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Marina Jacobi – 11 Dimensional Beings – January-26-2017 – Day 8

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Saul: When you awaken, your bodies will be “plugged into the mains” at all times


05/16/2012 by John Smallman

The excitement is rising among lightworkers all across the planet because they can feel the spiritual energies intensifying as the moment for your awakening gets ever closer. It truly is a very exciting...

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Brillouin: "Understanding How LENR Works Will Enable Us to Be First"


Robert Godes, inventor of the controlled electron capture reaction (CECR) being commercialized by Brillion Energy Corporation of Berkeley, CA, says that understanding how "cold fusion" works gives them a strong advantage to ...

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Luminous Being: Entry into 2012


a message from Meredith Murphy

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012  (posted 10 February, 2012)

I am still humming with awe at my entry into this auspicious year of 2012, and astonished by what can be accomplished by forgiven...

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Adamu Clarifies and Expands His Remarks on Disclosure


2012 January 28

(Magenta Pixie introduced Zingdad of www.book-of-light.com who channels "Adamu" in 2008)


Hi Steve (Beckow)

It took me a little longer than expected to get this conversation out. Normal &ld...

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Tom Shadyac: Shining Like the Sun!


Dec 31

Tom Shadyac is the writer and director of the documentary film ‘I Am‘.

Tom Shadyac, HuffPost, 12-29-2011


“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness,...

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The Hologram of Life


a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates

Saturday, 1 October, 2011  (posted 5 October, 2011)

Beloved one,  you have heard it said many times that you make your own reality—lower case “r&rdq...

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Patterson Power Cell


The reason that I am interested in this technology is because, not only is it an overunity energy device, but it also happens to reduce radioactivity significantly. And this device is surprisingly simple!

Please note there is the...

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Dissolving of the Veils


8 February 2011 - 7:05pm   Channeler:  Solara An-Ra

Message from My Guides

Teachings from the Star Councils of Light on the Solara Plexus & Heart Chakras

Many of you are almost obsessed with the energy c...

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Quantum Journey to The Promise of Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

In reality, we already are the quantum energy of white light. We must establish this reality in consciousness, in understanding and in believing. The kingdom of heaven was placed inside each one of us before the world began. We were created in Go...

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