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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Sheldan Nidle July 11 2017 Galactic Federation of Light

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Sheldan Nidle – April-18-2017

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Pleiadians of Peace 11:11 Stargate ~ New Planetary Frequenccy ~ 11-11-16 Shekina Rose

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Prism of Life Enigma

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The Unstoppable Awakening of Humanity

by Zen GardnerWe’re undergoing an amazing transformation. Absolutely diametrically opposed to the constant, gradual attempt by elitists to shut down humanity via eons of engineered subjugation, we’re being consciously and vibrationally liberated by the very nature of the Universe in spite of all their efforts.It’s not readily apparent to most, but it’s very clearly there.It’s subtle and yet obvious at the same time. Knowledge of this change or shift in conscio [...]

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The Nature of Mystical Experience

James C. Wilhelm, ContributorWaking TimesThousands of books have been written about mysticism over thousands of years, and this essay is a mere 1,012 words. Do I really think I can convey the essence, power and bliss of the mystical in a thousand words?I do.That is what I set out to do after recently viewing numerous videos and reading many essays that I found on the World Wide Web. After reviewing this mass of content, I realized that after all those hours of viewing and reading cont [...]

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The Constant Companions April 21 2014

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4 May 2012

By Soluntra King


THE 1st MAY IS THE WINTER OR SUMMER QUARTER IN THE CELTIC CALENDAR The first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere and the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. IN THE SOUTH...

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation April 10th 2012


7 Cimi, 19 Mac, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Events continue to move forward. In the post-Easter world, much is in the offing. In Asia, conferences have recently been held to determine the prerequisites for the new reality that is...

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The Eleventh Release (Love is the Way)


23 March 2012

Channeler: M.N. Hopkins (Faith Restored)

For Man was once a noble creature upon this Earth. Now fallen and with little hope, disconnected and bewildered by a few of darkness. Lost in a sea of despair, lost in a s...

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The Structure of the Soul


5 March 2012

Teacher: Julie Miller

The Structure of the Soul http://www.innerfrontier.org

What is soul, this mysterious something that forms our true essence? Many speak of the soul, but rarely does anyone attempt to ...

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Archangel Michael about the so-called ILLUMINATI


14 January 2012

Channeler: Susan Elsa

Dear beloved Souls of Love & Light!

It is me again, Archangel Michael, coming to you today with a very BIG Message.

2012 is a very interesting and adventurous year, and in some...

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