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Heavenletter #3744 Point to the Stars – February 24, 2011

{mainvote} God said: There is no mastery. No one is a self-proclaimed master. You don’t have to master yourself. You don’t have to corral yourself. You simply have to let go of all the trappings you have added to yourself, all th...

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{mainvote} A powerfully provocative message from the Paradoxman, this is the heart of understanding creation and the evolution of consciousness. This is the awakening, the peace that ends all wars - IF and when we are willing to see from the hig...

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The Diamond Heart

{mainvote} a message from Lisa Renee Wednesday, 9 February, 2011 Dear ES Family, With the rebirthing of the “Planetary Logos” (Logos = the law governing the form within a stellar body, see last months newsletter) in this...

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Power Days In February and March 2011

{mainvote} a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan Tuesday, 22 February, 2011 29/11  (February 9, 2011) Gateway The Watching of ones words is animated within the structure of 29/11. The power within the word and how one chooses ...

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HEAVEN #3742 Put Your Hand over Your Heart , February 22, 2011

{mainvote}God said:   When you are aggrieved, put your hand over your heart, and your hand will be over My heart. We share heartbeats. You are in My heart always. When your hand covers your heart, you have also captured Mine. You plug in....

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HEAVEN #3741 This Moment of Eternity with God, February 21, 2011

{mainvote} God said:   There is no reason to not enjoy life on Earth. Ouch, I hear the hullabaloo! I hear you say: “If You, God, had to have my boss at work…my teenager…my broken leg…my sick child&hellip...

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~ who is jeshua ~

{mainvote}    ~ ALLOW THE DIVINITY OF YOURSELF TO BE KNOWN AGAIN  ~   you are that which I AM...   if you are reading these words in this now moment know that it is YOU coming to you... the divinity of ...

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Messages from Ra !

Channeler:  Rosalie Muir A Prelude leading up to this Channeling I would like to share with you as it may help others this happens to ......... Yesterday my Sunday I awoke got up & cooked breakfast and suddenly all...

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HEAVEN #3736 Rise Above Yourself, February 16, 2011

{mainvote} God said:   The trouble with you is that you think you have limits. The trouble with you, then, is how you think. Change your thinking, and, wow, the world is a different place, and you stride differently in the world. ...

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