Life is always perfect ordering
divine self experience come true
as you wish it to be sow to speak ~

Whether you live this moment awake or not
fully conscious self-aware being now here
is entirely free gifted HOLY up to You
to be or not to be the one you kNOW IS TRUE

LOVE UNCONDITIONAL stands as the open door
A WAY into the Crystal Universe clear up ahead
beyond 3D imaging ILLUSION mattering birth & death

LOVE UNCONDITIONAL ~ that witch makes no room for lower vibrational energy tale spin
handmade by mortal self belief in the absense of knowing oneself imaged SOULPHYRE perfection plus ~

By the same hand powerful free Spirit Jewel GODIS is all oneself returned back to full frontal globe ONENESS PEACE
WILLING to BREATHE matched alikeness flame own Heartspace desire to sea life come true reality end days & nights unnecessary suffering ~

Always it has been IS NOW & forever will BE the MORE AS U WISH to SEE
Life-changing as the wheel turns ~ own hand in the making individually -
as scene reality all around US across all lands ~ whole world collectively ~

Yess you can ~ and now you know ~
the first step risen virtual B 4 U ~

Jen ~`*`~

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