Hello Zingdad.com member!

*sigh* That sounds so pretentious.

I was going to say “Hello Brothers and Sisters” but that sounds like the opening to a religious service or something.  So anyway…


I am very excited to see how the membership to Zingdad.com is just growing and growing!  So to all my new members a very big, warm welcome.  The main reason for becoming a member is so that I have you on my database and can therefore send you updates – like this one – to tell you when there is something new going on.  But I have an intuitive sense that there is a far more important reason for this member network which I haven’t yet understood.  Possibly something like the need for us to be able to network and communicate with each other at some crucial future date.  I’m sure clarity will arrive in due course.  But in the mean-time thank you for taking membership at Zingdad.com.

Chapter 10
So the really exciting news is that Chapter 10 is finally up.  I know I say this as each chapter goes up but this one REALLY IS my best so far.  Go and check it out and see if you agree, okay?  The chapter is another discussion with my dear friend and spirit-guide, 8.  This time we discuss the subject of “evil”.  What it is, why it exists, how it manifests in the world and what should we do about it.  Now, given that the central position taken in The Ascension Papers is “All is One”, this chapter was always going to be difficult to write.  You see, before I can write something I need to expand my consciousness to be able to encompass it.  Otherwise it can’t pass through my intuitive centre.   This presented a significant challenge for me in being able to receive this chapter.  I needed to be able to hear from 8 that the most egregiously evil beings in this reality are also part of the Oneness.  I had to be willing to know that they are indeed one with me too.  That I am them and they are me.  And, well, that’s a lot to hear!  And so I spent a number of months with this chapter.  I would write a few pages and then bog down because it just “wasn’t working”.  Then 8, J-D and my soul-family would help me by bringing something to me in my direct life’s experience which would show me the way forward.  Or sometimes I’d be shown something in a dream.  And then I’d wrestle with that, deal with it and be able to write a bit more.  And so it went.  At one point I had about 200 pages of STUFF written down.  It was a confused mess.  And then a moment of clarity arrived.  8 challenged me to go to my heart and find my truth on a very difficult issue.  And then there it was:  a truly transcendent moment of pure clarity!  Suddenly I got it.  Suddenly the whole problem resolved itself in a way that was so beautiful and profound.  As a result I was able to edit this monster of bits of conversation into one clear linear discussion.  It fell together quickly and easily in a way that was… well… miraculous.  Suddenly it all made sense.  Now my most difficult chapter has become my favourite.  I absolutely love the meaning and understanding that I have derived out of what 8 has taught me here.

And I am SO excited to share it with you!

Here is a link to The Ascension Papers if you want to go and check it out. It's on the second page in the list of chapters and it's in three parts.

I’d love to hear what you think.  Which brings me to the next topic:

Comments system
I have installed a comment box at the end of each chapter so now you can share your thoughts, questions or ideas with me and other members.  I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

The only thing here is that this is a “member’s only” tool.  I have done that to avoid the usual monkey business that goes on with things like this – people writing nonsense or spamming advertising or whatever.  So please just sign in if you want to leave a comment.

In this latest chapter 8 pushed me to start a blog.  He felt, and I agree, that there is stuff that I need to say that is not a part of The Ascension Papers.  So that will be coming soon.  I really want to offer my blog as an integrated item on my website as apposed to having a separate wordpress (or whatever) page for this.  So I am investigating that and will be launching that soon – I’ll keep you updated!

In the mean-time I’d like to share with you my lady-love’s blog address.  Her name is Lisa.  She is my soul-mate and partner of 18 years.  We travel the most miraculously parallel journey.  You might be interested in reading about her journey from her perspective.  It will make the most sense to you if you read her blog in chronological order starting with her first post from December last year.  You’ll find that here:  http://lisa-on-purpose.blogspot.com/2009/12/lisa-on-purpose.html

Something to look out for soon on Zingdad.com are translated versions of The Ascension Papers.  My new friend Nico from Belgium (with help from Eric) has given the gift of translating the first two chapters into Dutch!  So now I just need to figure out how to put that up on my website in a way that makes sense.  And that will, I am sure, be the beginning of a whole new section.

Youtube Video
I have put up a new youtube video which is essentially an invitation to people to come and read The Ascension Papers.  Go and have a look and let me know what you think.

And please share it with your friends too! 

You’ll find it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I7l-bXNepI

Donation Button
I have a new donation system on my site with a new button.  The story is this:  For some obscure reason Paypal does not pay into South African bank accounts.  There are a few countries in the world where Paypal doesn’t work and mine is one of them.  So the Paypal button that I had up paid into my web-designer’s bank account (who is in Canada).  In this way the donations made some contribution to the costs the creation of the website.  So that helped.  But in the mean time I have discovered that it IS possible to receive internet payments here in SA I just have to use a different method.  I won’t bore you with the details the bottom line is that I am now using a South African payment gateway called PayGate.  And now I can receive donations directly.  But what is the most interesting about this is the story behind it.  It's a story that involves time-line-shifting, my somewhat troubled relationship with money and the way I have been blocking myself from true abundance.  It’s a great story and I’ll tell it some time soon.  As soon as I have figured out that blogging issue! 

And that’s it for me for now.

I wish you love, truth and joy!

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