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Recognize yourself already perfect ~ A message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada


Channeler: Julie Miller July 31, 2011

Hello dear, beautiful children, how it pleases me to converse through this child and talk to many of you.

I see you busy youselves with learning what it is to be one of the Light. Yes th...

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The Ascended Masters – Who They Are


The Ascended Masters

Who They Are

compiled by Dee Finney

Ascended Master - a being who has become Self-Realized and serves humanity...

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Metatron March Update Mar 14/10

Sunday, 14 March 2010 12:54


As we move into the Spring Tidings over the next few days, be ever mindful and disciplined in practicing loving detachment. We are at a time on the Planet when tremendous and successive waves of LOVE are pouring in. The result of this is that each One will be experiencing greater and greater challenges. Anything you have put aside, which needs dealing with will pop up now. The sooner you face challenges and get your house in order, the easier the spring cleaning will move forward.

There will be added responsibilities as Earth changes go forward. The Ones who are awake and aware of their roles in these changes will have new jobs piled on which will need tending to. Offers will pop up which come unexpectedly. You will be challenged to the max and will find it nearly impossible to say no. There are many who will need hand holding, love, support, reassurance, and collaboration in order to surf through the massive changes which will be very rapidly thrown at them in waves. Be there for these Ones, as much as possible. You will see it in your close knit groups as well. Reach out and be assistance to your friends as needed. Help with answers, or be a shoulder to cry on. Praise Respect Thank and Allow these waves of emotion to float out over the stars. Acknowledge each new challenge as a reminder to move forward decisively and swiftly, taking action steps needed to move the energy through each day. This is what is needed to bring necessary Blessings, by allowing the flow. Follow the Path of Least Resistance in times of uncertainty. When unsure of what to do, go with your first impression, your gut instinct, and keep going. This is not a time to sit stagnant.

The saying is with the Showers come Spring Flowers. The Season change now in the Northern Hemisphere from the Death Season of Winter to the New Life of Spring will be at times turbulent, as high winds, thunderstorms, and Old Man Winter usher in the gentle breezes and warm Sun of Spring.

Ask and Allow your Dream to unfold. If you are asked: What will you do when the changes come? Have the Beginnings of Your Dream formulated. Ask for Guidance to fill out the unseen parts of the Dream. Do not be surprised when you are asked to experience new things and work harder than you imagined. All of this carries great dividends in bringing as many forward as possible to a place we call No Time at Zero Point. This is where we begin forming Terra Nova. We are moving rapidly into a World where everyone is well aware we are Galactic Citizens in the Universe called Nebadon.

The new US Government System will be Unicameral. This will be a change from our current BiCameral System. The Unity of only having One Entity representing all of Congress, will simplify the change over. With the 60 or so Senators who will be left after the arrests, new Ones, with come in to lend expertise to the mix. There are Ones waiting in the Wings, who are well known, who will join Government now. The exciting development will be that our Government Members, with Others from Governments from around the World, will join the Sirian Commander in meetings on a Galactic Level of Governing ourselves as Members of Planet Earth. These meetings will include Mother Sekmet, Archangel Michael, Maitreya and Metatron, St Germain, Lady Master Nada and King of Swords, with others. These meetings are the basis of forming a New Government and New Financial Systems on Terra Nova. In these meetings there will be representatives from Niburu, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, as well as others.

We are on the threshold of the greatest changes imaginable. Stay centered and come back to peace as you traverse the powerful Equinox Energies which are washing fast and furious over All of Earth now. As challenges arise remember to love the dark ones leaving the stage. Love the Ones who have committed the atrocities as they have made it possible to return this Planet to love. Remember to use Ho'oponopono to forgive yourself as well as the dark hats as the next steps are unfolding. Find the Peace Inside as you come into the Higher Form of You.


~Lord Metatron

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