Channeler: DL Zeta

An important part of opening to channel is sharpening your skill at interpreting the downloads you receive. There's a part of you that works at the subconscious level to transfer the energetic impulses of a download into words and images that hold meaning for you.

This part of you will use your knowledge, understandings and experiences to help you translate the information you channel. The conscious mind of a channel routinely colors and filters the information received. The less filtering and coloring of intuitive downloads, the more “pure” the channel. The more adept you are at understanding symbols, the less you need to work with channeled information from a conscious perspective. It in other words, once you're able to consciously understand symbols, your inner translator is able to give you raw, unedited downloads encoded in symbols. By becoming fluent in the messages your inner translator sends you, you become adept at the language of your subconscious -- the language of your soul.

This fluency over time helps you become telepathic with your higher self. It can be compared to learning a person’s native language in order to gain deeper insights into who they are and what they are about. It’s easy to see how this fluency is more productive that using gestures and broken sentences to get your message across. Fluency allows you to better understand the context and subtle meanings contained in a message. It is not unlike remembering and interpreting your nightly dreams. As you look at each person, each location, each object in a dream, you expand your understanding and the subtle complexities of the message reveal themselves to you.

To become adept in the language of your soul, practice remembering and interpreting your nightly dreams. In addition, at the end of each day, write down happenings of your day that stand out in your mind and interpret these just as you would the images of your nightly dreams. Both practices will yield important information and insights for your daily life. They will also help you develop an ongoing dialog with your higher self and become adept at understanding the downloads it sends you.

Excerpt from Channeling into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for Opening Your Psychic Senses by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam
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