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James Gilliland Intel Update Transdimensional War, White Hats, March 20, 2017

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Pleiadian High Council of Seven – Summon Forth More Energy – September-18-2016

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How the Government Suppresses Free Energy Technologies

Buck Rogers, Staff WriterHave you ever wondered what the world would be like if better and cleaner energy sources were widely available and affordable to all of earth’s people? If so, you’re not alone, as the quest for a better energy existence has been the focus of many ingenious inventors, scientists, experimenters and even corporate and government scientists for generations.We know it’s possible, but for some reason, though, society just can’t seem to get b [...]

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SaLuSa of Sirius 4 September 2015 Galactic Federation of Light

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Air Force to Test Futuristic ‘Hall Thruster’ on X-37B Space Plane

Vandenberg Air Force Base
The X-37B before its first trip to space.

Excerpt from nbcnews.com

After years of silence on all but the most prosaic aspects of the secretive X-37B space plane program, the Defense Department has revealed that the mysterious, truck-sized craft's next mission will host an experimental new thrust system that could greatly improve the shelf life of satellites. 

The X-37B program has sent its shuttle-like Orbital Test Vehicle craft into space three times for a total time in orbit of almost four years. What the spacecraft has been doing up there is anybody's guess — its creators have declined to comment except to say that everything is working properly. But a news release this week from the Air Force says in no uncertain terms that the next flight of the X-37B, set to begin next month, will be the platform for testing a Hall thruster.

Hall thrusters combine electricity and a noble gas like xenon to produce a miniscule amount of direct force — weak in comparison with thrusters that use ordinary solid fuel, but at a far lesser cost of fuel. Trading power for fuel efficiency would allow satellites and probes to make course adjustments for much longer, extending their lives and versatility. Spaceflight Now has more details on how the system works. 

Of course, this sheds no light on what the last three X-37B missions were — but in light of this new information it seems more likely that it's a test bed for high-tech space experiments, and not an orbital bomber or elite spy satellite. But you never know.

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NASA application grants general public the opportunity to explore the surface of Vesta

NASA's Dawn spacecraft visited Vesta for a year before continuing on to Ceres (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech) Excerpt from gizmag.comNASA has released a browser-based application that allows citizen scientists to explore the surface of the asteroid V...

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New research shows Universe expansion pace isn’t as fast as assumed earlier


Excerpt from thewestsidestory.net

The Universe is expanding and any student of astronomy will vouch to this fact. However according to a team of astronomers the acceleration of the universe may not be as quick as it was assumed earlier.

A team of astronomers have discovered that certain types of supernova are more varied than earlier thought of and in the process have led to the biggest mystery of the universe-how fast is the universe expanding after the big bang?

Peter A. Milne of the University of Arizona said, “We found that the differences are not random, but lead to separating Ia supernovae into two groups, where the group that is in the minority near us are in the majority at large distances — and thus when the universe was younger, there are different populations out there, and they have not been recognized. The big assumption has been that as you go from near to far, type Ia supernovae are the same. That doesn’t appear to be the case.”
The discovery throws new light on the currently accepted view of the universe expanding at a faster and faster rate pulled apart by an unknown force called dark energy this observation resulted in 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics.
Milne said, “The idea behind this reasoning, is that type Ia supernovae happen to be the same brightness — they all end up pretty similar when they explode. Once people knew why, they started using them as mileposts for the far side of the universe.The faraway supernovae should be like the ones nearby because they look like them, but because they’re fainter than expected, it led people to conclude they’re farther away than expected, and this in turn has led to the conclusion that the universe is expanding faster than it did in the past.”
The researchers felt that the accelerating universe can be explained on the basis of color difference in between two groups of supernova leaving less acceleration than earlier assumed and in the process will require lesser dark energy.

Milne said, “We’re proposing that our data suggest there might be less dark energy than textbook knowledge, but we can’t put a number on it, until our paper, the two populations of supernovae were treated as the same population. To get that final answer, you need to do all that work again, separately for the red and for the blue population.

Type la supernovae are considered as a benchmark for far away sources of light they do have a fraction of variability which has limited our knowledge of the size of the universe.
The distance of objects with the aid of our binocular vision and the best space-based telescopes and most sophisticated techniques works out in the range of ten or twenty thousand light years. 
However as compared to the vastness of space, this is just pea nuts.
For Distances greater than that it is imperative to compare the absolute and observed brightness of well understood objects and to use the difference to determine the object’s distance.

In astronomy it is difficult to find an object of known brightness since there are examples of both bright and dim stars and galaxies. However there is one event which can be used to work out its absolute brightness. Supernovas are the final stages of a dying star and it explodes with such violence, the flash can be seen across the vast universe.

Type la Supernovae occurs in a binary star system when a white dwarf scoops off mass from its fellow star. This reproducible mechanism gives a well determined brightness and therefore scientists term such Type la supernovae as ‘standard candles’.

Astronomers found that the Type la supernovae is so uniform that it has been designated as cosmic beacons and used to assess the depths of the universe. It is now revealed that they fall into different populations and are not very uniform as previously thought. .

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Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ moon could harbor a secret ocean

Mimas, Saturn's 'Death Star' moon
Scientists say Saturn's "Death Star" moon, Mimas, has a strange wobble that could indicate it has an elongated core -- or that it's hiding a subsurface ocean. (JPL/NASA)

Excerpt from
By Amina Khan contact the reporter

When it comes to Saturn’s moons, water-squirting Enceladus and the hydrocarbon lakes of Titan typically steal the spotlight. But now, scientists think that lesser-known Mimas may be harboring a strange secret of its own. Scientists who studied the ‘Death Star’ moon with NASA’S Cassini spacecraft have discovered a weird wobble in its motions that could mean one of two things: Either Mimas has an oddly elongated core, or it’s hiding an ocean inside its icy body.
The findings, described in the journal Science, shed new light on a mysterious but often-overlooked moon that could hold clues to its early formation.

Mimas is an icy moon that’s 246 miles wide and whose most distinctive feature is the 88-mile-wide Herschel crater – a giant Cyclops-like indentation that makes the moon resemble the planet-obliterating superweapon from "Star Wars" that's known as the Death Star.
But the scientists noticed something strange – the moon seemed to be wobbling, or “librating,” about twice as much as they expected. After going through several different explanations, they settled on two main possibilities. Either this round moon has a football-shaped core that’s causing the wobble, or there’s a liquid water ocean underneath the icy surface.
If Mimas holds an ocean, it joins an elite group of moons (including Enceladus as well as Jupiter's moon Europa) that potentially hold liquid water – which is key for the search for other worlds besides Earth with life-hosting potential.

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Deeply Awake: Entangled – The Council of the Twelve Turn the Light Toward Self by Kathy Vik 4-29-14

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HEAVEN #4088 A Whole World Full of Light , February 3, 2012


God said:

The world, as you know it, is changing, for you are growing. And so, the world as you know it, changes before your very eyes. The world is a reflection of you. As you change and grow, so goes the world. The world is of y...

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HEAVEN #4000 Rise to God , November 7, 2011


God said:

Remember that wherever you are, whatever location or condition, I am with you. Remember Me, and a greater sense of peace will be yours. Let Me be a balm to you. Whatever is upsetting you, better to vent on Me than anyone...

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Cosmic Operations…. Pointers, Sorts, Folds, Recognitions

Deep Thought is my passion. And I don't care what anybody thinks about that. As a sequel to the boudoir episode, let me make you intimately acquainted with one of my lesser activities: folding the laundry. Since I hate doing it, I usually dump the shit next to my wardrobe, which usually means my mum does it when she's visiting. She doesn't mind, but today however, neither did I....

Another clue Sherlock! The pile of laundry as tossed into the corner has a clearly triangular shape, pointing to higher things. I didn't know how much higher until the work was done. Chaos, how do you deal with it? Simple: you sort it out! So instead of going for small and beautiful right away, I started making a Bigger Mess! Piles all over the bedroom, ranging from blue jeans, towels, dish cloths and of course girls' underwear. No, I'm no cross-dresser, but then my girls aren't Netty No Knicks either!

Next, use the bed for folding and stacking. Started at clothing, leaving the cloths for later. I don't iron, because I find a soft bed and two tender hands more than enough to smooth out the wrinkles.  Sitting on the floor, the bed is just high enough, so work progressed quickly. Undies first, and I noticed that they are similar to T-shirts: T-shaped, but folded somewhat differently. Then the guys stuff, which went easy. Shirts stacked in a further sorting, because old and new don't belong together, and neither do plain color and illustrated shirts. Illustrated shirts have the nicest clues. Just the other day I bought new clothes, and among them were five T-shirts with illustrations. Oddly enough, all five had the number 63 in them, which was mainly because the A-Positive brand was probably founded in 63. But to me it signifies my birth year, which I've always considered a perfect vintage! Now A-positive is a brand of my royal supplier WE. They used to be called HIJ and ZIJ in Holand, or Him and Her, but society evolves. Nowaday, they are WE in every country, so they have at least phased out 'foreign' languages,  and gone global.

This is one of them, showing another conspiracy, or rather a transpiracy: back in the seventies, people were urged to post their stamps sideways or upside down, just to confuse the machine system that sorted the mail. Back then, we were still scared as hell that someday the machines would take the humanity out of humanity. Nowadays, our self-chosen decorations, our temporary tattoos present us with writing in various orientations. Just look at that mindfuck: what is the point of it? Basically, this is evidence of a conspiracy that has gone transpiracy. Instead of confusing the machine system, the system is now training us! Not the machine system persé, but the larger system various levels up. We are being trained to recognize writing in any configuration, and it doesn't stop at language alone: aeons ago, the ancient indians had the people recognizing people in various configurations. Remember the Kama Sutra?

It had nothing to do with procreation of the human species, but with procreation of the One species! Sure, one cannot do without the other, but by that time I got to the girly department of my stack of clothes. Boy did it get hard then! No, sick. Nothing wrong in my pants, but girls' clothes just fold a lot harder! More variation, more strings, beads, buttons and other complicating factors. Sure, guys love to tangle with that stuff, but for it to be a turnon I at least need a healthy female inside them. 

Well, as a matter of fact there was: 

And now I'm going to enjoy another folded exqusiteness: a nice hot lasagna


Enjoy your meal....


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States of Manifestation

To paraphase Gigolo Joe, the lover robot from Steven Spielberg's AI: Artificial Intelligence: "Let's combine ... Chemistry with ... Affections". Some would call them afflictions, but that is just their limited self speaking. Nope, Chemistry class today, actually Chemistry 101: States of Life. And to jive things up, I'll even throw in some classy free music to go with it, totally off charge!

From our days in highschool, we all remember the states of matter:

These are straight from Wikipedia, which mentions a host of other more specialized states, but let's keep it simple for now. We will just restrict ourselves to Gaseous, Liquid and Solid, with a brief outing into plasma.  My main theory is this, that states of matter are not restricted to chemistry alone, and that we could very well recognize States of Life, or States of Manifestation. Looking at the above diagram, and Knowing what I Know Now, I claim that:

  1. Lust is the Solid state of Life
  2. Love is the Liquid State of Life
  3. Knowing is the Gaseous state of Life
  4. Oneness is the Plasma state of Life

How's that for starters? Perhaps that is why the most spoken language across the world refers to both the science of Chemistry and the Attraction between people as Chemistry? Was it this realization that made Iggy Pop explode into creativity with his hit called Lust for Life?

Lust is (like a solid) usually a case of fixed relationships, even though actual reactions may still create alternate connections. Point is, people hardly ever make life changes because of just lust. Because the moment they do, their heart start melting, and Lust turns into Love! Conversely, when Love turns sour but the need for relationships pulls again, we tend to freeze right out of Love, back into Lust. 

Now Love can be hot, but only upto a certain point. After that, it becomes so volatile that relationships no longer work. Yes, you got it right. You may have thought of swingers as a lesser breed, but actually they have transcended the need for more or less stable relationships.  That does not mean their Love is any weaker than yours!

To illustrate the state of Mind that goes with this state, called liquid, just listen to Robbie Valentine's Megaman, from the incredible album called the Magic Infinity:

As we go up in the world of states, freedom for the individual particles becomes ever greater. One may fall back from Knowing or Love to Lust, but the attraction remains. How many of us wished they had what it takes to be a free agent, interacting in this field as if nothing could hurt them? Now I'm not talking conspiracy here, because no man or group of men has been intentionally plotting to keep us from ascending. Basically, it is just essential Set Theory: us all being 'limited' subsets of anything, it stands to reason we are unique and hence not the same. Thus the common part of us is BY DEFINITION smaller than most of us individually. And interactions tend to keep us fixed. Solids need no container to contain themselves, but liquids do, just like gases. The same goes for Lusters, Lovers and Knowers.

For the third state, the gaseous one, I've chosen Donna Summer's the State of Independence. Just turn her on (if you dare) while I wrap up this little number....

And then there's the fourth state, the Plasma state. Call it Oneness, Spirituality, or anything you like. This is the state where Chemistry becomes moot, because as you remember that is where the molecules split into their atoms, thus becoming available again for the dance of manifestation, back into Chemistry, just for the Rush of it! And that is the final musical finale of today: I knew it was going to be a Rush song, but never in a million years figured it would be a song called Subdivisions, which I'd never even heard.....

One last thing: you may have noticed that there are no state transitions from either solid or liquid straight to plasma. In hindsight, that make perfect sense: since free will is the prime directive in this cosmos, you having expressed relationships as your wishes will not be wrenched free from them. Only when you consciously decide that your love is unconditional, and thus given while expecting nothing whatsoever in return, will you become hot enough to reach the gaseous, and through it, the plasma state. Now don't you run off to get a divorce, because that is not the way to go. That is not unconditional Love, but withdrawal of Love, and that will get you nowhere fast! Just keep sending the love, and pretty soon you'll notice you won't fall in love any more unless it is with the All. But just like two gas molecules may choose to travel in the same direction for a while or longer, their relationship is openended. Love sets free, does not try to bind or contain.

Love your Lust for Chemistry,


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