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32517 Kaleidoscopic Humanoids

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60 Kaleidoscopic Humanoids Pics

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Quantum Consciousness: The Nature of Time – Changing the Past In Mer-Ka-Na


Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space. I embrace you in unconditional love.

The physical system in ...

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Invisible Buildings – Coming Soon?


By Chris Capps

Imagine the potential benefits of a building that is entirely invisible to the human eye.  It seems researchers are quickly heading down that path with a series of devices designed to not only perfectly influen...

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Consistent with mood….

I guess that is the only thing that can be said for the weather here right now: not particularly bad, because it's dry, but cloudy with a whiff of blue inbetween. Carlos Santana understands perfectly, as Hold on oozes from the netbook's tiny speakers....

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Quantum Consciousness: The Nature of Time ~ Metatron

30 September 2010 - 11:29pm

Channeler: Tyberron (Earth Keeper)

Quantum Consciousness: The Nature of Time

Changing the Past In Mer-Ka-Na

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings, I am Metatron, L...

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10-10-10: Starting Over, One Level Up

26 September 2010 - 5:31am

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

We're nearing another numerological LANDMARK, aren't we? It's called the 10-10-10. October 10, 2010. Whereas October 10, 2001 represented "New ...

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Operating with a perfect record…..

The Terminator movie back from the Orwellian year 1984 talked about Skynet achieving a 'perfect operational record'. Which implied that it by definition could not be beat. Beaten, yes, but not destroyed. Now there's your Conundrum Sherlock! Keep in mind though, that it is perfectly possible to play the perfect game of chess, and still be defeated by a greater mind. Add to that an episode of star trek where Android Data is in competition with a human grandmaster at one of their most complex games, and loses.... He gets a rematch, and, brilliant as ever, gently forces the guy into forfeiting the game: by changing his tactic to prolong the game by going for even score, he foiled the competitive nature of his opponent, who eventually gave up quite explosively. Yep, that is what happens when you play a game and your partner won't play along.....

Same shit, Different Day: almost as long as there have been computers, we have had to put up with grandmaster Bill and his microsofties. I observe he had the means, motive and opportunity to corner the market on operating systems, by pre-packaging deals with the hardware folks. Both profited, and got bigger. But in order to sell, they had to mess with a bigger fish: their millions of users, who weren't always pleased with what the endboss had to offer.

One of the early adapters (no, not adopters) was Steve Jobbs. He saw a better computer, and founded NeXT. Their systems were better than Windows, but never became bigger. Apple did do a bit better, but still has cornered only a small part of the market. Various fully free Operating systems like BeOS and Haiku spring to mind, but to return to our fishing expedition, keep in mind that if the biggest fish likes little fish, and feeds on smaller fish, then there must be smaller fish to feed it, which automatiically means that the All is a bigger fish than the biggest fish.....

So any system existing, will by extension have a larger system in which it exists, and smaller systems to support it. We know from nature that the negative aspects also exist, like bigger and smaller systems battling the target system, but we probably agree that the sum total is balanced, right?

Same with today's computer market. I came from a history where viruses targeted single systems through physical contact, which did not yet involve the Web. back then, 360K floppies were the norm. Even then, I hardly ever saw a virus in the wild, just heard the stories.. Networks came into the market, and spam, hackers and porn sites came: the Rise of the Computers!. Still, I heard the systems programmers complain about having to fight off vicious attacks, when I (on the very same network) had little or no trouble. I came to believe that there had to be a bigger picture to it, a type of BP oil spill. Lots of dead animals in the form of pages that didn't show their stuff, or showed something different than expected, but my Antivir kept most viruses out, by occasionally warning me. Funny thing was, that I learned to be as good as Antivir in prophetizing when a virus would strike. I mean, you could literally see from the vibration of the link you were about to click, whether or not the guardian was gonna scream bloody murder.

Then, one day last year, something broke through my defenses, or at least the ones of Antivir. That moment, somthing clicked. It didn't break, but I knew that Antivir had outlived it's usefulness: the culprit had just stored a new program on disk without asking me, but did not do it unnoticed: instead, it started screaming that my system was unprotected. Same way Windows does, when nothing is installed to battle viruses. That did it. I've deinstalled Antivir, and have been running without protection for four months now.

Sure, the Quark, Strangeness and Charm (love that Hawkwind album) of the system has somewhat adapted itself, but working with it is becoming increasingly easy. It actually adapts to my needs without having to battle the endless confirmation dialogs that Windows Vista introduced, and Windows 7 is still somewhat ailing from. Talk about ailing: You all heard the Urban myth that only Windows has significant amounts of viruses, right? If you ask me, that is just one ingredient for the Complex Simplicity of Transpiracies that we call Personal Computer.....

Love the Collective Computing Coverup,


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07:54 @ WORK

Feeling like the industrious industrial investigator, a.k.a. industrial spy. Yep, he IS, or rather I AM. Fully equipped too, because back in the sixties microminiature cameras were virtually non-existent, yet today they  are everywhere, so nobody gives a shit anymore. And it is practically untraceable too: my phone is a custom job, based on the HTC Touch HD: always ready to mimic a normal HTC Touch HD, but fully prepared to do my bidding: from camera mode it has a slightly altered user interface towards the E-mail interface, that automatically transmits any snaps taken immediately to my web server somewhere on the web. Fully encrypted of course, and with a proprietary approach, custom made by me aeons ago. Cleanup then automatically wipes all traces of ever having taken the image from memory, so I walk out unscathed.

The server is very near, but off the beaten grid. My true company, Sisters Inc. had it encased in the advertizing column of the company I'm spying on. Heck, I'm typing this right on my work PC, because the keystroke logger has been disabled by my USB stick the moment it's plugged in! No nagging 'Run AUTOSETUP?' question, it just locates the system-wide keyboard hook built into Windows, and takes it out for the duration of my intercourse with that system. Hey, a guy has to have protection right? I mean, even if the lady is just trying to protect her bosses' interests.....

Last weekend, I finally figured out that my colleague whose computer screens are right in my line of vision is probably a free mason. But I'm not afraid, because the seemingly mindlessly left attributes on his desk give away his true color: red-blooded vampire! And the vampires and the vamps are like two hands on one pregnant belly....   spawning the New Age!

Yep, I'm a vamp, though I don't look the part: Male, 6 foot 6, 222 pounds. And I'm a mean motherfucker too: Ever see Swordfish? Gabriel ain't no angel, but he sure knows how to move! That's my cover, how about yours? Actually I have two: this one was just the hard outer shelll, but outside of my deep undercover job, I'm a sissie. I mean it: Still male, 6 foot 6 and 222 pounds, but somehow I'm lighter out there, because that's where the Truth is...

And that is where I met my colleague: No, not the Sister in Sin who's got me running after her pretty ass trying to get a glimpse, but the one in my target company, who seemed so calm and collected, just doing his work. I figured he was behind a few of my visitors on my private site, so that would automatically make him on the level because I trust my friends. But just now, the contents of his desk scared me a tiny bit:

There was a syringe there with blood in it! Now what would a syringe with blood do on a programmer's desk, if he wasn't prepared to use it? It said Mortara on the side, a clear reference to mortar, and hence the Freemasons. Also, there was a comic which raised my suspicion even further: 

But as he cam in it soon became obvious that he had no knowledge of what had transpired on site last weekend. So now my conscience hasbeen put to  rest, we just chatte about movies and books during coffee, and traded DVDs: Tomorrow I bring him What the Bleep, and he pulls the twin brother of Waking Life from his video board. But now, after coffee, I better be like the good boy I want to seem, and ride all quiet in the back of the bus, like Vin Diesel in the Chronicles of Riddick....

Love your Stealth, 


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