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Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown – Reawakening of Yourselves


2nd February 21012 : Kaunas, Lithuania "Reawakening Yourselves"

Greetings dear ones, for I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful for us in the spirit world to be back in Lithuania on this cold winter&r...

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Massive OU Claimed in Freaky Pre-Halloween Video


Only days before Halloween, a very odd video was posted to YouTube describing a solid state overunity system. The video claims that with an input of only ten watts, a kilowatt of output can be obtained.


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Metatron on Sacred Sites & Powernodes:


Greetings, Beloved! You are energy in motion, energy as desire expressing itself, and so your work calls forth now a finer frequency. Imagine that if you will take vitamins for yourbody, they must be put so they can be absorbed by the...

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