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The Preparation Work for 11-11-11

Denise Le Fay COMPUTER UPDATE I mentioned in a brief post on November 2nd that my computer suddenly stopped working on October 28, 2011—the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. I insisted however that it work long enough to let me get back o...

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Starseed Troop Withdrawals

Denise Le Fay      Because there was some confusion and worry from some people when I mentioned the Separation of Worlds, I’ve waited to talk about this next topic. Like some topics I write about, this one is not for everyone who will read it. Be...

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Current Global Chaos Indicates Massive Positive Changes

Denise Le Fay I recently received an email from “irrepressible” who posts on the David Icke forum. (All WordPress Blogs have a Stats Page that lists incoming links, search terms, daily hits etc. It was through the incoming links from the David Ick...

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Light Is Flowing Through Our Veins

Denise Le Fay I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve recently been feeling and perceiving while awake and asleep. This stage is new to me/us so there will be more information about this to come I’m sure. Put simply, I can feel the hormones throug...

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2011 Fall Equinox & Night Six

Denise Le Fay September 23, 2011 is the Fall Equinox Today is Sept. 13, 2011 and I just realized that the fall Equinox is mere moments away! Amazing how 3D linear time is getting harder to keep track of while existing within the quantum  5D “Now M...

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Ascension: Approaching The End Of A 25-Yearlong Process

Denise Le Fay (Today is September 5, 2011 and we’ve entered DAY Six.) We’ve reached an important point within the Ascension Process where I know it’s time I share some details I haven’t so far. I’m going to try to list them sequentially to g...

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The Work Before The Separation Of Worlds

Denise Le Fay A few months back I mentioned my great relief and joy over the fact that the Cosmic Cavalry as I called them, was on their way to physical Earth. Let me explain a bit better about who the Cosmic Cavalry are. As best as I can perceive tod...

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