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As Above, So Below, Interdimensional Portal


As Above So Below, channeled image from the Arcturians through Deb Graves /Araznu by Deb-Aurah Graves AKA Araznu.

This image titled "As Above, So Below" shows Earth Mother with her expanding vibrations, the inter-...

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Rumor: Obama to make announcement about US involvement with ET’s


Source: http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/rumor-obama-to-announce-ufo-visits-and-us-contact-with-ets-2011

Speculation that Barack Obama has a mandate (or an inherited legacy) to be the ET Disclosure President is alrea...

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999 | A Gift of Cosmic Consciousness

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Gaia-Cosmic Disclosure S1E1 LB728x90

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