yours,

Kabouter Bos, a.k.a. little Forrest.

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