Hello dear Dré!

After so many requests for an album of my songs,
I am so excited to let you know I have now created
an album of "Siren Songs Of The Soul" which can be
downloaded online (or ordered as a physical CD).These are not ordinary songs: they can seriously
make you very high! In fact, people are taking
them one at a time, like deep mediations.

And to give you a taste, I have put on my website
the first song of Love from my heart to yours:
"Snowflakes of Love"
for you to listen to now:

And if you like that one,
I am sure you will love the rest...

Enjoy tasting your natural ecstasy,
Colleen did:
>>"I'm buzzing from head to toe!
>>Oh Leela, you've outdone yourself!
>>I'm blown away... I'm flying... like Peter Pan!
>>They're meditations, not songs"

Again, do listen to my first track at:
(You can download the whole album there too)

Love to know what you felt

PS there are many more delighted comments on
our Spirit Talk Chat group messages at Yahoo:

You can also call or email me
+44 1223 911 333
(UK 01223 911 333)
Skype id: leela.jamieson

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