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SaLuSa – Full Moon Message – October-15-2016

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Ascension and the Intuitive Ability of Clairvoyance

by Trish LeSageThose who are on the path of ascension may eventually possess the ability of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond that which is perceived with the physical eyes. Clairvoyance includes seeing with the third eye, also known as the psychic eye, the inner eye, or the mind's eye.For example, words, symbols, or other information may appear in the mind's eye of a person who possesses the ability of clairvoyance. This may happen as a form of guidance unexpectedly [...]

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March 5th, 2012 ~ The Torch Bearers Light the New Frequency of the Light ~ Master Thoth & the Unified Whole ~


18 March 2012

Channeler: Christine Meleriessee

Greetings, This is Fred speaking. It is my pleasure to be here with each of you, thank you for coming to the Temple. We're very excited about our guests this evening as, I t...

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Forgiveness and Other Deeply-Rooted Issues that 2012 is Bringing Us


Jan 5

Posted by Wes Annac

Can we forgive those who have hurt us? Most if not all who read this, will at the surface think that since forgiveness is a Supreme tool for the establishment of Unconditional Love, that forgiving tho...

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A Short Message from SanJAsKa: Allow Heart to Unite with Mind


Nov 26

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Many of you are now being tested to your very cores at this time, and this testing is needed for your Divine self to burst through. Indeed, many of you are noticing that the old energy is n...

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The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Distortions, Growth in the Higher Realms and the Direction of Source Energy


15 November 2011 Channeler: Wes Annac


With infinite blessings to every dear soul reading our words, we are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes. We watch over you via the Logos energy that...

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The Ascended Masters – You Have all been Transmuting Very Dense Patterns of Living


8 November 2011

-Channeled through Wes Annac

Blessings to every dear soul who read these words, we are the Ascended Masters, and we come to you humbly on this glorious time in your awakening. As has been agreed to by our scrib...

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New Moon Energy Scope August 28th 2011- Follow The Heartbeat Of The Earth Drum


This is a bit old, but still contemporary


28 August 2011


The new moon for august 28th is in Virgo as we show you the platform of birth for the next two weeks we...

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Message from The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa, 8-21-11


Aug 21 2011

-Channeled By Wes Annac-

As the end of your cycle of growth comes nearer, many are sensing that big change is in the air. Those who are sensitive to the newer and higher energies have certainly been feeling somethi...

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Attributes of the Match Bearer


a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

Saturday, 2 July, 2011  at California  (posted 3 August, 2011)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. A group of old souls sits in front of me as they oft...

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Full Moon July15th Energy Scope: Dance In The Quantum Rainbow


12 July 2011


Full Moon July Energy Scope-Dance In The Quantum Rainbow

We are under the first full moon free eclipse In many weeks. Do we rejoice? Yes. The eclipse triad has left us with a bang. A ...

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June Full Moon Eclipse Energy Scope 2011


13 June 2011  


Full Moon Eclipse Energy Scope June 2011

This full moon occurring in Sagittarius is all about reconstruction of what was and what should be again. that is your infinite s...

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Illuminating Your Shadow Self

Master Kuthumi gives you an understanding and an exercise to overcome and transmute the darker energies of yourself and others.

As I come into your presence once more, calm yourself in your body and mind. Be still, open to receive, to ponder my words and listen to the guidance of your Higher self.

First I require that you understand your shadow self. It is a facet of you, a facet of your thinking, of your behaviour. What do I mean by the word facet? It is a ‘face’ of you, it is part of you. Your shadow self provides you with the experience of duality, in your thoughts, speech and behaviour. Here I call it your shadow self for the purpose of ease, of understanding and also because your shadow self contains little Light, therefore it is darker than your Higher self which is Light.

Much of the transition you are experiencing is the effects of these two facets of self – the shadow and the Higher self. Simply put – duality.

These two selves allow you to experience, to compare, to understand all sides, all facets, you see. Allow me to give you an example. You may wish to create a new beginning, perhaps to sell your house. You have visualised, planned and eagerly wait in anticipation of a sale. Suddenly a storm arrives with strong winds. The house suffers damage and requires repair. Your plan is now put aside. Disbelief, anger and disappointment follow.

Only weeks before you were excited, full of anticipation of what your next home would be like. You eagerly thought of space, rooms, furnishings. Now it is put aside. I say put aside, not gone, for your desire has not gone. This is only a temporary set back on your path. However your shadow self appears and dispels much of the Light you previously held. Anger quickly builds. You look to see who you can blame and vent your anger to. At this point anyone will do. Those closest to you will feel the harshness of your angry words. Friends and associates will simply hear your anger through a lengthy session of verbal complaints mixed with a desire for sympathy. Yet the shadow self will not be released easily. Anger sits below the surface, waiting to resurface at any opportunity – even using unrelated issues to resurface. Anger takes a stronger hold of your personality. You reside in your shadow self, in darkness during this time.

Those who are sensitive to the energy of the aura can see your anger and feel it. The first reaction is to step away from the angry energy because they don’t want the anger to ‘rub off’ on them. This can easily happen. Yes, you need to understand this also. When someone who is in the flow of life, peaceful, calm, comes into contact with a person who is holding strong negative energy such as strong anger, the negativity can be absorbed into their auric field.

The person will begin to feel discontent, unsettled and they too begin to move into their own shadow self. You may have noticed this effect yourself after a day shopping in a mall atmosphere. Of course not every one your auric field flows through will be angry. Sometimes you will be left with a feeling of heaviness after your shopping experience.

I call this an accumulation of various energies of the lower dimensions. Because it is lower dimensional energy, which is ‘heavy.’

I use a shopping experience merely as an example.

Those of you operating from a higher level will feel it as a heaviness around you, in your energy field. It will not sit well with your higher energetic levels. Left uncleared, this lower energy will keep building in your energy field. Soon you too will begin operating from your shadow self. This effect can happen quickly with two people who love each other. Sometimes they operate very closely to one another. When one experiences frustration or anger, negative words and actions usually follow. The other person is quick to absorb the others negative emotion and the anger is spread like a virus. This happens very quickly because they are so open to the other person, so close, they become like a sponge absorbing the other person’s emotions. There are many examples of this occurring.

Easy Two Step

As you enter a state of new awareness how can you change this? What can you do? First you need to listen to your inner body’s voice. Recognize what you feel. Understand what you are feeling. Acknowledge it. This is important to do. Once you acknowledge why you are feeling your shadow self, why you have entered that space, then you can prevent the negativity building any further on your mental and emotional bodies.

With the acknowledgment you begin to take charge of your shadow self. You can then deal with it, overcome and erase it.

How do you erase it? Since everything arises from intent, I ask you, what is your intent in that moment of acknowledgment? Often the action is out of your control. It may be a storm, or the action of another, both out of your control. Understand you cannot change the event. Neither can you change another’s anger or critism. They must take responsiblility for that. Is it your intent to stay in the darkness of your shadow self or to remain in the Light flow of your life? Your intent makes the choice. You see it is not so difficult.

Now 2010 you must take responsibility for the totality of you. Your intent, words, actions through to the temple of your body. Your health, your food. All are your responsibility more than ever before. Own your choices. This is the only way to create your future. When an event happens in your outer world which you cannot control or alter, which affects your emotional body, step back. Take a good look at the situation and your feelings about it. What are you noticing? What are you feeling from your Higher self? At times you will see some good, not obvious at first glance. Other times you must simply wait for the situation to disperse. It may be a time to observe only. I remind you to take your feelings to the Light, to your Higher self, to God. Here they are easily transmuted, and solutions found.

It saddens me when I hear words of “ but I can’t do that, I don’t know how.” My friend it is only your conscious mind which has forgotten. It is your intent which is so important. Simply ask, verbalize it be taken from you and transmuted in Light. I tell you it will be so. Your intent is everything, it is all.

During your times of transition and the changes of Earth you are experiencing, take care not to allow your shadow self to rule you, particularly your thoughts.

When you pause and acknowledge you will see the situation clearly, unhindered by a fog of anger. You are then able to transcend your shadow self and to maintain a Light flow around you, around your daily life.

Light Flow

You are waking up to your Light flow which has always been within you. The time of alertness, the time of acknowledging your feelings and your love are here on Earth- NOW! This is your transformation. This is how you, all of you will begin to create a new Earth. You will create it by correct intent, with love. Peace will follow. You have heard these words many times have you not? This is because they are truth. These words contain man’s future. Do not cast them aside I urge you. Rather grab them with both hands and hold these words, the meaning, the responsibility, hold this close to you. The next time you recognize heaviness and anger arising within you, remember. Pause and transmute. Release it. Do not own the negativity. Move it on. How you ask? With breath work. Breathe it out of your auric field, forcefully and quickly. Let me tell you:

You may sit or stand with your feet slightly apart for support of the body.

Breathe in very deeply. Feel power and intent as you fill your lungs with air.

Now quickly and forcefully blow the air out of your mouth like a great gust of wind, releasing stale and negative energy within you.

Imagine a balloon you have blown up and then you let go of it. The air rushes out so quickly with force does it not?

It is a force like this you require when breathing out quickly.

It is not difficult to do, yet it will transmute the energies of negativity and anger if done correctly. Do this at least three times.

You must be alert, be aware, know thyself my friend, know thyself. Feel your own flow of life. Live it, protect it and feed it with love.

Master Kuthumi

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