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Turn, Turn, Turn….

Not just a great song available at youtube, but the prelude to my next ditty, before Dreamland....

I figure she was waiting for it, and sent her congratulations named THE GREAT TURNING the moment she became aware of what had ...

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They should make up their mind! (or I should)

Busy as always, just stopped for a moment for lunch and a quick mailcheck. Of course nothing was there, because the isolation imposed remains in effect for anything not resembling spam, unsollicited E-mail, or stuff I can simply post on moorelife to...

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Write it off, or Write it On(e)?

When on the train to work this morning, and pondering over the article I posted earlier about writing for reality, another related topic surfaced in my mind: I've been ardently writing in my Diary these last nine years or so, but then this year, for...

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"Soon" – Hillsong United (Brooke Fraser)

Its lyrics are a bit too much 'surrendering' to my taste, but with a title like that it just cannot be skipped on Moorelife!

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Make It Real, any way you can!

And now, during the very joyous consumption of a large plate of macaroni au curry, it is time for the surprise of today (drum roll please!):

Yes, the publisher finally sent me the the approval request for their mailing to be used to announce m...

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Mysterious bugs in software that otherwise functions perfectly forced me to put Denisa's poem in the more... section below, right after her dove image that absolutely wouldn't take a place front and center on Moorelife. But then I guess "front ...

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2K Party at Moorelife!!!

Yep, without much noticeability, today exhibited a landmark in the history of Moorelife:

I wonder where we'll be at 21-12-2012? Based on just over 2000 articles in the last 8 months, and about 27 months to go, would 10000 articles b...

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There Must Be Something More, Take a Step Back and Look At the Big Picture

Eleanor sent me a page that is highly interesting, but quite difficult to cut down to Moorelife size bits. So I'll just post the link here, and have you read the original.....


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No Fun Today….

I announced I was going for the fun today, but like always I probably try too hard. Even though "trying too hard" in my case defaults to "seeing what comes up". Well, the only thing that came up was a bunch of unwilling computers...

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Another Moorelife Mystery….

Being the webmaster of Moorelife, I'm privvy to a bit more information than most outsiders. Not that it is any more enlightening, just a bit more perplexing. Lately I've been puzzled by the case of the alien usernames, showing up in my list of self-pr...

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Just me and Whoever…..

Sometimes I feel like all is well, and there is this Oneness that takes hold of me. Other times, like this morning, I feel like I'm being pushed and shoved into stuff I may not like. Today is one such day, or at least this moment is: I would have be...

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Game Theory One oh One

OK, it's done now: my slightly peculiar view on those nasty computer games and their effect on our kids.....

Love your patience, 

Dre' I said it before: whenever I don't mind where my next bit of inspiration comes from, it ...

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Callie Moore "Zen Garden" Unplugged

She didn't want to be embedded, and I guess I can't blame her. But I figure I can boost her popularity a bit by pointing at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezSzcCLulYU, because Callie Moore deserves to be on Moorelife to entertain you all!

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