This morning started off as a weird sync, because I definitely was in communication with some being, who didn't introduce itself but spoke to me on a tone that indicated we are indeed the best of friends. When I started to access the Web, I was told in no uncertain terms that it would be better to go outside. So I did, barefoot and pregnant with anticipation....

Funny thing was, I was running on intuition. Been doing so for years I thought, but this last week it was even moore evident than I'm used to. Outside I could feel the energy through my soles, running both up and down my legs. Just doing what seemed most natural, I walked to the back of the garden and started removing weeds with my bare hands. Big ones first, because I have big hands. But oddly enough, something was playing in the background: a presence that made me look for beauty while at the same time gently whacking weeds.

A  small girl across the lane looked through the grating of her parents fence, and smiled at me. For one moment, there was this connection to the deep consciousness that I've been craving all my life. Then I got back to work, or rather enjoyment. Watching the weeds be collected by my hand, and then tossed in the bin, I realised that I was looking at nothing but fractal forms. Some would release their roots willingly, others required more force than I was willing to put into it. It became a sort of battle, between my black heart and my green thumbs, which weeds were  going on a trip and which remained. In fact they're all plants, so I never saw the point in trimming them. And after a while I saw where I was right: unearthing the plants mobilised hordes of smaller insects, who fled to find someplace better to live. At times it was impossible to determine whether I was observing flora or fauna, because some of these insects were so tiny that to me they looked like mere specs of dus, but they moved as if posessing intelligence.

My energiy field began to change, I could feel it. Pretty soon, even though I was only walking on the concrete tiles, my feet felt like they could no longer endure standing there. But the drive to continue this was high, since it showed me love going both way like I'd never experienced before. So I got my old shoes from the shed, and continued the work. I came across a stray tile, that proved to be the roof of an ant nursery. Having said I would, I quickly replaced it before the disaster plan could kick in. But then came the next conundrum: I needed another tile to fix something which was out of whack in my creation, but that too appeared inhabited. So, do I take the tile and leave the ants homeless, or do I wait for another magical solution like the ones I've seen happen before?

Point is you can't save any of them by will it, for as long as there is more than one, anything can create a conflict. As I type this, another one is coming up, setting my feet on fire like nothing else. So we'll continue after a water break for this Pisces, because there is much more to tell..

Love Quality Time in Nature,


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