Chilling out and cooling down.... Not yet near the finish line, but my stamina needs a little boosting. So I'm chilling my massively parallel processor with nearly liquid peach, mixed with vanilla ice cream. One whole liter of it, consumed with no spoon. I know you can see one here, but believe me, it isn't there!

I finally figured out the Matrix's No Spoon conundrum. consuming all that icecream. Like there is no spoon, there are only deformations in timespace, instead of the actual objects that science thinks creates them. Instead, it is the other way around: energy makes the deformations, warps spcetime, and the end result is a manifestation!

It is like a banana. André van Duin made a song about why bananas are warped, which can be found here:

The answer is simple: any curvature in nature is due to differences in growth. Bananas grow slightly odd, faster on the outside. Differences are what makes the world interesting, produces the curves.... So yes, women are more diferent then men, hence have more curves. So guys should be happier because they have more to choose than the women. But oddly enough, men are more edgy, which means they have their differences more localized in certain places. Just believe it, a sharp edge is a whole lot more than a fluent curve. I mean, a sphere is not only the smallest surface given a certain volume, but it is also the one surface with the most maximal smoothness. So yes, men, being the cubes can pack more volume inside, but women are less exposed. But on top of that, all these seeing differences mean nothing in that both are humans, mammals, animals, beings, creatures, and everlasting souls. So what difference is a few years here or there, or a few pounds? 

Sure, the sexual revolution seems to have flared up in the sixties, but that was before the end of the flat dynamics between men and women. The bump into 3D relationships was apparent, but quickly lost it bulginess, as the 3D structure were filled in rather evenly. Right now, we have not one, but two sexual revolutions: One working in full view in the media and on internet, sporting lecherous songs and equally demeaning video clips. These catch the easy cases, and make them see the light. The second revolution is stealthily conceiled, and works the cold cases: they are delicately heated up, so the warmth unlocks their frozen bones, and helps them acclimatise to that which they could have been fully enjoying ages ago. 

Here's an example of such a blatantly sexual video, but notice how the subliminals like the house number 69 on the gate reinforces the 'intention'? 


In the end though, there is only on intention that really counts: the way you think about whoever it is you think about. 'Cause they'll Know..... ABSLUTELY!  (OOPS: Object Oriented Pairing Signs)

Love getting your signals crossed, 


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