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James Gilliland Intel Update Transdimensional War, White Hats, March 20, 2017

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We Are In The Last Days of The Tyrants.. James Gilliland Update ECETI News Sept 2016

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James Gilliland: The End of the Matrix


It has become increasingly obvious the old matrix, the archon network is coming to a close. Many are hanging on desperately to the old program, driven by wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences and a false sense of self; which was pressed upon them by the matrix. Some have such an investment into the matrix it will take some real hard lessons to snap them out of it back into their Godhood. With the new grid, the 5d energies pressing hard upon the Earth along with the veils becoming thinner it will be harder and harder for the old program to continue much longer. You have to see how most have been manipulated, fooled into focusing on the outer rather than the inner for their love, joy, acceptance and approval. They have become completely divorced from soul and spirit trapped in the ego and the false self, created by the matrix.

We are in a time of choosing. Are we going to choose the upward spiral of ascension into 5D—an internal process, or hang on to the old 3D program, the external out of fear, guilt and unworthiness falsely be-lie-ving therein lies our security. There is no security in hanging on too the old world; doing so will be the greatest insecurity because it is collapsing. Your banksters have reached the height of greed with no more jobs or industry to support their system. The war industry has reached its height of weapons beyond imagination, running out of enemies with weapons they cannot even use due to annihilating all life on the planet. Governments have also reached their height of corruption, enslavement and disservice to the people. The religions have run the God outside of self and all creation, separating and disempowering people to make their own personal God connection into the ground. Corporations have run out of resources both human and Earth to exploit. This is all one big unsustainable train wreck having nowhere to go other than to collapse. Yet so many are continuing to be willing participants in their own demise. They are clinging desperately to the old world, the manipulations and programming of the matrix, their egos need out of fear and insecurity to completely dishonor their own soul and spirit. They actually believe they have control over what is about to happen.

Here is a little newsflash from the world of soul and spirit you will not hear on the lamestream news. The 3D matrix is over. It is in its death throws. God/Creator/Spirit is done with it. The Earth herself is done with it. Your soul and spirit are done with it. Your ego thinks it will continue business as usual despite the obvious lessons that it is crashing down all around you, although it is kicking and screaming desperately trying to continue. The archon network is being exposed, the external programming, the obsession with outer appearances and material acquisition as the path to happiness and security is fast coming to a close. This is why the chaos, the great uncovering of everything hidden—what is referred to as the Apocalypse—is unfolding all around you. Those resisting this change, those hanging on desperately to the ego and external trappings as their source for security, happiness, acceptance and approval are having the biggest challenges, suffering the most, yet it is all self inflicted. In each case there has been a choice and action. Each choice and action misaligned with soul and spirit is going to have severe backlashes, sometimes almost instantaneous. With some the attachment to the external is almost like a meth addiction. They just can’t kick it; the programming is to severe, the ego is hanging on so tight they are like the monkey who’s hand is in the monkey trap. For those who do not know the story the hunters catch monkeys by drilling a hole in a coconut, filling it with rice. When the monkey grabs the rice the monkey cannot get his hand out of the coconut, which is tethered to the ground. All the monkey has to do is let go and it is free. With some, they just cannot let go, have to be right, have to continue with their hand in the coconut till the hunter comes and hits them with a club.

Guess what? “The hunter is here.”

The ways of the ego, separate from soul and spirit are over. Only the illusion is left of thinking we can still save this reality. The be-lie-f that the external will provide for our security is another illusion about to be shattered. Inner awareness, inner guidance and acting on that inner guidance is the only real security in the days to come. It is in the wind, those who are sensitive, plugged into spirit know this and are fast leaving the old ways behind, creating a new world. In some cases they are having to leave friends, family and lovers behind not by their choice but by the choices and actions of their friends, families and lovers to hang on to the old ways and the old world. We cannot choose for them, take away their lessons—hard as they may be. We can only walk the path of soul and spirit as an example.

People are healing, awakening, we have to hold them in the light until they can find it for themselves. This does not mean you do not have to set boundaries, make hard choices when their choices and actions bring chaos, pain or suffering into your own lives. Being a Christ does not mean being a doormat or supporting the ego’s desires, jumping on the same train wreck they have chosen to participate in. The action/reaction principle or karma is rapidly accelerating as the 5D energies press hard upon the Earth. Universal Law is being enforced and all that which is out of alignment in choice and action will have consequences some as severe as how the choices and actions affect others. We cannot feign ignorance or dismiss this immutable law.

If your life is in the toilet, your ego drove you there along with your addictions and attachments along with the false programming of social consciousness. Only soul and spirit can drive you out. It is time to slow down. Take the time to reflect, pray, meditate get out in Nature. She is screaming—now it is time to choose a different path a different way. Be kind to each other, the planet, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Earth herself is going to do unto those as they have done onto her. The universe is done with the nonsense, there is nowhere to hide, it is time to take responsibility for your choices and actions, how they affect others and the environment, and clean up the mess.

Be well,
James Gilliland

Permission to send far and wide granted

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James Gilliland ~ Drudgery Of The System ~ 12 May 2012


For those who are wondering what is happening at ECETI . . .

To make a long story short it seems the county has a real issue with people awakening and healing, living in peace and harmony as well as watching UFOs. ...

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James Gillilland, ECETI – Mother Ship Trip Cancelled


Posted: 06 Feb 2012

James Gillilland, ECETI We are overwhelmed with emails asking that I speak on this matter. I have already spoken yet not at length concerning the Mother Ship Neptune giving everyone a joy ride. We said there ...

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Dutch Documentary: The dirty oil from Shell

The eyes of the world have been focused on the Gulf of Mexico, where BP took several months to stop an oil leak deep under the sea surface. In the meantime, a 50 year oil disaster is happening in Nigeria.. Since SHELL started their hunt for oil in Nige...

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James Gilliland. – The Last Book on UFOs


Feb 3

The reason for the title is because off worlders will soon be telling us straight about who they are and why they are here. Contact is happening around the world with unprecedented ufo sightings over major cities. I was goin...

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The Lyrans – Your Galactic Heritage


17 January 2012

Hello there friends & star family,

I would like to acknowledge my fellow Light Worker Carterb2424, for kindly providing me with the following information, which he received personally from renown...

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Eceti Ranch: A Documentary


ECETI Ranch represents a microcosmic reality of a world-wide collective phenomenon.

The owner of the ranch, James Gilliland, maintains to have experienced UFO related phenomena, including contact with extra-terrestrials, for over...

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The ‘Lion People’ Make Their Presence Felt On Earth


10 January 2012

Hello dear family

We, the Lion People (Lyran Feline origin) wish to introduce ourselves. We have waited patiently watching and observing the Ascension Process here on your beautiful planet Earth, as you call it...

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James Gilliland Update Dec 23 2011


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James Gilliland 12/13/11 update


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