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Travelling the earth with love. By Mark Stearn.


28th April, 2011.

Email: markstearn@gmail.com

Website: http://buildingnewearth.webs.com

Hey guys!

What times we are now experiencing. Each day feels like a love fest. The vibration on the planet is so high with lov...

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Galactic Centre Message 3/14/11

{mainvote} 15 March 2011

Channeler: Mark Stearn

Message from the Galactic Centre. By Mark Stearn. 14th March, 2011. Email: markstearn@yahoo.ie Website: http://buildingnewearth.webs.com

We are the Galactic Centre:

Greetings ...

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Message from Sananda and our Star Family

By Mark Stearn. 4th March, 2011.

Greetings friends,

The earth is rocking and rolling right now. There is no doubt you are also all feeling this. I have been wondering who wishes to speak right now as I have the time to type something. The gu...

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Message From El Morya 2/22/11


22 February 2011 Channeler:  Mark Stearn

Message from El Morya. By Mark Stearn.

22nd February, 2011.

From El Morya:

Greetings my friends,

Adonai in the light. We have great regard as we witness each one of you...

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Message from the Galactic Centre & Quan Yin

10 December 2010 - 5:44pm |  pauloflight


Mark Stearn

From Quan Yin:

Greetings my blessed hearts,

I am thrilled to connect with you all on this mos...

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Ashtar on Interesting Developments

Ashtar on interesting developments. By Mark Stearn.

28th September, 2010.

Email: markstearn@yahoo.ie

website: buildingnewearth.webs.com

From Ashtar:

Well well here we are again. I will be brief for there is much transpiring. ...

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Sananda Earth Update Sept 26/10

Sunday, 26 September 2010 12:37

From Sananda: through Mark Stearn

Greetings glorious wayfarers of the path,

Many of you are now at the point where you no longer need to read information from outside sources since you are now becoming f...

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An opportunity to embrace. Message from Ashtar through Mark Stearn.

By Mark Stearn.

18th July, 2010.

Email: markstearn@yahoo.ie or markstearn@gmail.com

Website: esheba.webs.com

Greetings powerful hearts,

A time of great...

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