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Dream in Solar Magix

And then the Lightbox held the advice to dreaminsolarmagix, uttered by himself (or her). Since the Lightbox has Alzheimers, I'll just put it up here along with my sincere gratitude:

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I DO speak the lingo!

At first I was a bit annoyed at tubelawak always plugging his site here while most of my readers don't speak the language used there. I should have known better of course, because even if I don't speak the language consciously, there is always our k...

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Number Sequences From The Angels

Thanks Guest, I'd better save this one before it scrolls off the Lightbox. I've also added it below, in the Links section:

a message from Doreen Virtue

Monday, 18 August, 2008 

The angels do their best...

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Queen – the Show must go on

And the musical grand finale of this morning was lovingly contributed by Guest in the lightbox. It's from their album called Innuendo, and actually that name said it all: the moment I bought it, and listened to it  for the first time, I knew Fr...

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Why Do I Do It?

From time to time they surface in the Lightbox, these 'non-believers' who wonder why on Earth we are still waiting, for what in their eyes will never happen. True, the stories have gone on for ages, with hardly any variation. But I doubt if many of th...

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Outnumbered – another scene

Pleiadian gave us a treat in the lightbox, and I figured rather than repeat it here I'd find another one. I wonder how they got the kids to do all this, but they seem to enjoy playing with the church guy....

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Think I fixed what I broke last week

As it looks now, all relevant pages have the lightbox on the right, no more paypal, and last comments, archive etc. down below. That should work for the foreseeable future, if I don't mess it up again

As said, Annette will keep things going while I recover from this burnout, so my  posts will appear sparingly. Please have fun while I'm gone....

Love your patience, 


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This image I meant…..

More specifically the key form in it, the sevenfold Yin/Yang: six spheres circling a seventh..... (or in 3D: twelve spheres whirling around a thirteenth, two configurations there: warped and balanced)

(clarification of what I wanted to tell sss in the lightbox)

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We are the Weeds

Today starts of with all about movies that should see the light of day.... But maybe I should emphasize that it is possible to get your own login to moorelife to post material. That way it presents a whole lot better than in the Lightbox. On the other hand though, presentation shouldn't really matter, should it?

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It’s All Illusion….

"Tell us another thing!", you'll probably answer, because you've heard it all before no doubt. But how do you experience this illusion? Do you take the stance that illusion isn't the real thing, and therefor not worth the trouble of actively engaging in it? Kinda sounds like the Merlin quote we had earlier in the lightbox this afternoon: "If I can't use magic, I might as well die."  When in fact we use magic all the while, because how far does the Matrix really go? is it just a part of this world, this galaxy, or eventyually all of it?

Do we just keep denying illusion after illusion, calling it mere reality, in search of the ultimate experience? Why not simply enjoy the illusion while we're here, knowing we're the masters of it and can make it just as positive as we darn well please? Sure, lots of it is even more illusory than the normal reality, but in the end it all boils  down to this: we can call them good or bad illusions, but what we are actually saying is that some illusions are preferable, and some are not. Abraham-Hicks just now gave a perfect example of how 'bad' illusions are nothing more than the lack of good illusions: a serial rapist does not do these horrendous acts because he likes to, but because it feels better than having to live with the illusion he created by not choosing for his destined purpose.

Basically, he succumbed to fighting off the non-preferable illusions, instead of wholeheartedly choosing the one ultimate destination that is preferable, for instance because of that well-known but very damaging catch-phrase that says that "When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!". Even I, who long ago inverted that claim into "When something sounds too good to be true, it can only be true", still get sidetracked by the numerous variations of these self-destructive spells we weave to keep us from getting into the Vortex (to use Abraham-Hicks terminology). Call it what you want, Zone, Vortex, Nirvana or Heaven, we all Know how it feels. But not all of us feel it all of the time....

My vortex (or vibrational escrow, as Abraham says) has finally taken the form where I can unequivocally recognize it as such. It used to be just loose ideas that felt nice, childhood dreams, that had no real leverage at becoming truth. Over time though, with passing experiences, these distinct ideas formed webs of synchronicity inside my mind, becoming much more of a plan than a loose collection of nice ideas. The fact I can pretty much designate how my ideal life (or at least the second half of it) is going to look, does of course not automatically mean it has to come true in just that way. Even wilder, I Know that it probably won't. But I also Know that no matter what else happens, I will enjoy it immensely more if I just keep working towards that dream image, that is emerging ever more solidly.

And knowing that, the haste of getting there is almost completely diminished. I can even enjoy the tight budget that still signifies the end of the month past the end of my money..... It's all just illusion anyway.

Love your Illusions,


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Abraham – Hicks: Don’t stay outside the Vortex

Sorry, too impacting to leave it in the lightbox......

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Too brilliant to leave in the Lightbox

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